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24.0k · Jul 2014
I am lost.
Something is telling me you are just like me.
We were put in the darkness
To find each other.
Scibile Definition: Something which it is possible to know.
11.6k · Jun 2014
Sometimes I wish
I was a seashell on the beach
That you would pick up
And keep forever.
Antinganting: A magical charm or good luck piece.
4.3k · May 2014
Again I am sitting here,
Making another wish.
I see your smile
Teasing its way into my heart.

The pen slips out of my hand,
The words too painful--
Out of control.
How do you explain
What love is when you can't define it yourself?
Maybe I don't love you,
But maybe I can't live without you.

Aging on,
I'll leave myself.
You said you'd leave me to,
When our ways part.

My heart rises from the
Another heartbreak.
No doubt in my mind,
You knew it to.
How can I say?
How can I tell?
Maybe it is worth saving my breath,
But I can't live without.

Change my world,
Like you did when you said I was
I dare you.

Maybe without you I will find someone better.
Fidimplicitary Definition: describes individuals who put their faith in someone else's views.
3.5k · Dec 2014
How can every word
   Whizzing around my head
Be the exact words
    I could never use
To describe
                                                                                                          My existence?
Lethiforous: deadly; destructive
3.3k · Aug 2014
Just like burnt toast on a Saturday morning,
I am disgusted with myself.
There is no eating,
No thinking,
No breathing,
Without wanting the one thing I can't have.

I no longer want to write--
You can see right through my words,
The passion,
The spirit,
Makes those cowards shy away.

I am the coward.
Do I kick too hard when they can't move,
Or am I being beaten when I'm down?
This see-saw
Takes away my part
Before I can play the role.

You ask me--
"Why do you hate yourself?"
I can never be everything I hoped to be.
Solivagant: wandering alone.
3.2k · Apr 2015
I gambled with fire,
Gave my mind away,
It turned my heart to dust,
And now it turned way.
Sorry, this was yesterday's poem.
2.8k · Jun 2014
A pebble drops in the inky surface,
The weather driven water as if a
Brown varnish.
I am the ripples in the water,
You are the pebble that made me change.
Hold my hand,
Make me spin around once more.
Give me what I lack,
Things like

Just like the ripples I am,
I am gone too soon.
Quixotic: Exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical.
2.4k · Jun 2014
Expensive handbags,
Pensive listening,
Nothing I say is ever worth
Swing on this
Hinge-- a see-saw of
Bruised on the *** by
The frozen snake--
Never to thaw
And never to break.
Exquisite lampshades
Hide the luminous
Now a dingy
Dim of disrepair
Visit a fairytale
Where honey flows in
The smooth will soothe the
Heartless work and
Tangled cloth again today,
Moth eaten and angled,
We ride in the dark
Convinced our little playground could save
A heart.
Gremlin Definition: an imaginary mischievous sprite regarded as responsible for an unexplained problem or fault.
2.2k · Jun 2014
Oh, angel darling,
Protect me from the night sky,
The stars glare on the beauty of the
First full moon.
The sun envies
The softness of the glow,
When bolides crash down
To find the eastern glow.
Where are you now,
Dreaming in the dark?
When you left me it turned off
All the light.
But I don't mind--
I love the feeling this night,
As the moon slips sleepily,
I am left alone.

Why can't I get use to that?
Maybe because the stars have their kind,
And the sun has a family--
Why am I like the moon?

The night is colder,
But I don't mind,
Tonight I love the night sky.
Nyctophilia Definition: A preference for the night or darkness
2.1k · May 2014
What is the definition of beauty?
I look at my face to see,
The eyeliner dark,
The highlights of my cheeks,
Powdered imperviously.
Mascara thick and
Lipstick bright,
I look like every girl here.

What is the definition of beauty?
Nothing can get through to me.
I don't cry:
That would ruin my placid personality.
Out in the rain I hide
Under a black umbrella,
Never wanting to dance.

What is the definition of Beauty?
No makeup can matter:
People can see I'm happy in my
Lucky lucid Eyes.
I'm never hiding behind myself,
I'm learning to enjoy who I am.
I love I laugh I'm having fun,
I dance out in that rain.
My red umbrella bouncing along as I
Jump from puddle to puddle.
Nobody can pretend I'm exactly as
The girl across the street.
I'm who I am and living it,
The difference of beauty and Beauty is in
Sometimes I struggle with who I am because I am not always excepted by those I admire. They often see beauty as an outside force, not as a inherit trait. I hope I don't judge like they do: Beauty resides on the heart.

