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Annie Oct 4
Still here,

I stand over the girl from my past.

My shadow is a mass, but I am Liberty,
in her stance,
in her strength,
in the sunlight.

Twice struck,
second one has stuck
in deep,
enough to blur the world around me-
around him.

Never mind the darker hours
 (they aren’t important);
what is crucial, is the breath in my lungs.
The fourth poem in my annual series of poems I write for my birthday.
Just a short New Year's Wish

Raise a glass and toast the year
Think back now and debate
Another week and it's dusted and done
Goodbye to old two oh one eight

Regardless how it started
And what happened through the year
Celebrate that you're here at the end
And raise a nice cold glass of beer

The Mayans missed about the end of life
And now we've another year to go
A new adventure that will be twelve months long
What it brings, I'm sure that no one knows

So, raise a glass to the end of another long year
And get set to step out once again
I wish you could all have the best year of all
and then multiply all that by ten

Two Oh One Nine could be a year of wonderment
A year that all your dreams come true
It's not predetermined or up in the stars
What you get is all now up to you

So, raise a glass and celebrate that you're still here
And start the New Year off with a smile
A toast to the past and one to what's to come
And let's make it the best year by a mile

Happy Gnu Year to everyone on HP who contributes to all of the talent on this site.
Annie Oct 2018
This is what I am now;
silver hoops and
wet wavy hair.
Tan lines and stripy scars.
More bright thoughts than dark.
With a star, a chain and some string.
Broken wrist,
quelque fois je suis triste.
Big big family,
small small dreams.
I write a poem every time I turn another year older; here is eighteen years old.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Independent Grammy
Ameripolitan Billboard
CMA Triple Play
Indigenous K-Love Fan

Austin YouTube
Loudwire MTV Video
GMA Dove iHeartRadio
Canadian Country
Stellar BBC Music Magazine

Americana Blues
Tennessee Songwriters Association
Soribada Best K-Music
Texas Country

APRA Western Heritage
Texas Sounds
Academy of Country Music
Wine Country

Carolina Teen Choice
Pulitzer Prize
Latin American Unsigned
Alternative Press

International Western
People's Choice
American Tejano
ASCAP Country Soul Train

Soribada Best K-Music
Texas Country
American Songwriting
Branson Terry

Nashville Industry
International Bluegrass
Wyatt Aug 2018
It’s funny how
I’m so special
on just one day.
That moment of fame
always fizzles out.
This crowd of smiles
always returns to dead air.
Guess I should be grateful
there’s a day that they care.

Cards are discarded.
Confetti is pretty
until you’ve gotta
clean it up.
Make me feel special
for just one night.
It’s funny how they still
celebrate my birthday
yet I no longer feel alive.

I can’t lie,
I’ve never liked cake.
I’ve grown distaste
towards this date.
At this rate
I’m gonna look so bad.
Gotta accept the fact,
I’m just a dying fad.
Em MacKenzie Jul 2017
Every year I get older,
always marked by the same date,
but this year I'm feeling colder,
lacking heat even with my hate.

Every year I get older,
I'll be dead in years by this rate,
and there's so much weight on each shoulder,
have I just shown up to life too late?

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to,
we've got no social games, so what else would I do?
It's my party and I'll die if I want to,
"It's all downhill from here" oh god, was that true.

You know it's just my mannerism,
to have an annual aneurysm.
You know I was never one for optimism,
so here's my annual aneurysm.

Every year I get older,
that's just humans fault and fate,
and we all get bitter and bolder,
well, maybe that's up for debate.

You know it's just my mannerism,
to have an annual aneurysm.
I was never good at criticism,
so here's my annual aneurysm.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to,
tears change my eyes from green to blue.
It's my party and I'll die if I want to,
just 'cause I'm growing doesn't mean that I grew.
Not looking forward to my upcoming birthday. Feelin' old.
Deep in the woods where the wild things roam

Back in the dark there are things

That happen at night when you'r all safe at home

When young men compete to be kings.

