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Carmen Mendez Sep 25
It's been 7 long years.
And I've changed so much since then.
But I hate them; all these rotten secrets I hoard to myself.
Things so filthy i don't even know how i live with myself.
Every single last one of them, I swallowed and loathed the taste it left me with.
But I had to.
When I see thier sweet innocent faces at night.
When I see them go to school.
When I hear how proud they are to show me all thier honor roll diplomas..
I don't have the heart to just run like I want to every time I come back.
The chance to escape is always present.  
Sure the guilt consumes me. The selfish part of me that just wants to be free so badly..

But for the love of them..* eyeroll *
I'm a sucker.
I had a plan-- still do.
But these festering lies. These horrible demons that torment me at night.
" tell them how you lied to save your skin. How you looked at the judge in the eye. Tell them, ... " they whisper.
And now because of this lie.
We're all doomed.
GreyEyes Aug 19
Shaken awake within these sounding walls
The stars no longer shine and night falls
In this place time is endless
Once again I am completely restless
Tired I am not
Simply trapped within this thought
This place remains unknown
But I feel so at home
Lack of emotion crowds this hallow room
This bed is my waiting tomb

This ambience is as empty as this skin
The lights only growing dim
Fully immersed in this devastating calm
In failure I must be a paragon
Everything here is a reflecting grey
In this unfading void I lay
Nothing exists beyond This
From waking life is there anything to miss?
My voice is left unheard
Is it here I will discover my worth?
Flower C Sep 11
As a soul I am restless,
For every passing hour my heart cries for it to end,
That may this vessel can rest to sleep,
But my head often in thoughts,
Voicing to oneself as if there's two,
Hauling in pain such of life and living,
Reaping each serenity that lingers,
Leaving this space in me pitch black,
Only to know the definition of ultramarine,
Where everything you see left a blue,
And 'till dusk this cycle of agony,
Mounting the sleepless nights within me.
Aaron LaLux Sep 8
Don’t tell me any more of these trivial distractions,
don’t bore me with any more stories you saw on TV,
don’t want to hear the latest gossip it’s all nonsense stop it,
who cares who’s dating who, personal lives’ are not news,
who cares who won whatever award, or won the Superbowl,
I don’t know at all & I don’t care anymore, never really did,
most things are just distractions from anything that’s relative,
what I’m interested in is the soul you hold in that body of yours,
so tell me, what really matters to you, what do you care about
I’ll tell you what, if you’re shy I’ll say what I care about first,
I care, about the greater good, about improvement of self,
I care, about how we’re going to heal this broken world,
I care, about how we’re going to heal these broken hearts,
I care, about what we’re going to do to fix this mess,
want to give my best, want to look back & say we did our best,
there I told you what I care about, now it’s your turn,
tell me something that truly matters, or leave me alone,
I’d rather be alone & at peace, then together & in war.

So let me be, at peace, with myself & all of my demons,
because I wan’t to release them but don’t know how,
so just leave me alone unless you can help me figure it out,
& don’t tell me any more of these trivial distractions,
because I’m trying to stay focused & not be distracted..

∆ LaLux ∆

from THHT3: Hollywood Hearts
available worldwide 9/9/19
Another Future Classic piece of Pop Poetry for our Collective Contemporary Society...
leo arden Aug 26
silent is the night,

for the creatures of day

in this kingdom of shadow

are with eyes shut tight.

all but the lone,

the restless in the sky,

searching; observing;

soaring high and high.

all but the owl,

alone in the night.
in this kingdom of shadow, only owls are nocturnal. ;)
Dita Jul 22
The many things that keep me grounded have no way or reason,
one, two, three seconds focus directs the lens elsewhere
It's like a bigger picture keeps trying to show itself,
except I won't let it
Wishing my mind would promise me a way to compromise with my soul,
and my body to follow
I skipped a page to get here,
I wonder if i'll go back
Although it seems all this extra wonder-
it's what got me here
Distraction could be the token to curiosity
and curiosity the vessel to imagination
Maybe the bigger picture lies within the world created,
the one that will surely vow
to listen to fleeting thoughts
all the while promising
to keep you here distracted
230 am
Restless body
And a tired soul
Yearning for more

I wish I could find the words to fill the space
Of what I want to say.
Or I wish I could stop thinking of the
Same mistakes
Ive made

I wish I could be smaller

But I've grown too much
To ever fit into your hands
Once more

Life changes as we do
Im not going back
To the fool I once was

And as the birds start their morning song
My eyes gently fall back
And my concious thoughts
Finally pause

As the night comes
And the day fades

I'll see how late I can stay awake
Until I drift into smooth everlastings
Of silky cotton candy clouds

While the day resets
And the burning sun wakes us
To the life we live
Overthinking, late night thoughts
Nina Jul 2
Someone asked me why I chose a job that ends late at night
And all I could say was,
It's alright.
It's not like i could sleep early lately.
So i don't mind working late at night.

What i did not mention was that
I was too busy crying every night before I head to bed
The reason why sleeping is so hard
I wouldnt want them to know
That the reason I was lacking sleep
Was because of a guy
Of a memory
Not because of work
I need an usual things like all.
I need a love, support and home.
I need a place in someone heart.
I need a space to be sometimes apart.
I need a hug, I need a kiss.
I need just only smile, just only breath.
I need a friend, I need a lover.
I need a family, I need a power.
I need your shoulder when I'm down.
I need your arms when I will fall.
I need your words when I am speechless.
I need your silence when I am restless.
I need your glance to understand.
I need your lips to whisper on my ear: ,, I love you! ''
Is it too much when all I ask to love me?
That all it's mean a love. it's starts with big L latter. L O V E!!!
lake Jun 4
i've been watching the clock tick
for who knows how long
why do i feel so weak
like everything here is wrong
this feeling of unease
just won't let me be
it won't let me fall asleep
it's getting hard to see
but still i'm wide awake
wondering how long it'll take
to clear my head of these thoughts
until i can untie my mental knot
so while i stare at this frozen clock
my way to rest will remain blocked
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