Serendip Definition: a southern land of spices and warmth
2.0k · Jul 2014
Morning has awoken
But still in evening dress,
Betting once,
Then maybe twice,
But China still too far.
I look again at shattered crystal
And toppled chandelier--
Frozen again I remain at the door.
Octastich: poem or stanza of eight lines.
1.9k · May 2014
Today I feel like gray,
A dark shadow in a
Colorless world.
The shadowy rainbows
Stretch across
A shady sunset.
Gray-- Shadow-- Me.
Almost alone in a gray-toned
Maybe I want to be alone--
Gray sunlight washing over me,
Bathing the landscape in
Bland light.
Not blue, red, yellow.
A colorless gray.
A gray that speaks soft words
And sings low and sweet--
The fuzzy gray down of a bird.
But gray,
Dreary-- never delightful,
But not so dark--
There is still light.
I am gray;
That is how I feel.
Petrified in a cloudy color,
A stony face.
A lost wish in the darkness.
The soft gray sweeps over all

Will you be there?
Saxify Definition: to turn something into stone
1.9k · Aug 2014
Images of the shadowed morning
Break the eastern sky.
Exhausted from the sleepless night
And conversations being shy.
An impending funeral with
New birthed melodies,
Then drop back into covers before the day is spent.
Not a word heard from those who said they'd call,
No message of encouragement waiting on my phone.
I am destined to travel
With shadows beneith my eyes
Because I spent another sleepless night
Crying in the darkness.

It's not because of you or him or anyone.
I knew I was never enough-- or beautiful.

*Just stop pretending I wasn't real.
Ladrone: robber. ladronism, n. brigandage.
1.9k · Jun 2014
Cottonwood falling,
A snow in July,
Filling the air with fluffy flakes
And covering the world with
White fuzziness.
We're riding,
Just as fast as we can,
Stirring up the drifts
While the wind blows the avalanche closer.
I feel warm,
Being so close to you and the sun.
A warm snow--
Don't you think that's ironic?
I love the snow,
I love your heat.
My heart is going as fast as we are,
Fifty, Sixty, Seventy miles an hour.
I embrace you closer,
This thrill of a panicking soul,
It's magic.
Keep me in this illusion of a
Peaceful time.
Lift me sky high,
Let me fall in warmth like this
Snow in July.
I feel so free,
So young and bright eyed,
A naive star
In a Hollywood movie.
Let's get out of this small town,
Let's make new memories together.
I want to see the world,
I want to see the highlight,
With our song,
The one where we sing along.
Our love is a song,
A soundtrack to
A snow in July.
We can see the world
No need for others to ruin our
Loving silence.
Inspired by "Autobahn" by Anberlin

Pillion Definition: The second seat on a motorcycle.
1.9k · Apr 2014
Tick Tock.

Tick Tock.
I wait.

Tick Tock.
I'm waiting.
You made a promise.

Tick Tock.
I'm waiting.
Waiting on a promise.
A midnight promise.

Tick Tock.
I'm waiting,
Will you make it to
Your midnight promise?

Tick Tock.
I'm waiting.
Standing at the door now.
Waiting for the moment;
Waiting for you to come for
My midnight promise.

Tick Tock.
I'm waiting.
My heart feels ready now.
All it wants is you,
So I wait for it--
Wait for you to fulfill
The midnight promise.

Tick Tock.
I'm waiting.
Will you ever come?
My heart is fleeting,
My head feels dizzy.
Am I ready?
Ready for it?
Our midnight promise?

Tick Tock.
I'm waiting.
Looking out the window,
Pushing out the dark curtains of
Doubt in my mind.
You promised.
I'm hoping, waiting.
This is
My midnight promise.

Tick Tock.
I'm waiting.
I know that you must be coming,
But there is a shadow--
A shadow of doubt and fear.
Please come,
Come before this shadow
Destroys what is good in me
And burns the
Lover's midnight promise.

Tick Tock.
I'm waiting.
I'm in a panic mood.
Less than a minute left.
Won't my friend,
My cherished,
My hero,
Keep his promise?
I remember he said he would.
He said it was
His midnight promise.

