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Michael 2d
Do you think we could just stop?
Not think for a while,
Think with our body’s
Hearts aside,
Regrets left till next dawn.
A little careless gesture
Free to do as we please.
Lets put the future behind us
And climb each other.
Overthinking sometimes leaves us with a lot of regret, sometimes its better to just focus on whats going on now.
If you were bad for her,
who cares
If you were good for her,
who cares

In the end, it doesn't matter
not even in the slightest...

there's more to life than just the people
empty faces, blank expressions, broken hearts
wandering around on the streets pretending they know where to go

she fights is, but she knows
she should give it up
that person wasn't the answer she was looking for

If you were her love,
who cares
If you were her hate,
who cares
xavier thomas May 19
I caught you in a lie
Told me you’re not into the party life
But I saw you doing drugs & getting high.
Standing in my face
Playing cool, giving multiple denies.

Evidence is right here,
You’re actions walk like how you talk.
Must’ve bumped your head to many times Coming home late, hearing you fall.
You free now,
Go do whatever you want
I’m not trippin’ at all.
Before you leave this house,
I’ll make sure that you’re blocked.
Don’t run back months later
Giving me that sweet “baby talk”

Thought you would go unnoticed, taking chances
Thinking you were special but you’re just basic
Out late in the streets getting faded
Should’ve been careful vs. reckless
And do you see that rusty steel
That doesn’t let touching your heart
Please share with me, what may you feel
If nothing ever makes you hurt.

Words are fun,
like playing in the sun.
They run and burn out,
as if there was never a doubt.
the way we relentlessly let our words go.
Jim Musics Jan 31
The woods is wet and still
And cold, just at freezing
There's no pretty snow on the ground
No birds talking, just a tiny white and tan feather
On the tiny still brooklet
My thoughts are quiet, quite unusual for me
I feel no pain, no sadness
I feel too dull to long
'Sounds like a drug did this
It didn't
I don't mind this
Maybe I just forgot to push, forgot to care
For a little while
'Only thing missing ~ warmth
Sophie Dec 2019
I hide in the dust
Pretending that it doesn't choke me
I lay down with the wolves
Hiding the fear
The howling night is never ending
I have searched for the spring
For the love that dwells in it
I have been all that I should
And it has left me broken
On the floor, with the dust
It has left me numb
On the floor, with the wolves
I don't know how to fight
And I don't know how to get up...
I spend my days lying down, listening to my heart beat. It is melody compared to the brokenness inside me.
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