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Holy Spirit called
Divine healing and snake oil
Overture of lies
Haiku #106
Days have passed
I thought we'd last
Things happened fast
This is a big bust

Late night talks and 3hour calls.
I totally remember it all
How you flirted with that mouth of yours
How you brought butterflies down to my core

Then came the day, zipp zappp
Like thanos, you killed the emotions with a snap
You distanced yourself and made a huge freaking gap
And then i realized "oh **** this is a trap"
- written in 10th grade
- edited in 2019?
Kate longshaw Feb 21
The Beatles are your jam,
I like pink Floyd.
I see the music scam,
Controlled and devoid!
My idols, once much loved,
Such talent, what sounds!
Their ***** hands once gloved,
Their lows know no bounds.
How epically great they are.
How cool and unique,
Each one such a shining star.
Now I see how they're weak.
They'll no doubt be exceptions,
Won't follow the the rule,
Most built on deceptions,
I'll sing and dance like a fool!
Can't unhear such lyrics,
Nor forget their beats.
Won't break into hysteria,
Nor allow such defeats.
To whom would I get my groove on?
What song would I belt?
Ok so it's all just such a con,
Songs I've grown up with and felt...
Rushil Dec 2018
I want to save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
because she tells me it is my destiny,
and it is all in the email she sent me.

I want to save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
because she possesses many Riches,
and she has promised me all of them.

I want to save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
from her wretched uncle,
who will steal her wealth and lock her away.

I would save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
but she only needs my Government ID,
Bank Account and Social Security.
Sasha Raven Nov 2018
To all the people I knew, I was more than good,
they just abused me, I am in the gloomy mood ...
One of them, was a trader with the name Randy,
I am drowning my sorrow, now, in the drink Brandy ...
He took away from me, the really, last, last money
and my Allison is saying: ''What about me, Honey?''
And yes, he does not care, if you are maybe poor,
leave you in the troubles, walking through your door ...
All what can I do, now, is praying to the Almighty Lord,
so heartless Randy, for you, I just cannot find a word ...
My BTC transaction, will be always in the Blockchain,
I hope, that you will stand, bruised and broke in the rain ...
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I have some aches that are not fiction
so my doctor wrote a prescription

She sent it to the pharmacy near
so I can get my mind adhered

I went to pick it up today
assured that all would be ok

The pharmacy tech was really nice
but said I had to pay full price

It seems as though I was denied
my insurance claimed the doctor lied

All I wanted was to feel better
but now i'm shackled to this fetter

I pay my premium; my budget festers
while the insurance company pays their investors

I guess i'll wait another year
insanity comes closer, I fear.
chloe fleming Feb 2018
the pointless prophets they point out to us will eventually become the demons we run from in our sleep.
all it is, is how you see.
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
The Artless Artist …by Jessie 12/05

Art historians, Art Critics, Art Brokers and Dealers
Pompous bags of wind, inflating the sails of a ship that will never sail
Full of hype, full of themselves, full of crap
Turning nothing into something
Spewing toxic dribble from their mouths
Talking to hear themselves talk
Who is listening?
Impressing no one but themselves with their circular talk that leads no where
Believing they are on the cutting edge of creative thoughts
If you understand what they are saying, then you can’t possibly comprehend
If nothing they say makes sense, you are lifted to a higher plain of consciousness
Noses in the air, Merlot in a glass, and masks  
Standing around; everyone stroking each other’s egos
Pretending to see into the artists mind
Hoping no one will figure them out
Afraid to question the other
Exposing the scam they have all created
Bold, brush strokes, color, composition, genius
Buzz words to throw around in crowed, snobbish circles
None are artists, but submerge themselves in art
Thinking they can create… if not the art…the artist
Misguided, and too blind to know it
Take away their ignorance and what do they have left?
The false façade of empty creativity
Zero Nine Oct 2017
It's been heard I'm adequate with words
If only they knew,
they knew less
than the full

It's been said I'm blithe, articulate
I'm pleasant at that
That I have
and want not's

In the end, I'm worth forlorn words, no more
In the end, my has-been charm goes dead weight
In the end, I'm your additive to the dull days
In the end, my gains come from a snake's tongue

In the end,
I'm nothing
but words
for reading

black lies
on the white light
of a flat screen

In the end,
I've nothing
but words
beneath me
beneath me

Beneath me twists and turns the caverns where my heart grows.
I call it art to your face, when I'm a broker by trade.
You won't know that you trade, you won't see that I sell myself.
You won't feel the hidden strings on your cervical
spine until you've given your food, four walls, window and door,
given your love to a dead duck scanning for escape.
at certain things, i excel
but in doing them i hurt myself
Brent Kincaid Aug 2017
You promised us you’d make the country great again
And that you would build a Mexican wall.
You said you’d make America bigly wonderful
And that you were the smartest of them all.
You said you’d keep the immigrants from coming
To take away our jobs and ruin our land.
You finally came around to getting rid of ****
Now that they are getting out of hand.

Scamboozled, that’s what we got.
We’re hoodwinked. By all the things you’re not.
Plum snookered by all your fancy words.
We’re still waiting for what we heard.

You said you’d fix the country with your knowledge
Of how business should be conducted.
So how come we are starting to feel
Like Russians came here and we’ve been abducted?
You promised you’d put the best minds to work
But you hired a bunch of babbling stupid clowns.
Watching your soap opera presidency
Has really begun to get a lot of us down.

Scamboozled, that’s what we got.
We’re hoodwinked. By all the things you’re not.
Plum snookered by all your fancy words.
We’re still waiting for what we heard.

You said you’d never take any vacations yourself
And be like that black guy you hate
But you have taken forty seven golfing weekends
And plan a two week vacation to date.
When you first got your self elected to the job
It looked like a new era was in reach.
Now I think I’ll join with the majority
And see if we can’t all get you impeached.

Scamboozled, that’s what we got.
We’re hoodwinked. By all the things you’re not.
Plum snookered by all your fancy words.
We’re still waiting for what we heard.
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