Tick Tock.
I'm waiting.
Silent, alone, doubting.
The clock has struck.
I look out, one last time.
Grievance ending as I catch
Your starry gaze.
I run,
Heart pounding,
Feet smacking-- suddenly sliding,
Falling into a midnight sun,
Waiting on a midnight promise.
Candock Definition: A white water lily
1.9k · Jun 2014












Ultracrepidarian Definition: Of one who speaks or offers opinions on matters beyond their knowledge.
1.7k · Jun 2014
Not wanting to live.
Not wanting to survive.
Not wanting to feel.
Not wanting to leave.
Not wanting your pain.
Not wanting your approval.
Not wanting your sins.
Not wanting your warmth.
Not wanting my sight.
Not wanting my mistake.
Not wanting my shame.
Not wanting my name.

Wanting to change the "not."
Hodiernal Definition: pertaining to today.
1.7k · May 2014
Do you like cheese?
I do; my favorite is Gouda.

The unlucky triangle I'm in.

A girl likes him,
He likes either the girl or
She has no interest in any,
And another, he likes the first.
The girl is friends with all,
And the boys are inseparable.
Who will win?
Maybe he wants someone unattainable,
But this is only half the story.
The fools don't know anything about anyone,
Truth may never exist here.
This isn't even a triangle,
Just a slight problem.

I hate the days I am a problem to people.
But this sounds familiar.
Quintan Definition: characterized by paroxysms that recur every fifth day.
1.6k · Jun 2014
Capernoited (10 w)


Capernoited Definition: Slightly intoxicated; tipsy
1.6k · May 2014
Careless people
In pinstriped suits and
Cocktail dresses.
Around is passed the
Inward ******
Wishing to arise.

Golden Girls,
Fancy shoes on,
The heartbroken dance to
Speedy music,
Growing faster every spin,
Wanting to be looked at
The way every girl does.
They wonder,
"Will I be loved when I'm old and
Not beautiful?"

Tonic doesn't work,
The green light leaves.
They dance with the girls,
But can't keep a promise.
All the bright precious things
Fade. They will never come back.

Fancy shirts and parties
Will not heal the broken.

So we beat on.
These were careless people,
Destined to fail.
These were drunken on the
Idea of love,
Wishing for more than
They were willing to give.
These were beautiful little fools.

Eyes will watch and see.
Inspired by The Great Gatsby

Dizen Definition: To dress in a very gaudy fashion.
1.4k · Jun 2014
In these poisoned days,
Arms to hold, smiles, love, comfort,
More than I could ask.
Petrichor Definition: a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.
1.4k · Apr 2014
Bruised and broken
Yet still standing.
Throw one more punch,
You are on your knees again.
Taking a beating,
But still the fight goes on.

Fight for Truth.
Fight for Beauty.
Fight for Future.
The tormentor will lose;
Fight for You.
Rabiator Definition: Someone who likes to fight.
1.4k · Aug 2014
Underneath the maple tree
I drew my last breath.
No longer a child,
My courage has fleeted,
Bravery abandoned.
I can no longer hide
As the flaming leaves
Cover placid skin.
Colder I grow
As I fall away to dust.

                                                          ­                     *There are worse ways to die
                                                             ­                        Than being devoured by
                                                              ­                                     The maple tree.
Can I not be abandoned by you?

Celation: concealment.
1.3k · May 2014
Will you join me?
There's a party on the moon,
A dancing of the stars,
One by one they call out,
Singing to the midnight light.

Everyone is invited to
The party on the moon,
Dreamers dreamt the decorations
Creating the scene for
The perfect dance hall.

So why don't you join me
At the party on the moon--
You can dance all night
And I might save a dance for you,
A dance at the party on the moon.
Ensorcell Definition: to bewitch or enchant.
1.3k · Jun 2014
The stress on
Corporeal allurement
But still acting as if
You came as the Holy man,
To destroy the fiend and
Bring goodness unto the world.
That you are not the fiend!
Upon a lie you came,
On a lie you'll go.
To all those who pretend in order to hurt people

Stalko Definition: A poor man who pretends he is rich
1.3k · May 2014
Tearing the world down,
Affected by a hot fiery
Diseased and
Cursing the world,
To somewhere worse that
Don't go there.
Let go,
Let fall.
Let the certainty and destruction

That world you make--
What's worthy there?
THAT is not.

Hiding behind glasses and smiles.
Apodixis Definition: Indisputable evidence or proof.
1.3k · Jun 2014
I feel like I've been up all night,
But it's not even 3 am.
You promised things would change,
But secrets are too hard to keep from me,
The truth cuts deep:
I know it never will.

Sleepless tonight...
Lethe Definition: River of Hades in Greek mythology, whose waters grant oblivion; forgetfulness of past; peace of mind
1.3k · May 2014
Pounding through to the finish line,
You've finally made it through.
Not even close to last,
Right before number two.

