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Red drop

One drop,
Then another,

"It's raining"
I thought

You sobbed with each drop!
Kairosclere Jun 12
Yes, it was a nightmare
But I haven't 
Left it behind
A few days after
My mom reached the stars
And shone down on me
No more by my side
Yet her presence felt
All through the day
Returning to
A semblance of normality
Somehow able to
Reach across the void
Her absence has left
The dark patch
Over our souls
But pretence
Is something that is
As natural
As forgettance.
And I converse
With my dad
Of trivial things
Like they actually
And I say,
"Appa, I can still
Hear her
In my head”
An alive phantom.
And I sob
Waking up
Drenched with salty tears
From what's real
And what's not.
Sammy Fowler Jun 3
you would not be able to forget someone after weaving strings of memories with them, that starts from your eyes and connects to your heart...
Amanda May 7
Tears fall heavier than ever

Each seems to be made of lead

Dense weights holding immense amounts of agony kept in my soul

So I release one by one so I can be light again
Soggy paperweights rolling down my cheeks
Cody Haag Apr 25
A smile is on my lips,
While a hole is in my soul;
I'll laugh for the moment,
But cry when I'm alone.

My mask is perfect,
Deceiving all who see.
They think I am content,
Cannot hear my silent plea.

If I am hurting,
You will never know.
My mask is unwavering,
Blow after blow.
Kennedy Apr 2
i think, you and i are the same,
she told me.
i think you have seen things worse than me
though i do believe we are the same.
i laughed, taking a  drag
the cigarette brought calm,
we will never be the same.
but we are,
but the only thing we have in common..
neither of us will be missed.
from my WIP book
Kennedy Apr 3
i wish, i wish, i wish.
your love doesn't come in waves.
i wish, i wish,
that you didn't bring up my pain.
i know that sometimes,
there isn't enough love to go around.
maybe you've moved on.
my friends say i'll get better but there's always that extra word;
& sometimes, you just have to come to terms with someone not loving you the way you love them.
Poetria Feb 18
i choke on these words
that have fled from containment
i sob and i take
gulps of air like hydration

i starve to maintain
this excess of hate
that sits loud and patient
across my whole navel

i blame these sharp words
that sneak out through my teeth
they lash out at you
as you stare wide at me

my headlights alarming your doe eyes
(no malice apparent but it breeds behind light)
as i speak in these slices of sentencing spite
(then i silently lie and regret in the night)

thought i grew this act out,
but i caved it all in
let it push its way up
let it surface my skin
just to see myself lose
what i thought was a win
i'm sorry i speak so unkindly sometimes
Phoenix Nov 2019
Sometimes i see no point
in trying to fix myself
only to be broken again.
It hurts, ya know?
Yuehan Oct 2019
As the night bloom
in sparkling lights
of stars and moon
wind is whistling in a lovely tune
You and me dancing
In an empty room
swaying in silence
feeling each other's presence
I am here but you were there
but your scent was everywhere
an apparition
a divine intervention
an unfathomable notion
that you were once here
feelings seems to adhere
oh dear
how i wish you were here
I really miss you dear
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