take me on a journey there
and tell me what you see
I see trees of falling bark around
and shores of golden sea

I will take you on a journey here
through the hills of my Vermont
where the crystal waters
run so clear
and my ancestors still haunt

I see mountains tall and proud shimmering in a blue
I see fields of rolling shade
and some sleeping kangaroo

I see moths- the rarest kinds
and these birds of many feather
I see mountains verdant green
and this gorgeous summer weather

I fly with noisy lorikeet
and swim in coral reef
and walk 'twixt ancient eucalypt
to view the sandy beach

I land with Peregrine Falcon
and I soar with red tail hawk
I drift in summer breezes here
and with the animals
I talk

I walk through shady leafy glens
and I tread the reddened Earth
while I listen as the lybirds sing
to state my futile worth

I dream of sweet tomorrow's near
in the clouds of purest white
I hike in ferny glens here too
and fly a homemade kite

I stand beneath the winter here
in the clearest skies above
and I trace the stars my future now
in hopes I find true love

I stand in brilliant honey rays
in days of solstice long
I sing to love ~ oh far away
that he too hear my song

and hear I do,
a song from you
that skipped across the stars
your day-
my night,
we must take flight
beyond the Sun,
the moon and stars

out to the Milky Way
I'll come along with you
our maiden flight
in love and light
to find a love that's true

David Hewitt & Ma Cherie
© July 2017

Hi y'all! Decided to collaborate again- David started the first verse a bit ago- life getting in both our way- I finally finished it tho. This is about two poets two dreamers - different worlds different realities different galaxies even? Both looking for their souls counterpart Always nice to write with David so sweet thoughtful, talented, kind, etc etc lol. Hope you all find something to love about it.  And anyone I've let down on doing a collaboration please let me know and I will try! I get scattered sometimes lol love you all- Muah x - Ma Cherie and David
Alec 6d

We are the dreamers
We are who imagine a better reality
We turn our ideas over to, or become, the inventors.
We build our worlds and never want to escape
We don't pretend we are sane.
To watch us is to see a blank canvas
But to look in our eyes and mind is to see a world of color.
We imagine the impossible
Nothing is too far out of reach in our mind
But we are the dreamers
And we fear reality.
It's never as amazing as in our dreams...
Dreamers get nightmares
They are, after all, another kind of dream
Reality is the base of our nightmares.
What if I got in trouble? What if they didn't like me?! What if I forgot to wear pants to school?!?
Nightmares are apart of being a dreamer.
We create our own realities
Because our real reality is what we fear.
We stay up late, and dream while we're awake.
Because to fall asleep would be to subject to our fears of reality and hate.

Megan 7d

We've all been asked this question
And we all had an idea when we were young.
Doctors, Lawyers, Astronauts.
It was a beautiful dream.
But when we realised
That reality isn't as beautiful
We were all at a loss for words
We all were lost.
We thought we had to choose something
We thought we had
To narrow our thinking
To society's standards
Until one day
We stopped.
We stopped thinking wisely
And using that logical part of our brain
Telling us to be smarter
Instead we decided
To go in the direction
Of something
That gave us hope.
Something that
Made us feel alive.
And from that day onwards
We're in this dream
Living in the state of wonder and beauty.
And after all this time
We finally realised
That if people had to ask us the question
"What do you want to become?"
We'd still be clueless
Because we never want to stop dreaming.
Because the reality we created
Is enough for us.

Be happy.

But I am not made of the same stars
I do not burn with the same fire
My spine is made of words
That spill through my collarbones
They do not wish to scar
with a visual form of truth
parading in front
of gaping mouths
and thirsty eyes
They wish to settle
on crisp white paper
where their world
is a beautiful transition
of ink to imagination
This is how I choose
my art to look like
a painting on old canvas
that demands to be
as still as the night.

Shashy Quinn May 8

I dream I plan I wonder
To keep warm at night
Another hour passes
Rest is a losing fight.

