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Toothache Sep 2023
I’m rocking back and forth against the hull of my loneliness,
Stuck in knowing it’s goodbye
But not being able to say I love you
or I’m sorry.
I’m crying with joy and longing as I lie in the love and conversation around me,
Wishing it were my own.
I’ve been high so long my heart rate stopped going down with the sun.
Going over it all all over and over all the time.
I feel like a child again, terrified by the world, the dark, the wind.
I’m breaking down in the line at the gas station.
Looking out the glass wall at a Lovecraftian highway,
Flickering florescent lights like the ones from The Exorcist.
On my way to a cavernous husk of a family dinner,
Most of them gone now.
Just me, my mother, and my widowed, bereaved, great aunt.
There’s a stupid old cardboard cutout of a mascot next to me grinning too widely, holding up its product.
I scream and tear it’s head off it’s body
In my mind.
I have work on Monday.
This is life.
Ayesha Sep 2023
Quick, since home
Peeps in view
The oscillations
Become familiar
The feeling
Of conclusion
Fills the body

I am watching
The rear view eyes
Deep in scrutiny
The poor sky shuffles
Its feet, cloaks

Swift tides move
And the laces of the road
Move with them
I fidget on my seat
Hear the violent music
Rise behind us

Quick, now, the storm
Is on its way
Soon, the world
Will start its run
Trees are looming
Already, and
The door to home
***** like a wing

Stop, now, stop and
Rush through
Bar the windows,
Blind them, shake
The fireplace awake
And, little fly, bake
Your biscuits and read
Your books, till the edge
Of day breaks
And clever dust
Lulls you to sleep

Quick, quick, quick.

But the rear-view eyes
Leap upon me
Precise as leapords,
Prying, plying
With sharp disquiet
Cold rain tusks
And I speed
Reckless forward.
Josephine Wild Aug 2023
is essential
for the breakthrough.

Not spirit-break.
You can’t break
my spirit.

Can you feel it?
My restless soul
running wild?

You can’t break me.
Don’t try.
I’m not meant to be broken.
Heartbreak is essential for transformative change. My spirit is strengthened.
thyreez-thy May 2023
I lay on my bed in silence
no bad thoughts, nothing with violence
it seems a memory was all it took
to make me have a empty look
having a moment for what I've lost
of all the pleasure's, and all they cost

Self Isolation saves me from "I told you so"
And then they wonder why I never tell them when it gets too cold
Willing to bite my tongue just to suffer in isolation
My problems aren't yours, and are not up for delegation

Your curiosity is annoying, as your apologies lack pity
For where you see such beautiful vistas, I see a crumbling city
Judged for being silent, judged for being loud
Scolded for minding my own, yet hated for not intervening
What would work for both of us, so you are happy and I stay sane
To keep my secrets just as they are, to have us both stay in our lanes

I stay stubborn in my own mistakes, making and paying for them in due time
And as the choir to a hypocrite church, you feel inclined to intervene
No good walks this earth, and no good is in the helpers
Nobody requested shelter, you were never told to enter

Yet you call it "worry", Just another victim to help both your ego and your image
What is the primage needed to unload my problems to your "Ship of good will"
Yet still, even now, you pretend my silence is a cry for help
silence  stubborn  annoyed
My Dear Poet Apr 2023
My breast had been your pillow
my body became your bed
You lay yourself down upon me
and dreamt yourself inside my head
You slept a million moons with me
we swept and swayed your soul to rest
Beneath the quilted cover of my skin
upon the mattress of my chest
Only to wake and find beside me
the creases where your body laid
And in your eyes the empty sheets
where my heart was left unmade
Kassiani Nov 2022
This time of night
Is an old trap
And dog-eared
And well-worn
And haunted

Nothing good happens after two
—it's a funny little adage—
And I'm a funny little insomniac
Begrudgingly listening to my racing
In the silence
The restlessness gathering
Storms beneath my skin
Lightning sparking wildly across my mind

This is the hour of madness
This is when
E v e r y t h i n g
And all I can do
Is hope my muscles stay stuck to my bones
Hope my veins stay caged in my skin
Hope my lungs stay expanding against the weight
Of the darkness
Descovia Aug 2022
I have never been able to sleep.
Everything toys with me as
my mind wonder into the deep
The clock on the wall
Criticizing my need for momentary peace.
When will I ever be released?
Imagination very active and all is alive.
In my waking moments, I am groggy I strive
only for the feel and desire to survive.
Before, I close my eyes with the sister of death.
Possibilities of the unknown is where it all thrives
My thoughts depart from time to time.
Countdown of spiraling minutes
I'm losing my will to eat and the need to rest.
Shifting away from friends & from all that is left

My Dear Poet May 2022
I’m hopping along a road
that trips me over
I’m climbing up a tree
that pulls me down
I’m far across a field
that draws me closer
and still nearer
to not being found
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