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I could tell how deep into
Hunting season we were
By the amount of camo
Worn by my classmates

You might think that the
Amount of camo would go
Down and you'd be mistaken,
Not in my schooling system

No, these kids wore camo
In rain, in shine, in Spring
And in Fall, to Homecoming
And to their mama's funeral

But don't expect them to show
Up to school when hunting starts,
There are only so many five
Point bucks in Heber Valley

As a Salt Lake City transplant,
Twelve year old me was
Surprised too see so many
Empty chairs come September

Education wasn't their game,
Their game was elk, mose, deer,
Rabbits, turkeys, or bobcats
If your really lucky in lotto

Nintendo was for nerds
Soccer was for girls and
Pokemon was for children,
So I came in with three strikes

They talked about guns like
Their girls did the prom queen,
The prettiest ones always put
On the highest pedestals

Back pockets showing signs of
Chewing tobacco, they keyed
Cars who dared park in the side
Lot reserved by them for trucks

The only things we shared
In common was an addiction
To God's nectar Mountain Dew
And a love for hunting season
Felt like taking
Shots today
Anyone want a drink?
Erali Pisce Sep 25
He was cold,
and my blood was warm.
I was his first **** after a long winter.
He had my body pinned,
down in the snow bed,
and this was the end for me.
I would be his feast,
and no one else would ever have me.
Xavier Low Aug 26
I'm on a hunt for darkness in darkness
The kind that would let me drift
Into lands beyond my imagination
Where silence does not lie, or mock or cry
I want a tranqualised darkness,
No scratch, cry nor song
I want to hear only black, the kind of black so deep you fall into it
The kind of black so dense nothing squeezes through
The weight of the endless hunt presses down on me
each step lifting of the ground lesser than the last
They hold my ankles so tightly, all these chains that put marks on me
and yet these hooks on my eyelids they force me to see all and forget none
They are tired of the number of times we repent, their forgiveness stretching thin
and so we drag ourselves thorugh the crushing darkness
pushing through the fog, one blade at a time
Darkness hunting darkness
Orion Jul 31
seething venom dripping from the edges of my torn panting lips
i am familiar with its acidic taste and i lick it off my teeth
as though it were as sweet as the poisoned prose you fed to me
i am not a creature born of rage
but oh
if i did not thrive on the fact that i was so undeniably right

would i?

you know all too well that i would hunt down and bite the tongue from the man who did you wrong
but you would be terrified to know that i would watch his gurgling demise with triumph

do not misunderstand:

i would spit my prize and his blood into your gaping, screaming mouth
pin you down and tower over you
with my fangs bared so close to your throat
that i could nearly taste the heartbeat and the blood in your veins

drool spilling off of my chin and burning your skin
the smell of your singed flesh and your fear and my pride

r a b b i t


i will forcibly eradicate the thought that i was too delicate from your mind--
you have been scared of me this entire time
too scared to drop me, to displease me
too scared to face the fact that i was a wolf living in a cracked eggshell
and that you took sick delight in pushing clay into crevasses that i was trying to escape from;

you held me like a sickly pup at arm’s length
not knowing what to do when i outgrew the cage you picked out for me
when the hackles started to bristle like goosebumps across my back
when hooded eyelids turned golden and

you should have been afraid of the fangs
that hid behind anxious words and knowing glances
instead of the stuttering and the overwhelmed mumbling;

you love monsters until

i am as quick to think as i am to wrap my hands around your throat;
i knew i knew i  k n e w
and you
ignored ignored i g n o r e d;

and now i weigh upon your ribcage
and you ***** the heart you tried to find upon your ***-stained shirt
regurgitated words never meant for me splashing onto my clawed fingertips

and i see nothing but my own mistakes reflected in your wide, unblinking eyes--
i forgot how beautiful my terrible form looked when i see it in the whites of someone’s eyes--
and what a shame i forgot for so long!

you never learned a thing,
did you?

you smell of **** and stink of many men’s claim on you
you have no regard for your own wellbeing
letting yourself get caught so painfully easily by any man holding lures of lustful pretty words

you give your heart to any man who promises to make you beg for more but
do you know how easy it would be to get you to beg
with a knife held to your throat?

if you want to die,
it will not be at my hands;
those  are to be soiled by my own sins and
not those of a



r a b b i t.

you are unworthy of being my prey
Heard from within the static
An erratic fracture falling flat
Calling all the innocent out
Calling all the innocent out

Found whimpering in dimpled corners
Unearthing a second coming
Calling all the innocent out
Calling all the innocent out

Calling all the innocent out

by Aleksander Mielnikow (Alek the Poet)
Äŧül Dec 2013
The sanctuary roars,
Some of its many beasts seem angry,
They all feel hungry.

The roar is sadder,
Some of the advanced beasts feel sad,
They all miss hunting.

The roar is full of sorrow,
Some of its beasts can't contain the sorrow,
They all miss their families.
My HP Poem #504
©Atul Kaushal
Fọlá Apr 12
The spot you see it all.
The locus, with the right elevation.
Hidden, in the right vegetation.
Away, from any detection.

The view is strategic.
Targets unaware, roaming.
The moment is nearing.
Nothing escapes your sight,
Save for the blinking of an eye.

The rifle is set.
Scope, adjusted.
Wind bearing, calculated.
Heartbeat, decelerated.

Breath, bated.
Muzzle, pressed.
Down, goes the target. . .
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