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Ash 2h
You know those films on movies where they flip the table
Throw things around and scream obscenities at everyone
Well this is exactly what I would do,if my life was a movie
Instead I the prey sit here hiding all the anger trapped inside
Instead I the prey take a walk stay silent taming it all in
Instead I the prey fall prey every time to the predators bait

You know that feeling you get when you are disgusted by yourself
Trying to conjure up where everything went wrong?
How you can change things?
What to do not to repeat the same mistake?
When you finally think I got this,you repeat the same thing
Only to get things actually have gotten worse
Well that feeling of disgust is not funny

You know that feeling you get when realize how naive you've been
When you realize all the anger that you have is because:
You just couldn't let go
You held onto your ideas so strongly,you couldn't see the others
You loved someone to much but didn't love an ounce of yourself
You listened to all the negative people
You felt all the negative energy and let it consume you
Yeah well I can tell you how pathetic and joyful realizing that will make you feel

I put you on top
So far up there
When I need you the most
When I come to collect my fingers caught dirty first,
Then I stretched a little further and got hate
I stretched a little further and got unfaithfulness
I stretched and got pain so much pain and anger
When I almost gave up I got me back with a sprinkle of wisdom
So I'll give you this I love you always will
Even though you shattered me
Though I love you more because you dear
Returned me back with a sprinkle of wisdom
This poem is a get way of some sort,I wrote it with a lot of anger at first as clearly seen in the first stanza but as I was writing,spilling this words out I realized my problem all the anger morphed into something else better than crying or being angry all the anger towards the person towards my situation turned to getting me back with a sprinkle of wisdom ,now I just wished I had done this earlier which shows what I meant by not loving an ounce of myself since I listen to others more than I listened to me,I loved and wanted to be loved more than I had love for myself,always doing what they want to please them always holding so firmly to my philosophies that I broke every single time things didn't go how I idealized them,So this is just what this poem above is about it took this final straw just when I thought things couldn't get worse only for them too for me to get me back with a sprinkle of wisdom

if your life
changes direction
do not resist


lie ahead
once hidden
from your path

rob kistner © 2018
Contemplation on change.
Down Isle one thousand
in booth number three
you'll find trepidation
Brewed up in a tea

A new reservation
A live presentation
of self preservation
In the row next to me

A section of reflection
and anger deflection
will give me direction;
This seminar is free!

A booth full of flyers
with snitches and liars
are there for the criers
"Out of place", I decree!

Discover the artist
that's working the hardest
ideas are farthest
from reality

Their booth I will spend
all the way till the end
their work, it will mend
me holistically

When the convention is over
my home, I will rover
to settle with the prover
my sanity

The trip was successful
relaxing and restful
no longer so stressful

the joys
of being lost
are the beauty
and the mystery
you chance upon

rob kistner © 2018
Brief contemplation.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 11
What made Rumi
is not the poetry.
That's media not
the end of discovery.

The reality, OMG!
Can a bard stich
a word on it?
Where none nothing
can stand still!
In response to a BBC article 'Why is Rumi the best selling poet in the US?
A story about the here and now
Can’t be seen in lost and found
Almost like neat and delicate abandoned shreds of paper
Like the uneven ridges of the ghostly bleached white coral reefs
Or the brain juices between the cracks
I can’t compete with time
So turn tail and run
As time ages cheese
And as I grow older
And as my mother grow older
And as my grandparents grow older, under foot
I’m talking about the taboo of me
The taboo of you and me having sex,
without meeting the parents
Without foresight of the complicated future extinction of the
             human race
The lucid dreams,
I keep having only not to remember
The next day or the same night
This is a piece from a much longer poem called "Plenty Words." It's about fighting with time.
Bella Aug 31
When he looks at me
My heart leaps into infinity
My soul smiles with a beautiful brilliance
My chest aches with love
My mind swirls like a hurricane
My stomach tightens with anticipation
My whole structure goes rigid
My smile sings a brilliant tune
My eyes brighten like a thousand suns
My everything goes wild for you

But as I breathe the breath of despair
I see the truth in the air
As I realize on my own
I mean nothing to you.
My sadness as I tell you the story of my first true love. Who never really noticed me, as seen here.
aye-way Aug 22
her body's glazed with sugar
but her soul's made of spice

her grin is chaotic
but it melts down the ice

she howls for the moon
when it births her with light

she's made love with herself
she's made peace with the night

so why would you put her in a dress?
why would you comb her curls out?

why would you tell her to speak softly,
when her heart commands her to shout?

she was raised among wolves.
she did not grow with the roses.

you expect her to change.
well, the wolf in her opposes.

she is reckless.
she is free.

she is her.
she is me.
(c) ayesha. h [2o18]
Kia Aug 17
what are these feelings i'm feeling?
this rush of emotion clawing at my skin
the excitement of it all sending me reeling
                             to a spiral i cannot escape from
                             is this love? lust? general trust?
                             why does she make me act as so?
                             the curve of her smile brings me
                                                              ­                       down
                                                            ­                                  down
                          ­                                                                 ­           down
                                                 ­                                                               to­ a
                                                                ­                                            chasm
                                                                ­                                              i care
                                                                ­                                             not to
                                                                ­                                            escape
                                                                ­                                              from.
campbell Aug 16
there will be nights where you chase stars
and follow them through galaxies and supernovas
waiting for them to slow down

and on those nights you need to land
let your feet rest in the craters of the moon
and learn that you
are the sun
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