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Sara Kellie May 2019
If you know me.
I write from many a different mind.
Yes, they're all mine
You cannot quell my thoughts.
I refuse.
No, I absolutely ******' refuse.
You cannot **** what's in my head.
I'll do that myself.
When I am dead.

**** the suppresors
Poisoned without consent.
Sara Kellie May 2019
I'm a future without brakes.
It's the only way to stop the pain
and my heart, the way it aches.
Red lights can't stop me now.

I'm nearly there.
I'm on the brink
of something great.
This time's my time
to celebrate.
I've changed my locks.
No longer suppressed.
Vera Anne Wolf Apr 2019
Mark me with your teachings
In the dark place of my mind.
Hallowed by the seasons
Only hatred you will find.
You burned me for your pleasure
Melted flesh from off my bones.
Only to find that I’m immortal
And there’s no way left to atone.

’Cause the Devil’s got a hold of me
I’m a wicked thing can’t you see.
Let’s not talk about conspiracy
You’ve been playing wicked games on me.

You paint me as a demon
A wayward child of the night.
Just to silence the true reason
I have fallen to this plight.
You paid highly for the pleasure
Of consuming flesh and sin.
Now you’re poisoned by the toxins
That have nurtured deep within.

‘Cause the Devil’s got a hold of me
I’m a wicked thing can’t you see.
Let’s not talk about conspiracy
You’ve been playing wicked games on me.

Hush now sweet one
Don’t you cry
If a witch should look you
In the eye...

floW Feb 2019
watch the water crash,
the wave slowly crawling up to the tips of your toes,
begging for it just stop,
slow down,

wanting to turn around,
run away from the drips of crystal
but you're froze.

Muscles fight your thoughts,
a civil war within your shaking body,
grasped by the deep tremors.

The pain is just temporary,
but there's nothing more scary.

Water rises higher and higher,
your desperate thoughts turn to

why even try,
nothing can stop the persistent tide.

you just have to watch,
as it consumes you whole,
poisoning you from the bottom
slowing rising all the way to the shadows in your head.

You did all you could,
besides run.

which you've refused to do.
Peter Jan 2019
i'm walking down the street
bare feet, without a care
**** uber, metro, I hate public transportation,
i'm dirtying up this sidewalk, for a few years already
i'm writing down a will, in my mind, close to my eyelids,
because i'm on the wrong side of my mind
i feel sick, tasting the bitterness of humanity
when I wipe mankind on the side of the pavement,
at the very deep, there's masculinity mixed with *****,
i'm walking down a bridge full of empty shells
i pass hordes of girls who are smiling insincerely
and again, i feel a boost in my veins
and again, i'm louder than mirrors
and as in the mirrors, voidness space,
and it is me, who takes the best from it
i absorb this poisoned air.
In the ears of mine, i can hear electro heat,
i feel like one man one Jean-Michel Jarre,
rain is pouring through me, sticks to me like fog,
i wrap myself in the warmth of two MDMA's,
someone glances surreptitiously and steals my soul,
you have a backpack full of cash, i have a suitcase full of emotions,
i'm going on a journey through the cursed city
like a hermaphrodite with a broken rod,
streets, like stigmas, cry with hollow screams,
in front of clubs content abortions on the sidewalk,
let's leave this lie, like the walking dead
assertiveness and pride to the gutter washed away.
And again, this booster is kindling my veins
i'm dirtier than a new jerusalem
and similar to it, i'm sticking to everything
and so I'm taking the most out of my heart
and I absorb this poisoned air once again.
and so the booster flows through the aorta
it is flooding my tarred heart,
destination reached.
and my wallet is shimmering with bitter crystal
nothing will change the course of this chemistry,
betrayed. betrayed by their own bodies
vidi, no vici, veni on its own,
and i'm catching a laugh, standing still in the subway
i am still absorbing poisoned air.
i've seen enough.
today, in my city, sun rises in the morning.
you will remember this day forever or forget it for eternity.
That is actually my favorite poem of all
Poetic T Sep 2018
Her legs weren't stairways
to heaven, for these ladders
       were anything but safe.

Pulled fibres collected
Victims to be caught upon
                    her wondering lusts.

For the best poison was that
   which took time to ****.
   And her bite was anything
   but fast acting upon her prey.

She never charged as much as
      those who were below her class.
              For she was scorned before.

And those who chose her beauty over
         instinct, only had themselves
                                                to blame.

For her man, was a walker of corners,
                      catching eyes of cheap thrills.
       His gift to her was a ring and a death sentence
                                                                        of A.I.D.S..

And now she passes the gift given without consent,
        to those who would choose a vine vintage soured
by gangrene grapes.  They'll all taste her sweetness,
     only to poisoned by its taste after swallowing  it.
KM Hanslik Jun 2018
I know it's just another day for you but for me it's all coming undone,
the world ends quietly sometimes and we don't even notice it happening until we
try to breathe or focus our vision
I'm scared of this feeling & how it runs me off the tracks, I don't have the stamina to keep
trying to outrun it, so my eyes are closed now & I breathe
heavy breaths through my poisoned lungs,
we always said we liked the summer but it never devoured us
quite like this, our souls are such
lonely places to reside & I wanna stretch mine out
to make room for you, move on in &
deck me out in new decor, god it's getting
stuffy in here...
nihiliti Jun 2018
shin bones resonate
then part ways
walking razor edges
in descent to
the underworld

so sink I
under the waves
of Gaia's fury
roiling through my veins
overflowing, spilling
pouring out my
drunken offering
in shame

subsumed in doom
saturated with ultrablue
blood not mine
penal lineage incongruous
with divine

my sole salvation
is empty
my soul empties into
Tartarian depths
and definitively
denied access to
heaven and hell
I'll sleep with the
sealed, entombed

forever frozen crystalline carcass
Helter-skelter soul.
He is in love with questions,
Little questions that she asks to him,
And the lilting world of words,
With the fabric of philosophy,
Taste of fresh ideas,
Interpretation of dreams and zodiacs,
And definitely for her stupid riddles.

But at the same moment

He is in love with one who left,
And the poisoned past he baths in,
With being perpetually lonesome,
In love with terrible yet beautiful memories,
With darkness, deep and coveted,
And holds scars for the one who left.

But what is actually happening

His soul is getting grey,
On journey with black and white passengers.

His body is getting ****,
With dusky heart and lightened mind.

Sadness and madness has held him together,
over and again.
Torn between two lovers feeling like a fool, loving both of you is breaking all the rules -Mary MacGregor
C Jan 2018
A wasted body,
but not from intoxications.
Poisoned and ******.
Losing life, and good intentions.
Stained black lungs,
From the words of another's mouth.
Breathing like a bad song.
Not having a single doubt.
Don't wanna live, don't wanna die.
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