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Akshay Oct 9
You COULD've existed in me instead.
Oh sweet you.
Here I am
once again..
It's 3 a.m
a rhyming game...

Daylight conventions taught
dictates all the 'ought's,
I couldn't pour a daylight thought
against the conventional odds.

An acquaintance, he died,
Sympathy I tried;
Empathy I tried;
but my feelings were dried.

I wonder why,
did I cry?
Not out of sadness
but of emptiness.

3 a.m is too good a time,
where the air is sublime,
to be wasted on sleeping
instead of weeping.

3 often make me wonder
if age is really just a number
on a waiting lift to mortality
or a mere human banality.

Here I am again
pouring my pain
for no gain
playing the 3 a.m rhyming game.
I am jealous of a person who died a peaceful death. Why can't people who want to die be blessed with death?
Sitting out on the front step with you
Under stars in their last breath of this night
Coffee in hand
3 a.m.
We talk.
Noemi Jun 5
there is a heavy stillness in the silence
that precedes the words of man
who thinks he is right
Mrs Anybody May 23
is a weird

you may
get angry
at the world
for every

you may
feel lonely
even though
you talk
with friends

you may
get nostalgic
all the times
you were careless

you may
fall in love
over and
over again

is a weird

and yet
it is mostly
the time
you're your
purest self
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-elixir- May 21
Why hide behind,
the shadows?
there's so much to see,
your heart's blazing,
with dreams,

They won't get it,
it's okay,
to be that lonely star
in the dark,
shadows of the world.
It's okay to think differently, but not indifferent.
3 am thoughts upon introspecting myself.
Noemi May 20
I often complain about my cot
nestled neatly in the shadows
of the mighty mountains.
I run my mouth in agony instead of my feet.
My mind wanders.
My body freezes under the sunless shade.
chloe May 20
"I love poetry",
                        I say
                                 as I sit
                                                       in my bed.
                                         what these words
                         do to me.
The feelings
                     that I get
                                      in my body
                                                     and my head.
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