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The name her parents gave her is Grace Harper
She lacks self confidence
She is anxiety ridden and reliant on makeup
She wears what her sisters think she should wear
She constantly has on some kind of hoodie
If she says she’s cold they won’t question her shaking hands
She hides away in her room
She loses herself in other worlds, searching for an escape
She isn’t comfortable with herself
Everything seems wrong

The name they chose for themself is Leviathan Andrew
Levi for short
They carry themself with pride
They wear makeup because they want to, not because they need to
They wear whatever they want to
They don’t need a hoodie to feel safe
They’re hands still shake but they’re not afraid to talk about it
They still like time alone and they still love to read
They have no need for escape
They love themself
Everything feels right.
mc ish 5d
i will not shrink myself down
i do not come in pocket sized
i am more than your heart desires
yet a  glass has never complained to overflow
i am everything or nothing
and to you
something in between
i am loud and i am violent and i am volatile
reaching for the stars that dissolve in my fingers
heaven has never felt so far
slim down diets are so in
reach your love to fit like chickpeas in your heartless ides
a growling stomach makes a pretty girl
i am pretty much a girl?
jbui Dec 8
Has it been so long to forget what true love must reap
To succumb the temptations of inner crave,
and allow this moment of tragedy, consume our willing lungs
As the world goes round, and flowers bloom,
the beating of our hearts surrender the blackness of the dark
At last, discovery and fallen hearts to the ground
Jo Barber Nov 28
Home is not a place.
Home is not a person,
nor a season, nor a taste.
Home is elusive.
I can’t tell if I’m running
towards it or away.
I grow older each day,
aware only of
the confusion
that resides within me.

Home may not be a place,
But it is not where I am.
Push past the curtain,
at the edge of the world
Into midnight; moon and stars
the chaos, the void that peaks across my eyes.
I am nothing,
becoming a part of everything
by slowly dying.
Nathalie Nov 7
Self-awareness and compassion
Two keys that unlocks the fullness
of life and which helps buffer
the sharps pains of discovery.

xcigsx Nov 3
Yellow her shirt
Removed at her worst
Dancing with no tune
Living amused
Needed to run
So she followed the sun
You ask her why she stayed-
She tells you the hole
gleaming in her chest
is not as luminous
as they led her to believe

   You asked her why she stayed-
Maybe she knows so little about reality
that she clings to her dreams
hoping they will consume her

   You ask her why she stayed-
Because the sun spots
tinting the window
remind her of the day you first held hands in the car
your fingers grasping
for the fragile thing you had created

   You ask her why she stayed-
Anger raging beneath her skin
                                        how can I be brave
she shouted
into the abyss
but it did not answer

You ask her why she stayed-
She laughs
What do you want her to say?
She has always favored thorns over petals
the world has never been kind to her darkness
she dances in the eternal night

She wants to crush the stars
but her name is carved in midnight

   You ask her why she stayed-
The truth is
only the moon can tame her
You asked her why she left-
She tells you
the search for tranquility
is not born out of the same
but the infinite

   You asked her why she left-
Maybe the ground shifting
beneath her feet was just trying
to make peace with the
chasm running through it

    You asked her why she left-
Because the dusting of snow
on the fallen trees
reminds her of the day your heart
turned to glass,
the jagged chips
leaving white scars swirling inside her
          cold and unforgiving

    You asked her why she left-
Shattered pieces of her soul
dancing like grenades
in the morning light
she whsipers
                the light has trapped me in its shadow
eyes blazing
brighter than the moon

You asked her why she left-
She shrugs
What do you want her to say?
the truth rips at the seams of her
but the crooked and cracked path
from the days you sat
drinking boxed wine
on the kitchen floor
is dark and twisted
she has never liked her odds
at surviving ghost stories
she lets the spirits of the lost
comfort her

She wants to tell you everything
that is her nature
she is terrified to tell you everything
that is her defense

   You asked her why she left
the truth is
she doesn’t know if she can survive
the contradiction
Kayla Jystad Oct 30
world is not moved by emotions
  not                                  rousing speeches, it is moved by
ocea nsandgravi tyandst arlight.   And
what control
did she ha
ve over those things
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