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Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
As for whether you are a 'Good' person
It matters not
What you have done
As long as you are 'Trying'
Memories. We are all trying. All working. And as long as we do, the past does not matter.
Haylin Dec 2018
I am a girl, at least to everyone but me,
I am ***, and straight too, and both, and neither,
I do not want attention, I even try to avoid,
But you call me a she,
But I am changing, every day,

I cry when you know I am not so,
I am a boy today...I am ***
You don't notice, or care,
You just put more cuts on my wrist,
And hurt me more with every word...
"*****," you call with ease,
But you do not know, I am a boy today
"****," you say... I am a ******

Death my mind calls with every single word...
But you do not care, for you smile at my pain, as I call for my love,
Enzo Dec 2018
I showed you love but you were color blind
All you could see were two colors:black and white;

Man and woman, woman and man
Thats what you see, love living only in binary

You're straight with the hate when two from the same gender procreate
You're pro-life but never did love life nor live a life of love

All you are is hate hiding behind your faith

I could diss you and spite but yknow I'm not like you
I swing my own way, why should you care if it ain't straight?
Not *** or bi or anything but I love my lgbtq+ friends
exist Dec 2018
be who you are
love who you want
we’re all just feeling
the same thing called love
everyone deserves love
Kee Nov 2018
My edge
My straight edge
Cuts deep
And doesn’t want to let go
My straight edge
Loves to make you remember everything
But she wants you to forget too
My straight edge
Loves a game
And she’ll play it with you
My straight edge
Is a force to be reckoned
My straight edge
Is my worst nightmare
And paradise from ****
My straight edge
Is many things
But never has she left me
Iska Oct 2018
BiStarr Oct 2018
Part 1

I walk by you every day
Do you see me?
The bell sounds off and the noise reminds me of when I sit alone after school in a soundproof room
Where I should be practicing piano
I sit. It is not long before it happens again
The constant ringing of silence
Ringing, piercing, bursting, my eardrums

First period
You rub your back against a cold locker
Our eyes meet but of course, I pull away quickly
Why would I continue to look if I know that it will just get me in trouble
And put me in more pain
And dig my hole of misery
deeper than it should go
The science teacher greets me with a smile
I smile back
kind of
There is just enough time to glance back
to see you being shoved by your ‘friends’
into the Geometry classroom
right across from me

Second period
My hopes go up
as this is the only class we have together
but I quickly stomp them down
Thinking these irrational thoughts won’t do anything
And I know that
I try not to stare as you change into the short shorts
which reveal your underwear as you sit
(The short shorts that are acceptable for physical education.
The short shorts that wouldn’t be acceptable if it were to be any other color or fabric, because it would be too short)
I forge a note
Skip class
Return your phone
because you left it so irresponsibly on the football field
Nobody bothered taking it
This is part 1. part 2 will be out later when i have time

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