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When conversation
is about competition
or condemnation
rather than contemplation
we all lose.
Mine is not empathy
but perspective-taking
I go through the possibilities
and the decisions you are making

Mine is not empathy
but a rough estimate
based on past events
and your mental state
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
Nickols Apr 21
I asked for the truth,
and you shapeshifted to sleuth,
crawling on your belly,
you simply misconstrue
an irrefutable, objective verity.

Tried and true, misunderstanding
what is out of your view.

Standing and demanding
but never understanding the variable,
to which not all lives,
will play out
the same way.
Earth flows with an
Abundance of native matter
Throughout her body
To silence our bellies and
Bring to life, key necessities
Imagined from the vast mind
That wills so.

But greed continues to
Be embraced by men
Numb to empathy, who sadly
Struggles to warm our cold
Hearts of stone.
mal frost Apr 15
i bask in my own thoughts,
a poet's dream come true,
when they flow and dance in the moonlight
dripping off your fingertips,
and sublime.

i remember now, that even if I never loved myself,
I've always loved my own writing, and the stories I told myself.
and in my own head, in these moments,
it's almost as if I can read my own poetry,

temporary, ethereal,
living the lies I tell myself so freely,
that I become the child I once was.
11:47 PM, about to head to bed after 32hours of conciousness.
KyleB Apr 11
“Have a share“
They say
Then only look at some
They turn their back on others
Pretending they are none

There is only a share
When things are being shared
How can we have a share
When some people never were
In possession like the others
But does that even matter?

Rights aren‘t potatoes

We don‘t cut them like fries
We don‘t share them like a meal

We don‘t have to lose to thrive

Your ugly entitlement
It‘s based on taking from other‘s
You took a share and claimed it “right“
Then dared to call it “rights“.

There is no “right“
And no meaning to rights“
When you build up on the wrong

Rights have never been  potatoes

You don‘t decide who gets a share
Rights are no achievement
They are universal care
Raven Feels Apr 7
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, you can bleed without a shed of a drop of blood:}

in surrender to the real

a shirt is torn a cut was named a deal

for the release to greed then the skins to bleed

I draw you margins a put test to bend to kneel

to the torment in the heat you shoot to feel

in there where I see

no one has a view but me

your veins of pure temper dripping in jealousy

raise in no empathy

                                                       ­                ------ravenfeels
Talk not of people how very sane;
They tear and burn, they droop inflame
Figure not how soon, they drift away
They were not yours, they go astray
How fine the fickle minded brain !
It tickles, turns and rocks and rains
Inferring merely in whims and charms
Reckoning unknowing at a single disarm
Misfired flames that bring to ruins
The gentle laughter into heckled fumes
Fuming rage that never could ****
Yet, had enough to sincerely reveal
Displaced prejudice or hurtful losses
Not the flower, that I knew apostle
Sincere my wishes, apologies true
I beg, conclude and give in to you
I feel too much. I apologise all too quickly.
Thomas W Case Mar 31
The conversation lasted into the
long tooth hours of the night.
She read her textbooks and then heard a mouse with its tail barely caught in a glue trap. It squealed as if it were dying. In my heart I believed it was savable. In the agony I imagined him dreaming of fields and insects and seeds.
She had these cold gray eyes.
in one quick movement, she took off
one of her clodhoppers and smashed its brains out. She cleaned her shoe with a tissue, she said, I neither hate the mouse nor love it, it's just a thing.  At that moment I was pretty sure she was psychotic.
We're both drunk, I kept watching her *** and that tight  black dress.
She said in a very automated voice, I suppose you want to **** me now and then slithered out of that dress.
***** is *****
But I couldn't do it. I told her to put her clothes back on and not **** anything on the way out.
Beckie Davies Mar 29
I'm glad that I don't have a mental illness
Those people are an incredible drain
A drain on society
A burden to carry
Something to be cruelly thrown away
I'm glad that I don't have a mental illness
I'm glad that I am perfectly sane
I had to watch this depressing man crying on the train
I heard that he went and hung himself
That's the pathetic nature of mental health
I'm glad that isn't me
It will never be
For I am mentally healthy with not a scrap of empathy!
for i am mentally healthy with not a scrap of empathy!
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