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The little steps
Seem like
No steps at all
Living a life
Maybe not truly living at all
That seems
To stand still
Everyone, Everything
Catching up
Seemingly impossible
Bhill Aug 4
with fiery and attentive steps, our love remembers
remembers all the hours of living without
living without each other to balance life
life inhabited in the eyes of each other
other lives are covetous, of our balance.....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 213
Find your balance...
Push in and up against the *****
Loosened grip clasps a hold
Repeat intent between each slip
The tricky path teaches quick
Learn from within frustration
Then lean beyond a stationed pose
Hard tasks are masked in broken bits
With no one above to call upon
Possess the will to calm your fears
Retrace the steps that brought you here
Reach out across to peers instead
For each possess a thought process
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
old willow Jun 7
A single step feels like thousand leaps.
The people are near,
yet sounds are not here.
Fear is near,
but people are nowhere here.
Alone, the fear is severe,
with no one here,
how can I cheer?
Maria Mitea May 17
the blanket hugs Earth's chest, and
steps move holding a bouquet of sunflowers while
gazing like a thief, whose big eyes are
rolling on the ground, “don’t you see how steps flow with
Parisian prudence, I am brave and happy on top of Your Eiffel.”  When?  the eyes become wizards of clouds, and
“I”- Rest in wonder. How Long?
rosie May 17
it seems as though she was
so very sure of herself
her future planned out
step by step

people change
everyone has still so much
life to live
and time to learn

with no plan
nothing can go wrong

nobody has it
"all figured out"
the future is an unknown
that everyone is heading towards
First Steps
by Michael R. Burch

for Caitlin Shea Murphy

To her a year is like infinity,
each day—an adventure never-ending.
    She has no concept of time,
    but already has begun the climb—
from childhood to womanhood recklessly ascending.

I would caution her, "No! Wait!
There will be time enough another day . . .
    time to learn the Truth
    and to slowly shed your youth,
but for now, sweet child, go carefully on your way! . . ."

But her time is not a time for cautious words,
nor a time for measured, careful understanding.
    She is just certain
    that, by grabbing the curtain,
in a moment she will finally be standing!

Little does she know that her first few steps
will hurtle her on her way
    through childhood to adolescence,
    and then, finally, pubescence . . .
while, just as swiftly, I’ll be going gray!

Keywords/Tags: child, childhood, adolescence, pubescence, growing up, first steps, walking, running, aging
You and me,
Our love deep as the sea,
Hold my hand my gentle dove,
As we traverse life's journey with love,
Living, laughing and loving,
Every moment just devouring.
Enjoying the taste of ripe mangoes,
The tender maize and cassava as we go,
Feel the taste of salty air,
Us, a fine pair.
And as our steps slow and dither,
Our eyesight get dimmer,
Your hand always in mine,
We'll be fine,
Me and you forever.
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