I've got pride in my hope
I revel in my plans
Cause when I'm faced with darkness
I can mould it with my hands

People laugh at us dreamers
They want to drag us into reality
But hold tight onto your sparkle
As sparkle breeds jealousy

The wind cuts like a knife across the sky,
Twisting and swirling like the peeling
Drawn off of a freshly grown cucumber.

Air splitting the cool frame of daylight with a
Shocking smoothness, grazing the grass like a
Dressing on the morning dew,
Breaking silence at the dawn.

You and I've been here before,
Casting shadows on the floor.

Saw your smile splashed on your face,
And all of my fears disappear from my mind into the cold,
Clammy hands of some other man's nervous disposition.

Hearts unlocked, emotions talking with the
Soft pluck of a harp and the sound of a thousand trumpets,
Intertwined like silken strings; spirits warm, like the playful
Morning dewdrops that the crisp wind dances and hums its wistful tune over.

Finding solace in our eyes, singing our bright melody,
We are dreamers at heart, but you are my beautiful reality.

Literizzature Feb 19

The moon is tired
of looking upon
two foolish dreamers
wishing for a love
that was already
long granted.
The wind finally decided
to whisper that they are
each other's wish,
but they missed.
And the stars
just sighed in unison
for such a stupid scene.

Craig Ha Dec 2016

This is my lovesong for the trees
My requiem for when you leave, my need to speak

People scream out for people,
Dreamers seek dreamers to keep this reverie real

When I hold her gaze
meaningless trinkets are priceless
in the reflection of her eyes
such beautiful eyes that melt me
or turn me to stone
in my mind everything she touches
is gold dust
in times of turmoil and uncertainty
she makes the stiff breeze become soft
my gorgeous best friend
my lover, my world, my rock

She knows how to comfort me
though I'll never feel good enough
whilst all I want is to comfort her
and let her see that it is me she can trust
she turns the stars to diamonds
then she makes bitter taste sweet
she fills the numbing nothingness
with everything that sweeps me off my feet

She is holidays in the sunshine
she is weekends reserved for us
she is late nights tucked in bed
she is cuddles on the late night bus
she is the one that never lets me forget
exactly how far I've come
a lesson learned with her is wisdom
there are many I'll never forget
her love teaches that love itself
and decency are the reasons we regret
and I'd be lost to this turmoil if one day
I woke up and we had never even met

I dream of greener pastures
and I ain't getting any younger
struggling to find the time
searchin' my pockets for pennies
lottery tickets and sunshine dust
well I never put my eggs in a basket
imagining the fruits of my labour
were full of vitamin c
they always told me education was key

No, I don't rely on a teacher
or confide in someone who doesn't
confide in me
well I hope the demon's love is true
or I'll find myself even more lost
hopelessly used and abused
and I'm just killing time
oh yes, I'm just killing time
starting to think that time is killing me

Dreaming of things 'cus I'm a dreamer
and we ain't getting any younger
you said you'd get married when
you're twenty-five and I said
I'd quite like to get married now
but I can't find the time
searchin' for the minerals to ask you
can't afford the wine or pleasantries
they always told us we need to believe

No, I don't believe any preachers
or confide in someone who doesn't
confide in me
well I hope the demon that loves me is you
or I'll find myself even more lost
hopelessly wasted and confused
and I'm just killing time
oh yes, I'm just killing time
starting to think that time is killing me

I dream of strength and closure
and I ain't getting any younger
once I was three weeks sober
searchin' for reasons to quit
starting to think that I never needed it
well I never had any eggs in my basket
but I always had a pot to piss in
and a window to throw it out of
they always told me that what goes up

No, I don't get my hopes up
or confide in someone who doesn't
confide in me
well I lie because I hope my dreams come true
or I'll find myself even more lost
hopelessly sinking without you
and I'm just killing time
oh yes, I'm just killing time
starting to think that time is killing me

a dreamers song
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