This is the moment you were working for,
All the miles trod.
The trophy and the medal yours,
But who really won?

Was it the shoes, the miles, the clothes?
Or the stress, the drama, the despair?
Was rivalry what won?
No, these could never win.

What won were the smiles, the laughs,
The cheers, support, and popsicles,
A coach and team that love you,
Times spent working hard, and sacrifice.

So when you cross that finish line,
Remember the ones that won your win.
Reflect on all of your hard work,
And celebrate together, your gratitude within.
Scarpology Definition: the science of deducing information from the sole of a foot.
1.3k · Jun 2014
They say that eating disorders come from
Competitive families,
Feelings of no control,
Feeling worthless,
Feeling fat,

They say that eating disorders are

I say it is all true.
I'm always on the verge.
The only reason I don't have one yet
Is because I care for
Nudiustertian Definition: Pertaining to the day before yesterday.
1.2k · Jun 2014
Golden rays falling down.
Yet also encouraging,
And feared.
Much like how a lover holds the heart

*Today I feel like yellow.
Quercitron Definition: A yellow dye made from the bark of the quercitron oak tree
1.2k · Sep 2014
The                         a       i              r              .                     .                           .


                                     To my lungs like

                          chewed gum                 .                   .                 .

     How do people live like this?
                                                  D R O  W  N   I    N     G

    Without a word to speak.               .              .

It's getting worse      .                .               .

                                        I'M OUT OF CONTROL.

                               Get A Grip!
                                                     get a grip .             .                      .

Strained    .                   .                     .
                                  up  ­      .               .                   .

                                                         *gone            .                  .                    .
Tachypnea: Abnormally rapid breathing.
1.2k · May 2014
Soft velvet that is not comparable.
Singing, a babbling brook.
Sweet music.

Calamities haven't happened.
Caressing, a new potential.
Carry no burden.

Pleasant and sweet reminder.
Pastries melting on your tongue.
Past is lost.

Drawing ever near.
Deliberately wishing.
Dancing to the music.
Ughten Definition: the soft light at dawn.
1.2k · Apr 2014
I look at my shoes.
My shoes and my feet.
They feel tired, worn out, exhausted.
I know how far they've come--
All the times I remember:
Running from danger,
Running to safety,
Running for help,
Running with you.
My feet are tired.
My shoes are tired.
I look at my shoes.
My eyes close.

I dream.
I see you, with your
Tired feet,
Looking at my feet--
Realizing I have tired feet.
You try to help--
To pay attention--
To ask--
To smile.
Will these things help my tired feet?
You are there with me:
Four feet.
Four tired feet.

I can only last four feet.
My eyes can't see,
My feet won't walk.
Am I alone now?
I fall hard--
Is someone there?
Are you there?
Will you catch me, even though
You have tired feet?

I give you my strength.
Disjaskit Definition: Anything broken
1.1k · Oct 2014
Did you ever see me cry?
Hiding in my own corner--
It was a dismal place as dark as
Night and as pressing as the
Silent presence of death.
Did you ever watch me cry?
Every tear a diamond,
And upheaval of sobs,
Disquieting the stillness,
And disappearing into shadows.
Have you ever noticed
The drowning of my eyes,
Pools of pain and unpleasant misery,
Poaching my soul,
While undetected by others?
Laciniate: fringed; jagged, slashed.
1.1k · Oct 2015
The Lecture
To trust,
Let people in,
That's what he said.
That psycologist with
Grey hair
Just like my relationships.
Lonely, hating, loathing myself,
Pain being controlled by addictions,
My same shame increases the circles,
Running circles in my head--
Wanting to draw circles with a knife.
My circles of friends growing smaller,
Isolate as the weather becomes cold,
My heart, iced, caged,
No trust, no love.
No one could love me anyway.
Wrong way thinking through this thick head
Makes it worse.
Wearing through my thin soul,
This pain, pleasure?
No. Run run away from this,
Soles of my shoes thining,
Just like the grey hair--
The psychologist's head.
Trust, love, relationships.
No shame in mistakes.
Let people in?

I always thought I never needed that.
But I was always so wrong.
1.1k · May 2014
Why do all my poems need to be about
Sometimes I wonder what you would say
If you found me here.
Would you know who I was?
Would you remember?

I read over the paintings I wrote of you.
Glittering masterpieces,
The work of one mind.
Again I down another
Poisonous elixir of the mind.
Again the only thing my pen creates
Is the perfect image of my mind:
A perception of what could have--
Nay, should have
Gone now,
The imaginings of a heart grow
Faster, fuller,
Top heavy and prone to fall
At the slightest touch.

