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A snake will always be a snake
No matter how much you want it to change
You cannot will something to change
When it is comfortable in its skin
A snake will scour the terrains of this earth,
Slithering on its underbelly to patiently wait
For the perfect opportunity to present the perfect victim
A bite that strong will never infuse you with honey,
Sweetening your veins like a cup of coffee
No, a snake will permeate you with venom
Traveling through your blood like a wildfire,
Spreading its poison as fast it can
Burning everything from the inside out
Hoping to **** you in an instant
It feeds on the tragedy for breakfast
But savors the pain for dinner
Accept the nature of its ways
Because trust is foreign to a snake
Believing its heart can be thawed and saved
Is a waste of time
When its wickedness and deceit
Are the only things that can keep it alive
Long time, no post :P I found a writing prompt online where I had to include three specific words: snake, honey and thaw! I hope you guys like the end result of this!
Paige 4d
I realized something today
I don't miss you
I miss the feeling
I had with you
But I don't miss you
I don't miss your eyes
Or your poisonous tongue
I don't miss the traps you laid for me
The words you spoke to me
The way you made me feel
Your love set me on fire
I was full of everything
And nothing for you
You consumed me and I thought
I thought that it was beautiful
But your love left me broken
Cracked me wide open
Displayed my feelings and emotions
Like a joke
Was I a joke to you?
You ripped me apart
Then fell into my arms
Your tears filling up the place
Where mine were supposed to go
You were sorry
You said it a hundred times
But the parts of you that were honest
Couldn't outweigh your deceit
Your guilt
Your cunning
You were such a masterful man
A protege of your kind
A well practiced manipulator
There was a kind of fascination
In the way you handled your lies
A sweetness to the way they were delivered
Your craft
Was a delicate one
And you executed it with precision
A true artist
In the way you deceived me
And oh, I was deceived
I fell for you so rapidly
So intensely
So powerfully
That the landing crushed me
Broke every bone in my body
And ground them into dust
The impact knocked the air from me
Forcing my lungs to deflate
So quickly
That it felt like I'd never known
What breathing was
I crashed to the floor
Twisted and gnarled and shattered
I was a contorted mess
But my broken face smiled
Looking back
It was a rather gruesome smile
But I truly believed my life
Was beautiful then
How sickening to remember that
To see myself from this distance and know
Nothing was beautiful
But there you were
Cradling my fragile head
Tracing your fingers
Through the blood on my lips
And you whispered you loved me
You were there for me
You could heal me
Little did I realize
You were the one hurting me
Watching me splinter like glass
And pressing on the weakest points
An artist indeed
Watching your spiderweb bloom in me
Hungry for more
Your passion for my pain is palpable now
And it's funny
I used to think it was your passion for me
Aspen Welsch Feb 24
I did it for myself.
I shed you and a little bit extra.
Like a snake peeling back
layers of you and me.
Our crusted scales scattered
across uncertainty.
Is your newness raw?
Is it untouchable?
Talis Ren Feb 21
In a room full of cowards
You still had the gall
To eat the heart of a snake
And dress like one too
I could almost breathe you in,
They way you glided easily through my heart.
You knew the ins and outs,
Twisting and weaving your way up from my ankles,
To my abdomen,
And even though you squeezed,
I could feel my lungs expand and take you in like an intoxicating breath of fresh poison,
Engulfing every part of me.
Leaving scale imprints on my body as if I’m yours
Alle Jan 13
her lips stretch
to show sharp fangs,
dripping with venom
her throat palpitates
as she lets out
a warning hiss;
she is a snake,
poisonous and deadly,
and i have been warned
time and time again
to stay far,
far away,
but as usual,
the allure of danger
calls to me
and i inch
closer and closer,
heart beating
faster and faster
— her body tenses,
prepared to strike —
but as usual,
i ignore everything in my
unlike other snakes
i have encountered,
this one has
the power to
strike back
Mind Matterer Jan 13
Skin tight.
Bone hugging, more like
- is what is wished for and deemed right

The only way to
Grant this wish, fulfill this desire, correct the wrong
is to get rid of the hiss, right?

And in order to do so,
The Snake
will come slithering up and through your torso,
as a reaction to the bristles on your toothbrush;
Resembling grass
coaxing the snake out of its hiding.

Leaving your body and mind
Empty, relieved, satisfied and pleased.
Yet so fraught, disappointed, fearsome and creased.
i hear my name
slither off their tongues
about the kind of person
i've become
they speak of me
as if they know me
yet they haven't
spoken to me

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
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