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Rachel Sep 19
I won’t lie.
Once those eyes met mine,
I imagined.
When I watched you run your hands through your hair multiple times,
I daydreamed.
But when I saw that genuine smile and laugh you gave once I made you laugh,
I fell.
LC Sep 18
that day broke me.
a part of me left.
I don't know
if it'll come back,
if I'll be me again.

but I'm trying.
I'm picking myself up,
taking small steps,
looking for the missing part.
I hope to be me again.
Poetic T Sep 15
You are the one
that connects to mine.

For every stride we take,
                Is never singular

   But one in unison.

You and I, are a step in the right


Never mistaken, but when we
             Work together

we"ll always take the right step.
Lilly F Aug 18
I had to cut you off
not from my life
but from the way you use me,
as your drug
your medication
your therapist
your twelve-step program
because your process of healing,
has become your addiction

Poetic T Jul 31
When chasing a dream never
                 run up the steps.

We should always tread

As dreams are only worth

if we take our time.

As nothing ever comes fast,
we may misstep
                            and miss the mark
             we wanted to land upon.
Time is slipping.
moments are fading,
deadlines are approaching
and emotions are changing.

Everything is
and reforming.

It's a tightening feeling in the chest
that catches my breath.
But then I exhale
letting it loose.

Life is moving forward,
days are coming close,
anxiety is getting worse
and I don't feel prepared.

But I have today,
I have this moment,
I can make something of this time.
Little by little,
day by day,
it will be alright.
Comfort spills the truth
Of me and you
Breaking me down, silence becomes you.

No !
I need not you to save thee
But let honesty cover us at night
Say something to save what has been done
Do nothing expecting everything
Have you not seen what it has done to you
What it has done to us.

Comfort spills truth
And silence steals beliefs
It has become part of me and you
Don't believe something cause it sounds right
I hope you know, I hold our fond memories together close to my heart,
all that I shared with you about my childhood dreams, my first love,
the songs I serenaded you with melodies celebrating nature,
our endless nights together admiring the stars decorated around the full moon.

I remember how tall you stood, you were so strong
Like Lebanon’s mountains, even with our land’s ancient ruins
Facing the Israeli occupation, you stood with so much pride,
I remember how we rejoiced with family and neighbors during the sweet liberation.

As you know, my Dad planted you with his hands, he nurtured you with his sweat,
His love, he was so strong and now times have changed him,
He’s grown older, thinner, more fragile, his speech is slurred,
The eyes that once held thousands of untold stories are now dim.

You are part of God’s oath, Noah’s mission with the Ark,
You are a sacred plant, a symbol of love, life, peace, friendship
And generations of culture passed down,
Your roots run so deep in mine and my Dad’s hearts and minds.

I’m begging you old friend, lighten up my Dad’s golden age with your kind heart,
Lend him support in taking more steps towards life,
Keep his spirit alive so he can continue singing the song of a new life,
Give him the strength to swing on the porch to admire you again, for every new day and new sunrise.

Hussein Dekmak

دema Jun 19
steps to mend
a broken heart:

1. take a good look at your heart,
assess the damage
2. pick up every piece, dust off the pain
3. call a cab, rent a storage room for the unrequited memories
4. let the clock twirl its magic a couple times
5. undress what hurts, damp what you escape from facing
6. hold the weapon that fractured you and bathe in its every fraction
7. collect every fragment left in you, there is strength in unity
8. remember that self love is the only way to win this battle
9. crash in your favourite sheets, put your heart to sleep
10. take your shot at life, assess all of the possibilities
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