Left alone in the dark,
Anon I wish of you.
A soft touch,
A kind word.
Do you think of me too?
Just please don't say you love me,
I'm too scared to say it back.
Too long
I've been desolate and deprived
Of encouragement.
Too long to trust.
Too long to care.
I would gladly fall into the
Of your heart.

Spin me around,
Take my hand,
I don't know how to pretend,
I don't know how to stop pretending,
I love you too much.
And the only one who knows
How deep this love grows
Is Fate.

Would you believe me if I told you?
Would it be the same for you?

I doubt it.

The sparkle of a gem
Is only perceived by those who can
See beauty in rocks.
Wallygowdy Definition: A precious jewel or gem.
1.0k · May 2014
My mind holds out on that last word:
I am not brave,
I cannot change a country,
End world hunger,
Stop abuse.
I cannot make a difference in the
Big scheme of things.
I cannot win a silver star.
In complete honesty
I am not brave.
But I am not a coward either.
I strive to make a difference,
Help people cope,
Take the time to listen,
Strive to do what's right.
I've heard it said that
A hero is made when
People make the right choices.
Bravery comes when good it done.

Hold fast to this word:

To myself, never let go of this:

To everyone:
I am not brave,
But I am not a coward.
I will live up to tomorrow.
I will partake of the consequences of my actions.
I will change.
I will become.
I will be brave.
The change comes today.

Inspired by "Speaking of Courage" by Tim O'Brien

Perqueer Definition: Perfectly accurate
1.0k · Jan 2015
You may shiver at words,
They are the interpretation
Of all pain, fear,
But as the leaves fall like ash
From a charcoal sky,
It is known that there may be no more days
To admit my love for you.
You may recognize this as my old bio. I made a new one, and I decided I wanted to keep this on HP.

Oneirataxia: Inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality
1.0k · Jul 2014
Don't give me the knight in shining armor.
He hasn't fought his fight.
He may be too frail to pick me up,
Too weak to slay my dragon.

Don't give me the boy with a flawless life,
A pretty smile and feminine hands
Show how hard he has never worked,
How many demons he has never strangled.

Give me the knight with beaten armor,
Knocked off his high horse,
But still standing.
Give me the boy with calloused hands,
Hands that show how many times he tried.
Give me the boy with a perfect smile,
Knowledge in his eyes,
Knowing ******* the dragon,
Knowing how to outwit the demons.

Give me the knight who slayed the dragon.
Sthenia: unusual or abnormal strength.
1.0k · Jun 2014
Crackles in the sky,
Allegretto in its
Indigo bled out,
New colors flash

A shriek in the house.

Stillness assumes
Till another spark
Opens the fear,
Rearing this chilling, rumbling
Derecho Definition: a widespread windstorm that is associated with rapidly moving showers or thunderstorms.
1.0k · Jun 2014
An endless track,
Meandering predicatively,
305 times around,
Yet never knowing what lies beyond this
Grizzled track.

My gray spirit presses on,
305 steps taken
Through this impenetrable fog,
Many more to go.

This bight winds on,
This way and that,
305 turns.
The speckles of this devious path
Cloud the search for meaning.

Only a breath,
Only a moment,
305 days.
Run away from the end,
Clear the path for me.
Bight Definition: a bend or curve in the shore of a sea or river.
1.0k · Sep 2014
Everyone changes--
Not me.
I may be a dreamer,
Stuck in the middle (what I think is the best part)
But I will make it through.
I see the suffering,
Questing to destroy the problem,
But I destroy a lot more than that...
Hope hanging in the balance
While I shut the world from me--
My passions take me past
The breaking point.
I am made of broken pieces.
The friends...
It takes too long to know my reality--
While you see me,
My secrets: locked... Away from prying eyes.
My free spirit chained by a fear,
How could anyone understand?
I don't even...

Greatest fear: Judgement.
Enigmatic: difficult to interpret or understand.
1.0k · May 2014
Living life on a slant.
 Things keep slipping
  Just out of reach,
   Looking like they are far,
    Too far to be here or there.
     Everything is unobtainable,
      People seem like they
       Plot against what you
        Want for them and for your life.
         Smiles seem crooked,
          Sidelong glances lengthen,
           And frowns look fake.
            Nothing is clear when
             The only perspective is
Wamble Definition: to stumble and stagger about.
998 · Jul 2014
Not ill,
But thriving in light.

Not envy
But wanting more:
To be understood for who I am.

