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Lori Mack 14h

To be still with myself.
This i avoid.
It's uncomfortable just yet,
To be still with myself.

Too many thoughts in my head,
For me to untwist and untangle.
Too many memories.
I dont want to live over again.
Too many heartaches unfed.
Too many failures and mistakes,
That can never be earsed.

These i can not unbreak,
And i do not face.
Why be still and reflect on these pains?
It doesnt make them change.

Still is just not me.
That i can not be.
Busy I'll continue to be
Until there is nothing left
But still...
Then i will be still.

Lori L. Mack
I am now able to be still.
Sara Mares Sep 12
Perhaps there is someone out there
Who waits all night for peaceful sleep
Instead is met with clenched jaws
And restless feet
They feel too as if gravity was stolen
Sloppily replaced with confusion and vertigo
And their night slows to a crawl
As they wade through misshapen
Memories and longings
And the dreaded
“If only I had”
When I go to sleep,
it never gets that deep,
because I spend all night,
thinking of how we might,
have another chance together.
You've made my life so much better,
by being with me,
I'm just so filled with glee.
It's hard to want to close my eyes,
because I've already won my prize.
I toss and turn all night,
and try to sleep but I'm too filled with delight.
I wake up earlier than I normally do,
because I've taken a drink from your brew,
of love,
and ecstasy,
I'm so happy this is my new normality.
I want this to never stop and I already know,
it will never have to because you're my rainbow.
I've got a handful plate of time,
no need to find everything that rhymes,
just a little sound of human silence,
so i can get myself in balance.

I tasted my own tears,
as they were dripping on my lips,
maybe they'll scare away my restless fears,
and i'll finally fall asleep.

Water from my eyes ruined what i was building,
it felt like i was hanging of the ceiling.
I opened up my eyes to find i was only dreaming,
so i layed back, close my eyes and went with the feeling.

Slightest Sound
Dev Aug 30
When the rest the world is fast asleep
his mind seems to find it's peak.
Sure, he dreams but not like others.
He tugs his sheets and rolls his covers.
His eyes stay shut, the clock still ticks
The sun will dawn but not his fix.
Alysia Marie Aug 31
I still wake up
in the middle of the night
reaching for a body
that just isn’t there

Just as I did now
and just as I will tomorrow
as well as every night that follows
in which I’m left here alone
without you

Alysia Marie 2018 ©
I suppose my loneliest thoughts arrive at 1am.
Falling, and falling, as I always have,
I will consider a final line,
The essence of my life will search,
In the last moments I have left,
That maybe I found the words,
To describe the infinite,
Until then,
Falling, and falling, as I always have,
elaine Aug 30
i stayed up all night, restless,
hoping i could stumble on the right words to charm you into coming back home to me.
you can always return, just come back home please. i miss you...
Diana Garcia Aug 28
I cant seem to sleep through the night
without feeling like nothing is alright
I dont know whats wrong with me
ive got a million thoughts running all at once
i wish i could just scream
constantly torn between wanting to be a lady
but everything i do just seems to make me look crazy
maybe there is something wrong me
a chemical imbalance, i just want to make it out to saftey
what if i cant save me from myself
not that i dont want to ask for help
every where i turn my mental state just repels
i want to be okay
it effects all my relationships so most leave me at bay
i dont want to scare anyone away
all i want is for someone to stay
i guess misery really does love company
nobody seems to mind when i share love drunkenly
i wish i was always easy going
but my crazy side just keeps on showing..
woke up at 4 am again
LVQuigley Aug 13
This feeling of listlessness, makes me want to sink my nails into my skin and claw it off.

It makes me want to rip my hair from its roots.

I need to get out,
I need my skeleton to split the seams of this flesh
and I need it to run.
I need to run.
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