It happens each year when the falls fairs are on

These gatherings out in the dark

Thanksgiving arrives and the boys all move on

From these things that they do for a lark

The gauntlet's thrown down by the challenging swarm

To the winner of last years crusade

His blood doesn't boil, but it sure does get warm

Now that this years challenge is made

It normally starts at the Aylmer Fall Fair

"Josiah, you're not is our class!"

He doesn't fight back he just breathes deep and stares

For to him,  it's a sin for to sass

They show up at night, all dressed up in black

No surprise if you knew how they live

But tonight is the time, for them all to step up

For a Lesson's about to be give

The street was all dark, save a lantern or two

as the riders came out from the trees

These were not the old wagons you saw in the dark

These were ones that would make your heart freeze

Josiah stepped forth from the bustling crowd

Mr. Martin he said...I am here

Now is the time to show just how proud

of the horses you have over there.

I've heard of this race in the darkest of nights

Where the young men come out and are facing

Their fears and their hopes with only two lights

It's the start of Amish Drag Racing

It was something to see these men dressed all the same

Two big clydesdales each made up their team

But to both of these men, this was not just a game

This was the way that they all burned off steam

They didn't dare fight for that was a sin

And team sports didn't get the job done

None of them drank so there was no need for gin

And a barnraising just wasn't fun

Mr. Martin climbed up and he steadied his ride

Young Josiah just stood there and stared

Mr. Martin looked out, he was beaming with pride

Poor Josiah just stood looking scared

The starter came forth and he said to the men

With this hanky I will start the race

I will let it fly loose once I count to ten

And I let it fly free into space.

He counted it down and let go of the rag

And nobody moved from the post

Mr. Martins horse stood as did Josiahs old nag

And they both looked like they'd just  seen a ghost

The hanky was black just like ones they all had

And nobody saw him let go

The race buildup was great but the start was quite bad

In fact some men started to go

So, they tried it again with a different technique

Cause they found nothing there that was white

You can say it was strange but I say unique

To watch Amish men race in the night.

The horses lurched forth like two huge tyco trains

Sweat was poring from off of their backs

You could see from their eys it was really a strain

As their drivers took up the reigns slack

Equally paired, with two horsepower each

They tore up the road like a shot

But a really fast speed they both never would reach

Cause two clydesdales just don't run so hot.

Amish drag racing is really a night

To see if the other would show

For it's really no way to prove who is right

And the attendance is really quite low

So if you get invited and your hear of a race

That takes place where wild things  roam

Say you'd love to attend but you think to save face

You'd prefer not and would rather stay home.
Today marks a very special*  day,
Id ask for a moment of time to  say...

You mean the utmost to  me
I hope after 365 days you've begun to  see
You're the greatest thing in my life that there could  be
Babyboo I love you less than  three!

No one has ever meant as much to me as  you
I am grateful for every little thing you  do
If what they say indeed is  true
Then sweetheart, you and me are stuck like  glue!

I know somedays we feeling like giving  in
When all else fails and our patience is wearing  thin
Just remember that loving you will never be a  sin
After all I was never a man made of  Tin!

This very day is marks the  end
But here's to another year just around the  bend
with gracious words and deepest affection do I  send
To you, the one and only, greatest  girlfriend

You are to me what are moon and  sun
Endless thoughts of you are often why thy head  run
Let us now rejoice and laugh in  fun
Till the day we're wed hub and  ***!

From there comes prosperity and eternal  life
With none other than you as my  wife
Although the road may be full of  strife
We cut through with the sharpest  knife!

So tell me now my  dear
I know our future together grows ever  near
Another lonely night is one we cannot  bear
But I will be here for you always so have no  fear.

I love you,
I love you, you know it,
I love you
*I love you, your baka the poet ♥
This I swear was plain *******, but hey
My love was always foolish love
Happy Anniversary Tiana ♥

— The End —