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Jean-Rémy Duboc Mar 2021
Love you manager
As if every bug you wrote
Was a tiny stab.
Justin Lai Jan 2021
google was my babysitter
not a very good one i'll admit

perhaps more like a cool uncle
with infinitely scrolling treats

the more i tickled his algorithm {
search queries = seo && [freewheeling whims];

OR ||
stray thoughts seeking foster homes
just fronts for attention farms

reaping curiosity off the vine
while overclocking the study room

being held to father's chair like a vice
if only to keep me safe in a web

spun by a child's simple thoughts
and a sentient robot babysitter
if you craft a more elegant google algorithm then dm me ;)
Rosen Blanche Jul 2020
You won't catch me in multiples -
because she's the one.
Rosen Blanche Mar 2020
Moon-landing once, why go back?
the set frequency is earthbound.
Grew weary of consumerism consuming me;
they've convinced us this is the best we have
are the insecure sorrows in our hearts
the invisible creatures feed on low frequency -
so why shoot for the stars?
Ayn Jan 2020


//(read the notes)
Some of my poetry consists of hundreds of lines of code in C#, and instead of putting an image in your mind, it will complete a task. I guess I’m tryna say that not all poetry is words on paper.

Also, this code would just end the program that started. It isn’t real code, hence the term pseudo.
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
take a poor, fat, spiced chocolate kid
from its welfare house
put it in a program with rich kids,
tell it it can be just like that,
if it learns critical thinking,
logical reasoning, communication,
and problem solving.
can it?

[falls asleep in a dumpster]
no one accounted for the rest of the hillbilly family.
school officials build a false sense of equitable hope,
and wear their badges with a flair of pride.
guess what i learned at school today!
not now, hon, we're watching dr. phil.
then, it's my 600lb life.
then judge judy.
then house hunters.
then the price is right.
Nico Reznick Jul 2019
You know "robot" means "slave",
right?  I need
to believe that you are
more than your programming, need
to believe in the
love notes you wrote me in
binary code, need to believe that there's
space between the hardware and the
software for something like
the soul, need to believe in it with
all the faith that still ebbs through my fragile,
damaged circuitry.  I need to see
you break free of
these algorithms in order to believe that
I can too.
Drop in the Sea Apr 2019
until(citizen = listening OR died){
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