Not growth,
But becoming--
Changing to match my
Guardian angel.

Not what they believe,
But cool and crisp,
Cucumbers in a salad,
Blending in unnoticed.

Today I feel like green.
Glaucous Definition: grey-green; green-blue; yellow-green.
995 · Jun 2014
Why won't you respond?
Why leave me now?
The silence is deafening,
Defining what makes us.
I hope you don't hate me,
I pray to God I do you right.
There is no way to measure,
No gauge to reason with.
I promise I won't be your
Pretty Girl,
Just don't leave me to the wolves.
Gnashing their horrible fangs,
Begging for the one that will be left behind.
Will I be that one?
Is there enough
Emptiness in your heart to leave me be?
Do you want to leave?
Do you think I will stop you?
My heart is breaking at this end of our
One-sided conversation.
Does it break your heart?
I want to give up.
I want to let go.
But I can't and it's because of you.
Save me before I need
Prevent the irrepressible
Stay with me,
Even if we are only
You made a promise.
I thought you would keep it--
Or at least I hoped you would.
You must have forgotten.
The memory must be dust.
It was too long ago,
But promises should be eternal.
I think I love you.

Are you listening?
Sorry, I didn't mean to take so much of your time.
Sorry for everything.
Thelemic Definition: Permitting people to do as they like.
960 · May 2014
I am the repetition of many stories.
Is it okay to hate myself,
If I'm just like every story that
People hate?
Dreaming too much
With too little accomplishment?
Never getting it
Through my thick skull?
I do too many things wrong,
My good will never outweigh my bad.
I trust and love people
More than I should.
More than I trust and love myself.
If you knew who I really was,
Could you see my mask?
Would you hate me for it?

I said too much again.
Explaterate Definition: To blab, gab, or run off at the mouth.
938 · Mar 2018
The flower cared.
Too much, some would say,
Too naive, too loving and innocent.
Easily taken advantage of.
They were right.
Yet the flower didn't believe them.
She wanted to care too much.

The flower knew the snail,
A brown snail with its home on its back and a hard shell.
A shell that spiraled up to a point.
The slow sad snail that sallied its way across the garden every day.
The snail said it would be salted one day,
Or slowly baked in the sun,
Someday soon,
If it couldn’t have a bite of the flower’s pedals.

The timid, naive, caring flower
Believed that brown snail
And stood still as the snail slunk it’s way up the stem
To the precious pedals.
At first the snail was kind,
But when the days wore on and the flower grew weaker,
He hemmed and hawed and hurt the flower with his words
Complaining at the scars and hurt.
The ones that were only there because of him.
He became obsessed, demanding more,
Demanding everything.
She gave him as much as he wanted,
Begging and pleading for him to stop,
And trying not to give any more.
The flower grew weak and nearly died.
If flowers had knees she’d be weeping and trembling on them.

A gentle hand reached down and gingerly touched the crumbling flower.
The hand was worn and weathered, streaked with dirt,
A gardener's hand.
The gardener got his shovel and
Put the flower in a ***.
He watched after the flower daily,
Watering, nourishing, healing.
He did not blame the flower for attracting the snail,
His only thought was to heal and help.
He saw the potential in the flower and knew how to renew it.

She began to heal.
  *   *
*  O  *
  *   *
    | _
    |  /
914 · Sep 2014
If you are the       W
    ­                                                            D,

­                          Am I a
                                                                ­         Rose
             Or the
                                                          ­                               You kicked up
                                                              ­  As you passed by?
Pseudodox: False (doctrine or opinion).
908 · Jun 2014
They're catching up,
They're almost here.

Crashing through the woods--
You can hear their spies
Buzzing through the trees,
Right beside you,
Keeping up easily with your dragging.
You feel too tired to keep up with
The fast pace.

Pick up your feet.
They're on your tail!
Get up.

The spies--
Some darken the sky,
Now a hazy gray,
Their black wings overtake the slower pace.
You can hear their gleeful laughs and cries.

Don't give in.

You feel your feet uselessly pulling,
They refuse to go on.
They need to!
You let yourself fail,
You can feel yourself fall from exhaustion.
The exertion was not enough.
There's no one here--
No one but the enemy.

No one will save you.
You didn't run fast enough.
Exaggeration of how I feel when I run alone in the woods.

Funkify Definition: To retreat fearfully.
892 · Apr 2014
Just keep walking.
     Even when you can't feel your feet.
          Even though you feel you can't walk
Sloom Definition: To become weak and tired.
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