Leila Shearer May 2016

It's in our darkest times;
Trapped inside the labyrinth
Of our minds

With the waves of sorrow
Clawing out
And flowing freely
Down the engraved canyons
Of our tired eyes

That we discover
The most beautiful
Hidden corners
Of our souls.


The fire in my belly is naught but ashes,
the embers
having burnt out long ago

My ardor for the thrills of impulsion. . .
inexplicably extinguished

Unlike antique jewelry, kept in an airtight box to
prevent oxidization

I need to breathe

Where are you?

One who puts my demons to sleep and
illuminates my soul?
Daring me to push the limits of reality. . .

I yearn greatly in your absence

marina Nov 15

how i loved
each bare, floor
naked walls shadows on
newly empty halls
by day, my head humming
to itself of dreams, i cleaned and scrubbed
to make my life new; dislodging from the corner,
the old moths and cicadas

pinned on the screen dangling from beams,
and each windowsill clutter of dried leaves

This morning the air outside remained still.
I shadowed over leaves, breaking their veins
under the weight of my foot.
The space around me is silent.
A scattered bunch of dots is seen in the distance,
and they are all wearing black.
I feel like we are mourning something and,
in a way, I guess we are.
But we often find ourselves in the darkness.
Maybe that’s why spring is considered
a new beginning.
Because we spend all winter finding out
exactly what that means.

Steff Nov 12

I'm as free as the great lake
Confined by the land
Crashing and flowing
Against the shores
Until it empties into the ocean
The way I seep through my walls
And slowly discover true freedom

Jain Doe Nov 11

What have you
Done to me
This morning?

The sun reflects
And I've found
Specks of
Fairy dust on
My coffee cup
In the light

Where will
You take me

I am discovering myself more and more now.
I remember, I used to hide behind the societal shadow,
I have hid in for a long time.
Suppressing what was known to be a bad sign.

I tried to forget the softness in her hands,
or the way her soft hair would blow onto my face,
entangling me in the scent of flower gardens in the sunrise,
silent whispers in our late-night sleepovers,
and waking up beside her dark circled eyes and her morning messy hair framed on my bed.
I'd glance at the mosaic, but had always turned away.

For awhile, I believed my mind was playing around with my heart like a toy.
I was always taught to fall in love with boys.
Besides, I never thought that I would remember these sensations again.
until the boys had left my heart broken.

And while the love I shared with the male flesh was of my happiest times,
I had to face the fact that he could never be mine.
And so I came to terms with the aesthetics of a girl.
When I first saw her, my brain had whirled.

I was confused for awhile, trying to find if this feeling was true.
And one day, a girl in my art class gave me the proof.
Though I'm quite timid, her sentences and sense of humor laced her tongue like silk.
I couldn't help but glance and let my feelings for her mat together like fabric felt.

Though I'm not ready to begin a relationship until my heart has completely healed,
I will admit, I like girls, I like boys, I know this is what I feel.
I'm understanding myself better and better now.
I hope everyone will accept me to somehow.

Coming to terms with my discovery of being bi-sexual.
Alyssa Lynn Oct 9

Don't you get tired?
Don't you grow sick of doing
      the same thing each day?

I know I do.

I always want to learn,
Always want to explore,
Discovering new things EVERY single day
     instead of just once in a while.

How can people just dig their own graves through monotony?
Let the new seasons kiss my lips,
The new memories expand my understanding of the universe.
May I be ever changing,
But ever present.

I was feeling a little stuck this morning.
Jobira Oct 1

If I ever wanted
to win a Pulitzer Prize,
I will have to still be
working night and day
tirelessly to create
such a profound piece of art
worthy of in your eyes
for collecting such a praised price

But until then and afterwards,
I'll just keep scrawling
lines here and there
without lassitude
for public notice
and high end affairs
as long as my poems
don't remain trapped
in the walls of my imaginations,
yet spread their wings
and fly far away
to the end of the universe
where I behold the priceless gold

@jobiranyc (10/1/2017)

Just let your hearts and minds scream without thinking of the end result as you have already won when you decided to create your artwork!!
Elin Roberts Sep 30

we were embers of the night
weeping sparks to satisfy our lust for warmth
our scripture remained on flame-imprinted hearts
where it should've stayed for an eternity, but you found a new start

that is what i thought this was
a beginning to an end
or so it appears
an end to a beginning

and i'm unsure of what to do.
my lips... it seems they've forgotten how to smile
my mind, it is a blank canvas
and i want to be taken back to a life of happiness

these forgotten feelings awaken something in me
an unknown being
hidden in the shadows
a stranger to loves warm touch

it wasn't always like this though
there was a time when hope wasn't a dream
a time where this was better than it seems
a time when happiness wasn't a fleeting whim


now it seems reality isn't real
my soul cries for emotion
yet my head doesn't seem to care
a familiar friend to depressions lasting touch

and i've honestly never felt so lonely when i'm alone
i need a friend
i need a shoulder on which to cry
but no one provides

and so i shall retreat back to solitude
back to a place where no one can see
back to a place where i can be sad little me
and that is where i shall stay

until someone finds me
whilst i try to find myself.

i'm rather trashed but at least i tried
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