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Amin Dec 2022
As the sun sets in the west
And the sky turns a fiery red
The city of Washington comes alive
With a beauty that cannot be said

The monuments and buildings stand tall
Against the colorful sky
Their majesty and grace on display
For all to see, some with a watery eye

The Potomac flows slowly by
Reflecting the glow of the sun
And the people of the city
Are caught up in the beauty, one by one

It's a sight to behold
This beautiful sunset in DC
A moment to be cherished
And never forgotten, forever and one.
Sebastian VL Jul 2020
They all hate me when I'm broke
They gon hate me when I'm rich
I be Holding to the rope
Feeling like POP I'm gonna rip

Just wanna make sense
Wanna make bands
Not make fans
Those aint friends

Just wanna make my millys
Not looking silly
Like '17 when I was popping killy

I was broke then, But I was happier
Knew me then, I was dappier

Feeling trapped at my abode
A man with a plan, but nowhere to go
Wanna edit the bad like using adobe
Mansion sit down, while wearing my robes

But I'm so alone,
I'm sipping patrone
Got 7k fans
But nowhere to blow

I'm making my moves
Just to make me happy
Under the success
My whole life is ******

I wish I was different
I wish I was listening
To all of the people
Who told me be different

My phone never dry
Got notifs all day
Signed 80 nice artists
They'll make it one day

What's wet last night
It's my pillow case
The tears got dried
Can't look at my face

Don't want more space
Cause I have the galaxy
Feel isolated
Want them to come back for me

Lost a fake friend last night
4 Years gone right
They DC no Superman
Thought we was tight.
Life is sad sometimes.
Fey Feb 2020
you should see me now,
dancing alone in my room,
moves as sharp as a violin bow,
a young lunatic in its full bloom.

with my fleeting interests
comics on my lap and jazz
gently displaying my awkwardness.

daredevil, deadpool and spidermann,
my only friends, well and also shazam.
okay, jokes aside, it fitted the rhyme,
dc is actually not really my choice of style.

except batman.
he is as cool as ... maybe japan?
definitely not as cool as japan.
[really not.]

© fey (25/09/19)
Nigdaw Jul 2019
It's all for a laugh
Why the long face horse's ****,
Put a lightbulb where the sun don't shine
And lighten the **** up
This is a roller coaster, baby
I don't know where it stops
But it's all for the crack
You can stumble as much as you want
Fall if you need to
My hysteria will see the funny
Sunny side of the street
Make a dance for happy feet
So don't be sad
Come laugh it up with the lads
You're one of the boys
Toys that is
We can play all night
But I,
Not so nicely with the other kids.
My tribute to The Joker of Batman fame.
maggie W Feb 2019
It almost feels like summer,
breeze at the dusk, killing mosquitoes.
It feels like
Taking a stroll on National Mall,
On a summer night in front of Lincoln Memorial.
Playing Frisbee riding bike
On the meadow in front of the Capitol.

My summer in the capital
With you, him and her and them and myself alone

It feels like the humidity in the swamp, with jazz playing in the background
It smells like crab cake and french toast, out from the diners I frequent
It looks like the summer sky, cloudless, your eyes

The meadow the ducks, summer dress and birkenstock.
Brunch, breeze and bike, followed by more bike rides along the riverfront.

Sitting on the marble stairs of the Supreme Court
Dipping toes in Reflection Pool

Summer in D.C. oh how I much do I miss you and adore
Summer is a state of mind and so does love
But you never fail to give me the feelings of those above.xxoo
love letter to dc, ode to summer
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