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Mark Wanless May 29
the dog ma is here
again never went away
and peace keeps thriving
Aidan M Aug 2020
       In your eyes,
                               Dreaming of darkness

I wish we just could
Burn away the tears
                         In the night

              But whenever we dream,
         You always just
                                  fly away again.

       Alone in the darkness,
          no feeling of light.
                                         Alone in the shadows
                                      With strength I can’t fight.

      I’m lost without you.
                                       I’m now without rules,
                   The feeling of sadness
                                                          Is making me cuel


                                       But I will thrive.
                                I will thrive without you.
Samara Jun 2020
wild flowers
growing in the rough

let them grow
where they go
thriving sure enough
Bob Apr 2020
Are the collision
That caused everything
The maelstrom
That brought hope
The chaos
That brought serenity

Are the flawed, the imperfect
That brought news of worth
The mirror
That brought truth
The promises broken
That brought true love

Are everything
That I have become
The destruction
That brought
The explosion
That brought
A break-up can sometimes bring the best out of you.
Marion Apr 2020
Writhing within her chains of thorns,
Feeling great intense remorse-
Never sure of what she is-
Sleepless and insecure
There are the years you learn
You learn to live, to thrive

but some don't make it out alive
Bre Feb 2020
I dreamt about getting out
14, knobby knees, the urge
To just give in and
Run run run
(Don’t look back)
To the edge of the world.

I was going to leave
this city in the dust.
Find a place safe
For us and our ideals
And never look back
To the edge of the world.

A decade passed
Goals and outlooks
And best laid plans change.
Growing up is pain.
I’m still here.

Is it considered being trapped when you hand-picked your own cage?
never thought I’d dwell in this self-labeled hell but I’m not that girl anymore
Aniahs Machell Sep 2019
i always thought youd come back to me
but it was me, who came back to you
i came back into your life
and the roles had reversed

you were no longer who i wanted,
and all you wanted was me

i told you no, i wasnt playing your games
this time i ghosted you
this time everything had changed
Ammar Oct 2018
Striving to drag you down,
And of their frustration,
You found it hilarious.
Keep on fighting.
Anya Oct 2018
I know,
I've got a lot to do
I know,
I'm *******
Makes sense to me but kind of strange, make of it what you will.
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