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Ritz Writes Jun 16
Behind all the angst and rant,
Behind all that frustration and days of solitude,
A child struggling to make amends.
Behind all that smoke and ashes,
Behind that sorrow hiding in mask,
A boy choking himself not to cry.
The Big Bad World will move on without your existence and soon you'll turned into dust and no legacy left to mourn over.
"Oh Mama! What do I do now?
The sleep alleviated the pain.
In dreams, I found my escape."

©RitzWrites ♕
Cotton Candy Jun 16
i can not be the only one
who has those nights
where you feel
a power deep within
as if you could pull the
oceans into the earth
make the sun set
and the moon rise
turn the masses
to turn to you
those nights
where you feel
as though
you could save the world
where you feel
as though as you could
save yourself
Ritz Writes Jun 13
I chose to FORGIVE and FORGET
so that I could MOVE ON and EVOLVE.
I chose to FORGIVE not because I was told to do so;
It was my sole purpose to overcome the NIGHTMARE from the past.
When the weight of the world was pulling me down
I found my way to fight back and wear my CROWN.

I chose the road that was filled with THORNS
Wear my scars with pride, not to make a face and frown.
To begin again from a state of TABULA RASA,
Unfiltered mind
Welcome the newborn.
"For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning." ~ T.S. Eliot
Ritz Writes Jun 7
Pretentious smile,
I wish I could drown myself to sleep for a while.
Silver jubilee ringing,
yet afraid of the dark.
When the night haunts and loneliness arrives,
I'd still cowered in terror, hidden under the blanket
Like a broken mirror with shattered glass,
All the gamut of emotion laid scattered with each passing memories and bygone days.
"Don't you dare to speak.
Don't you dare to rebel.
Don't you dare to resist."
Else the shame and label of Traitor would be hung on your image for decades to come.
I Spoke, I Resist, I disobeyed
Not in the eyes of God
But in the eyes of men and women who couldn't find flaws in their own life.
And finally rejoiced to embrace the black dot in the perfect delusional world of normalcy.
“If you look for perfection, you'll never be content.” ~ Leo Tolstoy
Ritz Writes Jun 5
Ohh! dealing with heartbreaks and pain
Still clinging to a false hope of chain.
Thundering shower and rain
Let the rain purge away
All the sadness and stains,
remnants of yesterday.
Molded and fashioned from common clay.
Sweats and hunger
Toiling hard throughout the day.
Frustration and hunger,
Unpredictable days and danger.
Embodies both strong and fragile
Success and failure
Come what may!
This is the world we dwelled in
A safe haven and torturous hell
The cycle of birth and death
The rhythm of our destiny.
"Beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man. " ~
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Nina Jun 2
It's 3 in the morning
And i cant seem to fall asleep
Without having you right beside me
Ritz Writes Jun 2
The smell of your scent etched on my skin,
the touch of your lips ignites my bones.
Touch me with words to remind me that I am alive.
Hold me, gently to make me feel I'm loved.
For love is the language we spoke that filled our void.
“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh
And when
Sky cried

Flowers told me
Now, it's time
To join

Let's wash
Our souls

Tears heal
The pain
In both of us
Genre: Dark Abstract
Theme: Raining outside
Radhika May 3
Hello, welcome home,
Why did you come back to the sadness foam?
In my head is where I roam,
Because, it’s sad when I leave my throne.
knock knock. Who's there? At
this ungodly time? Correct.
You are but lonely
i don't know who's this supposed to insult but its an insult alright
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