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Phantom Poet Mar 2022
Everything is moving fast,
At a single blink,
Gone is the days into the past,
All we have our choices to think,
In our decisions to trust,
Distracted by illusions we cast,
Illusions of purpose and freedom to last,
Every decision we make is another path,

Do you not see?

Everything hangs on the scale of choices,
It's just like zeroes and ones,
Like simple binary,
Our destinies coded into reality,
To be or no to be,
To exist or not,
To pursue answers beyond insanity,
A choice to accept or reject,
The very existence of choice,
Dictates free will,
Or so we would believe and feel,
And pretend to be free,
But always end up,
Exactly where we are meant,
to be.
Wilder Nov 2020
I know my face is feminine
I know everyone 'knows' I'm a girl
I know in this confusing christian society
You have to keep to the binary

And so I don't expect them
To look at me
And say "He"

But just once
Maybe they'll hesitate
Before saying "She"
That could be enough
Seranaea Jones Sep 2020
0100110110- etc..
  0 & 1 & 2 is 3
         " ? "

i know two numbers,
one and zero

though the "two" cannot exist here,
the inclusion of an additional
element becomes a necessary evil,

for zero once paired becomes
a paradox resulting from three
instances of enumeration

(presumably at once)

since the zero is involved in all this,
its very existence must count, even if
in fact it only represents a void—

to correct this numerical anomaly,
the two must exit this array by first
taking nothing with it...

"a binary mystification"
© 2010 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
there can be only One....
The clock was smiling at us
as if it knew we were lost;
unable to see the path, we continued
along on the wrong side of the ones and zeroes

Tiring of our aimless float;
tiring and lost in the vacuum of our ignorance.
With all kinds of navigational aids to chart our path
we mostly relied upon the compass tattoos over our hearts

Lost in the chasm of our indecision
our bodies and minds listed.
Our attempts to unpack the endless
parcels of our unrest ... proved futile

While  carefully re-learning the ABCs
and re-interpreting the Western Canon
we found that it was only by closing our eyes
that we were able to see; were able to feel.

However, the cadence was off
which was immaterial  as
our feathers were ruffled and
the rhetoric was pluming

With the overture of the new day dawning
we turned our back
on the algorithm of our demise
and shucked off the self-imposed limitation

It was thirty seconds to midnight and
the world that never seemed to want us
needed us now.
Like anemic royalty, we took flight

breathing that rarefied air and
gulping down the nuances of our resilience
to swallow our intergenerational trauma
one last time
Submitted to SAAG writing prize competition on July 1, 2019 (slightly modified version)
Hopeless Outlet Feb 2020
What keeps us believing in eternity
in different places, surrounded and separated
by millions of hearts in between

What keeps us believing in forever
with this glass right in front of us
all that's left for us are numbers as words
to express our love, our love

Well that fire we've created upon meeting is
still burning, we feel it flickering
warming us in it's heat
bringing warmth to our hearts, when we're

What keeps us believing in finally being happy
while suffering so much at home
this few words we share across the screen
mean more to me...then you will ever know
Orchid T Aspen Dec 2019
I steal love with


part of my lips,


fall of my chin,


reverence in my temples,


so I scoff with


unblessed prayer,


impossible keeper,


wretched skin,


faultless pleasure,


and grace swoons,

puts me back in my place,

mutters sin in my mouth,

tightens grip in my hips,

stokes flame in my skin,


threads pain


weaves mind


names fear


makes more



and I am unfeeling of pardon,

unwanting of heaven,

ungoverned by god,

not bothered, on purpose,

not waiting on mercy,


and I stand with the evil,

the blind,

the kind,

the pained

and the stained,

and steal love with them,



we are unneeded by hell.
avoid binary questions.
Izzy Aug 2019
Numb, I am so numb
Numb, I cannot feel
Numb, I am broken
Numb, What is pain?
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I am a product of my fAUltY programming
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