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I currently sleep in episodes,
brief sojourns into late night sub-genres
too niche for deep sleep prime time
starring washed up dream tropes
like public ****** and teeth falling out

I still find flickers of truth
but a mind mindlessly clicking through channels
provides no water cooler moments
for the therapist and I
Looking out the window,
I mask the houses through the horizon,
to see a vision so true, that can only be blue.
Bite the bullet, see me from dusk to dawn
Every day seems like another one
out the back of a shotgun.
Summer Jul 4

tangible darkness
let me take a picture of you

paint you on the wall
scribble your name on waters

in your naked form
bend you, so no one else

knows you but me, alone

insomniac darkness — tell me
my muse, let me taste you,

bewildering, like arrows in disarray
and white birds

surreal as falling seraphs and forked tongues

moist darkness
what is sulking inside you must submerge

with manta rays hemmed in circles long ago
curled horns probing, testing bygones,

frozen dawn condensing my azure dreams ashore
Efa Nuryani Jun 23
Generating noises and worries
In a moment of recess while restless

There, heaves in sight of a wish
to have some sort of magic
spells to make your pain and sufferings vanish
Left To Rot Jun 3
It's been a full day
now I see the full moon
from the chair I'm sitting
by my bedroom window.
My head is so full,
I'm filling one more glass
to fill the void in me
and fool my restless soul.
Hi its me again
Yes the one that hears your pain
Had a tough week?
Minds restless and could not sleep

Maybe music could help
Makes you reflect pieces of yourself
Don't wander into the void
Into the emptiness of a world destroyed

Calm your nerves down
Praying, crying, hoping it will turn around
Now slowly drift away
Into a dream and keep your demons at bay
Demons of the past caught up
I spend my hours lonely
Staring at a phone that doesn't ring
Lying to myself
Pretending not to feel the sting
Around my room in laps I pace
Because it is hard to stay standing still
Restless and anxious
I can't concentrate
Distress is too strong to ****
A tiny part of me is relieved
To see you haven't changed at all
It makes it easier to stand nt ground
When back to you I want to crawl
You must be a magician
Putting me under a spell
With one wave of your wand enchanted
Conjuring heaven
We're really in hell
You keep my adoration in your pocket
Instead of in your heart
It's obvious I am the only half affected
When our lives are forced apart
It feels as though I inhabit a cage
Only when you disappear
Your absence holds me captive
Then am freed when you get near
Dancing on a narrow line
Seperating sense and satiety
If I succumb to my shameful desires
That means forfeiting my sanity
Trapped behind bars inside my brain
Cannot escape my expectations
Disappointment is inevitable
Yet I still surrender to sweet temptation
Shades of blue inside and out
Mixed with the occasional grey or black
All other colors vanished with my trust
I'm pretty sure they're not coming back
Cloaked in heavy misery
Weighs down my overwhelmed soul
You don't even have the decency
To return all the time that you stole
You placed stars directly in my eyes
Just so you could watch them burn out
Ignorance was comfortable
Til you showed me what I now live without
Silence chokes with an icy grip
Solitude freezes spirit right through my skin
No matter how many games you play with my emotions
I still participate although it's impossible to win
I almost titled this "Sad ***** Hours" buuut figured those who dont get that reference might be offended haha
I feel restless, when the sun settles
lost in the abyss, when darkness sets

but safe in the knowledge,
that to rise elsewhere,
my sun must set
Oka Mar 27
Promise me just tonight
You will hold me ever so tight
It's for the best, I can't second guess
compared to leaving me restless
I thought I would never post again but here we are
Wilkes Arnold Mar 19
Racing thoughts do me no good
Why they wait for when I lay
I never understood,
Darkened hours when all I want
Is to drift in skies with unfocused eyes
From twisted hells to jubilant highs
All forgot, the following day
drifting musings
I had more ideas but brevity suites this
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