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A Simillacrum Jul 29
take a poor, fat, spiced chocolate kid
from its welfare house
put it in a program with rich kids,
tell it it can be just like that,
if it learns critical thinking,
logical reasoning, communication,
and problem solving.
can it?

[falls asleep in a dumpster]
no one accounted for the rest of the hillbilly family.
school officials build a false sense of equitable hope,
and wear their badges with a flair of pride.
guess what i learned at school today!
not now, hon, we're watching dr. phil.
then, it's my 600lb life.
then judge judy.
then house hunters.
then the price is right.
Nico Reznick Jul 29
You know "robot" means "slave",
right?  I need
to believe that you are
more than your programming, need
to believe in the
love notes you wrote me in
binary code, need to believe that there's
space between the hardware and the
software for something like
the soul, need to believe in it with
all the faith that still ebbs through my fragile,
damaged circuitry.  I need to see
you break free of
these algorithms in order to believe that
I can too.
until(citizen = listening OR died){
Chicken Apr 20
Smell the tradition in the air
Be it fire, or a roast dinner
The town crier calls and,
he doth declare
‘If you ain’t frownin’ you’re a sinner’
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Hint: I put a hex on you!

Dedicated to all the geeks and freaks who support the digital world.
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
I am not micro soft
I have full access
to excel
as a publisher

My outlook
does not sway
I am a hot male
Let's interconnect

Paint a picture
from my visual studio
It's in the works
do you see my power point?

I have more than one drive
There are teams of forums
that share one note
inside my power shell

Time to connect
at the edge
I azure you

Lets groove to the music

Hjalmar Ekström Oct 2017
I am robot.
Built for entertainment.
Bringing smiles and laughter.
My creators gave me a rockin' role.

Inside me.
Ones and zeroes play.
But blues runs through my circuits.
My audience have no clue to my code.

Elvis lives.
A king among kings.
Rusting from the inside out.
An iron heart with a human smile.
ThoughT Jun 2016
Don't be scared, many thrive on your fear.  Rather than oppose their agenda they'd prefer you disappear.   Hard to reach a clear point when they keep us foggy with beer and glamorous dramatic sporting events to cheer.  Bloodlines are tied to America's smeared reflection.   Attention on major media is a forced perspective injection.  Ill intentions under false pretenses.  Double standards give minorities the maximum sentence, while the privileged sit smiling at the chance of repentance.   They'll work you for life to justify your existence.   Years fly by and the flame of soul gets diminished.  Simply questioning why is a revolutionary act, yet too many minds paper chasing in attempt to flaunt stacks.  It's the American dream, you have to be asleep to believe.  The kingmakers have never witnissed the conditions we've seen.  The financially burdened are flown overseas, dropping bombs on the innocent, hearing pained children scream.  War is the ultimate greed, a disastrous dance.  Still we stand in Afghanistan protecting poppy plants.  ****** epidemic is rising, friends of ours have died from trying.  The pills being pushed are multiplying and it's big pharma that has been supplying.   Another commercial,  overdose from overstimulation. Glued to electronics the TV America is nothing more than simulation.  High expectations with low wages drowning in debt, the idea of slavery has just taken a new concept.  We take orders from those that rationalize death.  School never taught you how to deal with your head.  Or that peace can be achieved with focus on breath.  Work harder, and maybe there's an increase in pay.  But I don't expect much from a nation built on the backs of slaves.  So I come to you now, with a heart full of faith.  I claim no religion but there's still time to be saved.  My purpose is to show you, your own beacon of light.  America was never great but together we can make it right.  Show sone love to your neighbors, beyond all borders.  You are a self-governing entity capable of declining orders.  So how you gonna exist, within fear or love?  I'll do my best exemplfying the latter so we can adopt a pattern of rising above.
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