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juliet 7d
belle femme soleil
eccentric pulchritude
little roses and
echo from her
face with
elusive shadow tears. she
mourns for years and years…
my fair lady, sing your melody,
energizing the heavens with your
song of the sun and sea
over the hills and far away
little stars twinkle in your
empty soul
in your moon drunken heart, tell me which you dread more, the
lie, the echo or the answer
Bo Tansky Nov 4
Echo, Wood nymph of folklore
Punished by Goddess Hera
Hated, there was no choice
Fated, deprived of her voice
Repeating words you hear
Punishment for a puppeteer
You fell in love
so you thought
With Narcissus
But he got caught
Looking at his own reflection
Turned him into a flower
Not his finest hour
Leaving Echo lonely and sad

For all the cads that
Never met a mirror they didn’t like
Who’s self-absorbed refection
Removes any trace of reflection
A thought can be misleading
Even if informed by a feeling
Don’t think
Because you think it it’s true
Consider others point of view
Don’t think because I disagree
There’s something wrong with me
Don’t always refer to you
Your grandiose style
Is just a grandiose denial
And while you deny that it’s true
Only an echo believes in you
Must I echo your words
How utterly absurd
This I can’t do
Even if it displeases you
Nothing moves you
Except for the powerless, you occasionally feel
Let’s you know you’re real
And yes
The rage is real
Hidden so well
That no one can tell
As you covertly hide from yourself
Your histrionics are first rate
Always out of date
A recording from the past
You’d think, you’d have worn out the grooves
Of the characters you cast

At last
There’s never an end
To the people I meet

All the friends you absorbed
Into the persona that’s you
Each has a name
But there nameless to you
I say
I know where you got that from
You say
There’s nothing new under the sun
I say
What about originality
You say
Plausible deniability
I say
I really, really need to get away
I say
Then, why do you stay?

I’m in search of my voice
I left it behind
In another time
I need it
Have you seen it
It could be
Under the couch
In the closet
Under the bed

You’re looking in the wrong places
The world’s a reflection
Of the spaces
Between the thoughts
Of your stasis.

It’s true
I’m never alone when I’m with you
Like living in a zoo
Forgive my sarcasm
Lack of enthusiasm
That’s what it feels like
Being with you.
First, you’re uncle Fester
Then you’re Grandma Ester
Who are you really
You don’t know
Do You

You never looked that far
Skin deep
Go that deep
Take a look
What do you see
It isn’t me

I’m not the object of your hatred
I’m not your scapegoat
Forgive the diatribe
For I am a scribe
Looking for her voice.
I am Echo no more
erin Oct 24
i don't love you.
i simply love everything about you
i love the simple aggression of the way you write and speak, your mind which says volumes in almost no words at all.
i love the glint of determination always present into your deep dark eyes, which tell me that the strong woman inside is being trapped, trapped by the hollow cage of a girl she's been burdened with all these years.
i love the wings, the scales which shiver with every step and cast brilliant beams of light off of their sharp red wherever you go.
i love the rhythm which with your poetry echoes in me, making me feel the pain of the man, the woman, the child and the lonely girl who you talk about.
i love your friends
your interests
your love for coffee and bookstores and the rain

but i don't love you.
it's true
James LR Sep 17
The echoes of the sea still ring
Lost praises no one heard them sing
They die on cliffs of stone and glass
Black smudges circle in the sky
To find the echoes come to die

The water like the sky is soot
And trees will ne'er again take root
The dark of night, the light of day
Once echoed in that silent sky
Where every echo comes to die
Kerli Tulva Sep 30
The sunrays flicker on earth
diving nimbly through trees
casting their light in search
of time and life they seize.

Down this alley of memory
leaves crunching in silence
I once wandered longingly
searching the soul's balance.

Collecting crumbled parts
where lies the spirit of a poet
the glowing, shivering heart
echoing in the eternal moment.
Gary Brocks Sep 28
There was the tremor of leaves,
a rustle of bayonet grass
parried the multihued calm
of dawn's smeared light.
"This is what we trained for," the captain said.
We hunkered behind stacked bags of sand.

Filigreed shafts of light pierce
the bullet perforated leaf canopy,
bellowed yells punctuate the swirl
and buffet of turbulent air:
“Contact”,  “2 O’Clock”, “Incoming”, “
"Moving”, “Reloading”, “Ammo”.

Fingers twitch, the grit of soil
twisted through their grip;
moon slashed carcasses glint, spent shells,
Earth exhales a vermillion mist,
rising, echoless, in this
a cathedral of leaves.
Karina subba Sep 28
Sitting in a couch
Looking at the empty ways
Where their is no soul.
Darkness fill me again and
I try to escape
But the light seem bright
From far place and I go ahead.
It's like a illusion
Which left me in a chaos.
Like a shadow where I am moving away
My dreams are fading
Like a flower in monsoons.
It's a rainy day, so my tears falling,
But I couldn't do things anymore
Which make me feel alive.
Because I am living
a kind of life with new ways.
So I kept watching around.
Even echo didn't touch
But the heart which beating in sense.
So, I had come out of my past
like coming from sea
But forget to bring
the pearl.
And it's the loneliness
Where no sign of footsteps,
not a single sounds of echo
But the beats of heart.
The loneliness where no sign of footsteps, not a single sound of echo But the beats of heart.
some goddess
inside my body
she whispers
things I don't
things that echo
in the darkness
of unconsciousness
her eyelids
when and earthquake
my soul
but she
has not
I don't think
she knows
A M Ryder Sep 25
A storm and the stars
Everywhere it would echo the song
Of sheltering silence

The dream of what's ahead
The dawns, how they turn into days
Fate, the blissful chase

Enduring crosses completely
These extravagances of the heart
Even the nearest moment is far
How do I dream?
When all I have is fear
Like water running down the stream,
I am bleeding into tears.

What do I say?
When there is nothing left
My soul has been taken away,
And I can't even apprehend anyone for this theft.

Why should I run?
When there is nowhere left to go
In the beginning it was just fun,
Now I don't know who is my friend and who is my foe.

Where does it go and where does it end?
If you know then send me an echo, my friend.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
When life takes a turn,
Melancholy rises and memories burn.

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