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Ciel Feb 5
I salute all the parents who sacrificed everything
to ensure a better life for their kids.
I feel for the kids that are constantly told they do not belong.
I celebrate the courage of the families who sought a new beginning.
I stand behind the immigrants, and the refugees,
Behind those who were brave enough to make a choice
and those who did not have one,
I stand by the kids who fight for a better future.
Those who claim a country that refuses to recognize them.
I stand by those who dared to dream.
M P Jan 30
i want to be in a field of sunflowers and
i want to take you with me
we can run away at three in the morning; going on adventures that we’ll remember forever
we can bring a bottle of ***** and forget about the rest of the world
we can watch the moon glide across the sky
taking in the presence of the dazzling lights of stars
rex orange county can play from the radio while we make the night worth it

i want to be in a field of sunflowers and
i want to take you with me
so that we can see the yellow flowers and feel like we can be happy again
so that we can belt out our favorite songs without anyone hearing
so that i won’t feel alone anymore

i want to be in a field of sunflowers and
i want to take you with me
because ‘loving is easy’ is relatable in more ways than one
because i want to love and be loved back
and bringing you on my journey to the field will make that happen
they can call us crazy but they should call us
sunflower dreamers
Ancient Seat of Versailles
Sweet shimmering palace
Place of majestic mirrors
Reflect the grand beauty you store
So that each vision
Is distorted and deformed
Yet still retains the brilliance
Of picturesque perfection
Like Capitalism unsoiled
Or Socialism Unspoiled
A duet of ideas
Promising the good life
The great life
Heaven, before it was hardened
By revolutionaries of reality
Sappho supports thy serene crown....
Yuki Jan 25
Blessed are all the dreamers
who see the sky smiling
while looking at the crescent.
Izzy Aghahowa Jan 19
the river chose
to pull you away
to take you into an unknown place
unsafe for your unlearned heart

you hid in trees and fled to empty houses
and ran for miles
from suspected treason  
your river grew wild
and you grew unafraid
of the currents that kept you aligned  

alive in the shadows you became
in the places where eyes didn’t tread
you dreamed an old life into submission
and sang songs that caused showers of dread
for the minds that owned closed doors

take me away and into your open country
where it is safe for youthful rage to reign
for this world is unsafe for those who dream in daylight
Astral Jan 7
The night is here.
But in some way,
We are not.
It's almost as if sometimes,
Just sometimes,
We begin to feel as though maybe,
We aren't viewing the same stars,
That there are an infinite number to choose from.

And though thy are in thought,
You still avoid the thoughts,
Of how small you are in this vast universe,
And that maybe you and I,
Are not seeing the same stars.
That perspective is all and everything.
That no,
That beautiful blue star you see so brightly,
Among the millions of others,
Only seems to catch my eye for a moment.
A fleeting glimpse of what would be,
Could be,
Can be,
Won't be.

Yet still dreamers dream,
Thinkers think,
And sleepers sleep.
Because all in all,
Not everything will have some deeper meaning,
Some great devotion,
Some unknown message
That is screaming itself from the rooftops and the mountains.
That maybe a poem is just that,
A string of words with seemingly poetic rhythm.

So as time continues moving,
And 4D creatures in a 3D world continue breathing,
May we all continue counting stars that are in the past,
And continue breathing the air that's been with us for centuries,
And continue writing seemingly meaningful poetry,
With strange endings.
So just keep on writing
Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
Flowers dancing with wind,
made me remember
you were not a dream
yet, still, i am a dreamer
not true with my mind
but pure at my heart
Pandora Nov 2018
Far away
Dripping further away
Darting further away
Like a dream
Slipping through the cracks in my mind
A night sky melting in the daylight
Dripping down into the eyes of dreamers
Glazing over their eyes
Changing their view on the world
As a lens of truth
Never really fading
Until the screams of the blind
Implant in their mind
They’ll be immune themselves
And become blind as well
ghostbroadcast Nov 2018
What are we
but simple beings, wannabes
Every one a small piece
of the game, Reality™
We all live in conformity
social norms followed religiously
Until one dreamer dares to dream
steps away, breaks routine
gazes upward and flies free
Imagination is all we have
when this world is our lab
where we can be extraordinary
philosophers, never ordinary
Without these dreams
what are we
but simple beings, wannabes
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