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I fought a snake last night.
A boy came after me to do the same.
But I told him I already did it.
He seemed to not really believe that I already gone through this fight.
It was over but he made me do it again.
So I threw the boy to the snake and ran.

Something in me told me I had to do this to really finish it.
Couldn’t help being a bad ***** in my dream.
It was his time to fight so now I had to leave.

Be free.
Run, run, run.
Run to the city.
The brown empty city in the night.
Through the night.

I don’t know why this keeps on happening.
It’s like I’m forced to fight every time before being able to let go.
Can’ t just shake it off cause there’s always something, somebody left to fight with or fight for.
And afterwards being afraid of what will be my sentencing.
It’s unacceptable, you did something horrible.

Something in me told me I had to do this to really finish it.
Couldn’t help being a bad ***** in my dream.
It was his time to fight so now I had to leave

**** it off and then you can run free!
Run, run, run.
Run to the city.
The brown empty city in the night.
Through the night.

Life = death &
Death = life.
When you let go you will know.
You will know when you let go.
you told me you didn't like snakes
so why the hell did i find out

you went looking for them in afternoons
while i had my back turned?
S R Mats Oct 9
Crawled into it and it felt good.
Real good.  Good enough to live in.
Forked tongue slips in and out;
Poison drips, fangs cannot be contained.

Eating all, choking on frogs, going for bigger prey
Until all is gone, gone, gone -
Lining up to pet the snake, feel the skin next to theirs
******* out brains to fill craniums with crap.
And the world has gone mad, bad, and sad.
OJ Anuy Sep 3
You were striking like a cobra
Slithering through the night
Simply, minding your own business
Beneath the bright moonlight

Sliding along the jungle floor
I knelt to take a look
Beauty, Power, and Elegance
You had me on the hook

I heard your rattle, saw your strength
I couldn't get enough
I knew it could be dangerous
I knew it could get rough

I chased you down, through your domain
'Till we were face to face
Staring into each other's eyes
I had no time to brace

You lunged at me, mouth open wide
Sharp fangs punctured my skin
From that point on, I had no chance
You quickly locked me in

Your fangs dug straight into my heart
And you became my life
My love for you could not be stopped
I said, "You'll be my wife"

A shot of love straight to my heart
Went coursing through my veins
It spread straight down into my feet
And up into my brain

But then you let go of your grasp
And went off in the night
While I sat still, waiting for you
Hoping for one more bite

Your fangs are gone from in my chest
My heart misses the pain
But your venom and love still course
And pump throughout my veins
(These are what never was and could not be.)
This is the world that never was.
(We sit at the edge of the world.)
If one door opens when another door closes then does one door close when another one opens?
(We are at the beginning so it’s after the end.)
Before thought.After thought. Same life.
(Nothing left to do but swallow each other and ourselves whole.)
Let yourself be cut to ribbons.
(Harm one, heal the other.)
We consume ourselves constantly.
(We are never satisfied nor disappointed.)
What is unseen is known to all.
(Are you far enough yet to return?)
We’ll eat ourselves alive if we keep on doing this.
(Good.I’m tired of all this, so let’s start again.)
We sit at the edge of the world.
(This is the world that never was.)
OR:the serpents with no end OR the never was and could not be
Inspired by too many sources to name.
Jordan Gee Aug 1
Snakes won't cross a braided rope,
so I take the leads up from around my bed.
I remember her face-
bright and
smiling beside mine
white as if she had just shed a skin
and the dunes grow now over the urchin barrens,
a desert in the sea.
I can peer beneath the 3rd lid
my heart claws at my throat,
allergy tight from the judging shade of
The 3rd lid opens over the Taklamakan,
Tibetan horns sound so old -
ancient vagus nerve endings in my throat but my heart claws them away.
Snakes won't cross a braided rope but
her eyes are green and we lay a
cottonmouth skin across her womb.
All I see are diamonds on the ring fingers.
rig f laurel Jul 12
her bare feet slither through
this garden of trophies:
an army surrendered
to her red gaze. and me:
this old field of rubble
once was my flesh and bone.
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