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Rose 3d
The traumatic start
That broke my heart and made me
Give up on it all
When I was born my mother tried to **** me off on my uncle. I wish I could be close with her but it's hard when you were never wanted, and you never wanted to be born.
I love you
To **** and back
But when you do this to me
You strike a personal attack
Caused by a simple lack
Of communicating feeling.
Rose Feb 19
I stand to see what sleeps beside me.
My husband, I still have yet to see.
Is he the one whispering sweet nothings in my ear?
Or the monster all but I seem to fear?
I reach for the light to find his identity,
I hesitate questioning my own destiny,
Am I destined to **** my loyal spouse?
He shares not his face, yet shares his house.
Shaking the hypothetical thoughts away,
Again my determination ends its sway.
Turning I look upon his divine face
Falling to my knees, I forget my grace.
My husband is no serpent, no monster,
Some divinity who deserves true honor.
My trembling hands drop the sinful dagger,
But my hands soon cause my world to shatter.
My lighted lamp’s scorching oil
Gives my sweet husband great toil.
The liquid flows and burns his skin,
And so it seems our trials begin.
He wakes and flees my wretched state,
As I seal our love into its dreadful fate.
Dredd Feb 8
using emotion as bait
to reel and reap
for their selfish rewards
not thinking about the cost
of toying with someone's feelings.
Where is the breach defined
broken faith and shredded trust
what I thought once was right
love that turned, too dust

Control a needed power
by those who wish and desire
authority, in the darkest hour
control, for only what they require

I'd never thought of family
the twist and turn of funds
one above the other blood
one third of equal sums

What to be said of brotherhood
when nothing matters beyond control
we all thought we understood
what now, one from two
has stole
My older brother has hidden information from us, that I know exists at the wish of our now deceased parent, where does trust end?
I've hit my limit
CautiousRain Jan 28
Dejected, I've detected
that the things people say
can't make sense anymore;
God, it's hopeless, I'm lost,
and maybe someone out there
can tell me where it went wrong.

I want to believe him,
yes, I do,
but who's the fool here
to think it's true?

Please forgive me,
those of you who come close,
for not taking chances
in letting myself loose;
I'm just frightened
by what I've left behind
and I'm just frightened
of what lies I might buy.
Oh, did you mean I now have ~trust issues~?
I hate this
shatteredpoet Jan 15
my walls are not built
for the same reasons
as yours.
they were built to protect
myself from my own head

Sunshine Dec 2018
Friendships are a curse
Broken hearts are the worse
from you, I've dispersed
No need to converse
or think of a verse to rehearse.
Remember who turned their back first
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