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"if that's how you feel, then leave"
those words echo through my skull
forgive me if I'm still a bit shocked
i once shouted
into a cave

the echoes
in that empty place
sounded a lot like
my heartbeat

of course
that was a
long time ago

a time before you
And some things stay forever.
Poetic T Jan 6
Synthesised reparations collect,
      authenticity flawed even before
it reverberated
                             beyond its beginnings.

But still you try to expand
on the dullness of what you wanted
               to be a reproduction
            from the source,
but nothing echoes further than your breath.
Nathalie Dec 2018
I surrender to this feeling inside my heart

It grows bolder with each passing day

I am moved to create in love

As the words I recite

Flutter upon my lips

A scale of sentiments echo

In variant shades and intensity

I am beguiled by the chorus

That is harmonized through

Delight and the inspired verse

These moments of grace

Are revered and imprinted

On my soul; grateful

To be the chosen instrument in

Which love is devoutly shared

You utter a cry;
It echoes
Down the green-blue hills
As though there be many
And then you wait,
Ears alert,
For a response.

Soon, the echo dies;
The quiet and the stillness
Becomes unbearable,
Doubts creep in,
Mind agitates;
Why did I utter that cry?
You ask.
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Your heart beating soft,
In mine echoes like drumbeats;
Your pizazz does more!
Olivia Daniels Dec 2018
Come back to me!
i hear your noise echo
back to me your sounds echos
but the reverberation back
leaves your echo

i know your at the end
of your dark dark tunnel. echoes
of your former self hanging
on the end of your rope.
Come back!

you want to give up,
lay on the hard black metal
and give up. your rope, it will
swing and hit me in its pendulum
the echo of how close I got
to lighting your way. you
reflected off the walls.

I almost had you back,
but it is so hard to see
down that dark dark tunnel
and like sonar I listen to you,
for you, for the swoosh of jeans.
but i don't know one sound
from the other you're so good
at hiding in your darkness.
Please. Come back to me,
whole because
i don't know
how much
by the darkness
and your echo
I don't know what I'd do if he made that choice.
Nathalie Dec 2018
She dashed around in a daze

Visions of fireflies everywhere

Spiraling and dancing in twirls

A sentiment of love in the air

The ocean breeze soothed

In melodic waves

And the mountains peaks

Still echo in hymn her name

The radiance of her smile is captured

Through streams of footage

Enabling moments and memories

Of her dear life to be revived

Not a single day goes by

That her remembrance

Is not fondly remembered

By those that loved her

Pax Nov 2018
I scream towards emptiness
as it only echoed a numbing silence
its no used to abused
the strained voice
and struggled curses
all seems useless
so just give in
to the given
for a time
just once in a while
*Screeching in Silences*
Deprived old soul,
Poisoning my own
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