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The more I grow old,
My empathy grows bigger.

The more I understand,
My feelings become liberal.
The Dybbuk May 12
A thousand times in a life,
we confess ourselves to an ear,
and in retelling all our strife,
we are redeemed of every fear.
A part of you hates listening,
within yourself you must destroy;
and now your soul is glistening,
with the sweat and blood of joy.
If happiness were easy,
we'd live inside a shadow.
I know it may sound cheesy,
but you simply must let go.
Our world

Electronic desires and tectonic fires loosing responsibility
Our world has been here for many leapyear and now we keep it cleaner,
But only when the dying men are close beside the healer
I know it's vague but it took a plague for us to really see her!
Mansi Patel May 9
The more poems I write
The more I realize

They help me
Give a name to
The sea of emotions
brewing in my mind

Once they have a name
They can be understood
Saudia R May 5
I've only lived so many years

Only lived in so many places

Have only met so many people
And have only experienced so many things

But I've lived more than one life through every connection

Lived in all of the places they have been

Felt every feeling one feels with their loved ones

And have seen time as they have seen


And though it may seem impossible

through their eyes I see me

the world

in their reflection
see yourself in this as you see it. and then ask why.
Poetic T May 3
An avalanche of empathy
covering me in suffocating

That I wasn't the mountain,
       more the snow.
               Soft and delicate,
   sentiment never compacted enough.
Yeah you
How you doing?
Getting on with stuff
In this rough of roughest times?
Or wobbling a bit?
Sit in your jimjams all day. It’s cool.
Anyone with anything worth saying
Loves you
Be annoyed a lot
And try to smile
But don’t fret if it takes a while
The ups and downs are real. Feel em.
If you have a hug to hand, use it.
If not, accept the alternative
Through screens
We mean it
Abish May 1
I cannot give any more.
I cannot give any more.
But my whole personalities built around "kindness"
and if I cant give then I'm what?
So let's work this out,
whats wrong with your heart?
It won't come out,
no, it won't even start
and then moving on, what's wrong with your brain?
It yearns for the past, but it won't be the same.
it's clear to see you've got a disease.
What's the disease?
Well, its called Empathy.
It means you'll give blood till there's none left to bleed.
But I do not want to be kind!
I only want to survive,
No, this efforts exhausting it's getting me nowhere
and where does that leave me? Alone.
You do not have a choice.
The honey slips into your voice
kindness flows through your veins
and its something that cannot be changed
caring is what fulfills you
lear to harness it before it kills you.
this peom er well its more of lyrics to a song that a WIP is based on an empath
Luna Maria Apr 27
when I try to swallow your tears
I get a bellyache
it is too heavy
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