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I S A A C Apr 2022
demonic, my self-sabotage is chronic
after a couple of gin and tonics, music is electronic
your body like a comic, I wanna read, I wanna see
something about you was made for me, made to be
my little teddy bear to sleep with, I'm wearing no underwear that's my secret
come and plant your seed then reap it
illogical thinking who needs a reason?
I just need you in this bed until noon
HTR Stevens Oct 2019
I ‘kept watch’ at the Pearly Gate
While St. Peter went for his tea;
As a ‘bouncer’ I was third-rate  -
One and all just slipped in for free!
Nigdaw Jul 2019
It's all for a laugh
Why the long face horse's ****,
Put a lightbulb where the sun don't shine
And lighten the **** up
This is a roller coaster, baby
I don't know where it stops
But it's all for the crack
You can stumble as much as you want
Fall if you need to
My hysteria will see the funny
Sunny side of the street
Make a dance for happy feet
So don't be sad
Come laugh it up with the lads
You're one of the boys
Toys that is
We can play all night
But I,
Not so nicely with the other kids.
My tribute to The Joker of Batman fame.
Bohemian Feb 2019
'When nights shall be drunk
And souls be tumbling in revelry
When the comic of roles end
And cold shall be burning
I await to call the utmost illegitimate side of us
As my penchanted pleasure
For you be semisane
Caught half into adulthood and rest you know...
Neither you nor me or they
Be sceptical or carrying the peels of scruples
Matt Sol Jan 2019
A pass between
the ceiling stints,
ivy sinews,
and unhinged bricks.
The broken glass
still shifts and cracks
in narrow steps
of a time passed.

Streams of oil,
weaving between,
to a seamless,
tar and fissure,
smoke clouds pummel,
passing stranger,
surging street lights,
to the waves of.

On the edge of
the coming rain,
consignment times
as beauty lies.
Murals, Surrealism
my first girlfriend broke up with me

was as cold as

the very vacuum of space
she said

                that I ****.
Atheists who believe in evolution
For example, evolution
Satan worship
For example, Darwin

My neighbor Will
Who manipulated me into bad Pokemon trades
Witchcraft, for example, Atheism
Women’s sexualized Halloween costumes

Sexualized women, for example bikinis
Cussing, which is prostitution of the spirit
*** with someone other than your spouse
*** before marriage
Pictures of ***
The word “****”

The Ancient Greeks, who rejected Jesus
The Ancient Romans, who rejected Jesus
The Ancient Jews who rejected Jesus
(The **** Pharisees who rejected Jesus via ******)
The Ancient Samaritans, who rejected Jesus
Except one; that guy’s all good

The Ancient Babylonians, who would’ve rejected Jesus
Marrying a non-Christian
Helping your Atheist spouse to cuss or ******
Not forgiving someone
Gollum, for several reasons

Not praying
Praying to Mary
Praying to Allah
Praying to Baal
Child sacrifice
Saying  “Just water please” but then getting pop

Bill Clinton, who did all that
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
What was our love,
If not just an other Shakespearean tragedy?
An other story of tragic heroes cursed by their fate,
Struggling to exist within their characters.
You, facing the external conflicts from family.
Me and my internal conflict
(of not being courageous enough).
Our tragic loss of our selves and each other,
Thanks to the diabolical supernatural elements,
Playing their own characters in the play.
The lack of poetic justice,
causing a poor end to the tragedy.
And in the end a comic relief,
through the humorous character of time it self.

Tell me again,
What was our love,
If not just an other Shakespearean tragedy?
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I'm not a fan of Superman,
he doesn't know what it's like,
to be human;
a foe he can not fight.
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