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Jude Quinn Apr 26
If I smile at you,
Please never think it's because no one smiled at me.
If I hold you,
Please don't wonder if anyone held me.
If I offer you my hand,
Please don't question if it's because I've been on the floor too.

Is not
And should not be based
On past experiences.

I've gone through pain,
That's true,
Perhaps more,
Perhaps less than you.
But that's not what informs my heart.

We seem to believe pain and experience are synonyms, they are not.

If I smile at  you,
It's because I wish to smile at you,
If I hold you is because I wish to hold you,
If I offer you my hand
It's because I know you don't want to be on the floor.

If I feel for you,
It's because you exist.

I can't run a mile in your shoes,
But that shouldn't mean
I can't tell you have a heart.
It's been a while <3
Zywa Mar 23
I watched secretly,

my grandpa was dead, he screamed:

three gold teeth pulled out.
"De gouden tanden" ("The golden teeth", 2015, Ali Şerik)

Collection "Shelter"
Descovia Feb 11
My soul is not worth saving
I cannot explain it
I am going thru changes
I wanted this world dangerless
Both sides me need saving
Maybe, I am going crazy
I never wish to endanger us
I  am toxic
I am dangerous

Duality  Album will be set to be released on July 7,2022
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Tichozpytec Jan 20
The time she feels she's truly free
Is when she's lost in poetry
Rhymes blow away her sorrows
Strength from words she borrows
To live another day

She feels every word on every page
Love, sadness, hope, happiness and rage
Her heart smiles with laughter
Breaks when there's no happily ever after
While in bed she lays
Rama Krsna Dec 2021
forgive him for he knows not
he keeps dipping his pen in company ink.

his fallacy is confusing luck with skill,
wealth for good taste and the inherent belief
that money buys everything!

her love which you spurned
your indifference at every turn,
that nonchalance
that lack of concern,
is now, the reputation you’ve earned

hey silver tongued Romeo!
this ain’t no game of poker,
get your feet right back on the ground,
and get to the place
where you once belonged.

© 2021
agatha Dec 2021
on some days water would fall down
in heavy buckets; ravaging the hungry earth
stricken— a wave of drought.
the tiny specks of life swimming along
the expanse of the universe would
scatter to have a taste of the heavens
and quench the need of being human.
some would build infrastructures
as great as  lunar craters
to catch every miniscule drop
that comes from the sky,
only to keep it in their possession,
never to see another ray of light.
those who have an abundance
seem to have a hard time giving—
hands formed into fists uncaring.
what can be gripped, cannot be taken away.
in this water, there will be power.

what do the others do then?

in a morbid sense of camaraderie,
those who have their hands open, cupped,
palms facing the heavens,
can funnel grace into the palms
of another.

maybe this is where I will believe,
despite the flashes of greed and envy,
the kingdom of a god
will always belong to the poor.
the poorest have the most to give.
Zack Ripley Dec 2021
I'm not going to ask you
to try to believe in something,
because I don't know what I believe myself.
I won't ask you to stop doing something because I don't know
what you're going through.
But what I will ask is for you to consider
that there are no right or wrong answers
to questions you have.
Because every life is different.
We may share similar experiences,
but we learn different lessons
from those experiences.
So, next time your views are challenged, instead of frustration, consider empathy
Zack Ripley Dec 2021
I'm sorry; I don't mean to pry.
But could someone please tell me why
it's so embarrassing to cry?
How many times have we said "I'm sorry"
only to say "babe, don't worry"
when it's the other way around?
Why do we have empathy for the wolves
when we cry for the same reasons?
Why are we so afraid to show our feelings
that we make up lies, like,
"it's the changing of the seasons"?
The behavior of a generation
won't change overnight.
But we need to start working
on being comfortable with expressing ourselves when something's not right.
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