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ky Jul 19
I have to forget.

That's all I can do
if I want to be anything
like I used to.

When I was whole,
when my heart was in one piece.

A few months before
your careless love destroyed me.
Man May 1
Simulated tastes
Emulated face
Of a careless faker

Think in haste,
Take and you take,
Living life as if it were a race

What will you say, when you meet your maker?
Strying Dec 2022
the silence hangs in the air suspended,
it doesn't drift,
it just floats,
waiting for someone to make a move,
waiting for something to improve,
but instead,
all that's left,
are careless words,
and broken souls.
just came home and wanted to eat calmly but I guess that doesn't happen in my family lol
Katlynn Grilli Aug 2022
Dancing on the cliff of the world
singing to the sun
GaryFairy Jul 2022
My sanity is gone
tired of being the pawn
it's only bones on the lawn
with spite in each bone
it's alter ego is all alone
my insanity is grown
xavier thomas Feb 2022
You didn’t give a __ about that women you slept with.
You “man” only cared about yourself.
When you lowkey forced having your way
When you lied about slipping a ****** on
When she told you- “don’t place a seed in me because I’m not on birth-control anymore.”
She cried her heart out towards you cause she felt like it was a safe place.
Yet, you didn’t care bruh.

What is responsibility to you?
What is accountability to you?
Spicy Digits Feb 2020
Itch those *****, player
Itch them red raw
Bleeding?, who cares!
Embrace your oozy pores
Itchy itchy morning rise
Scratchy scratchy nights
Give me a show I'd like to forget
Make me close up tight
Itch those *****, giant manchild
Itch them to completion
Whatever you got to do, do
During itchy and scratchy season
Lina Sep 2021
I'm tired of being responsible.
I miss the days of my youth
It wasn't a shock when I didn't show up.
I was always moody, blue.

I miss spending the day in bed.
Reminiscing, crying, *******.
Acting wild, getting myself
into trouble. Constantly running.

Midnight skinny dipping with men
whose mouths i'd never taste again.
nights with people whose names i had
to write down so i wouldn't forget.

it's not being an adult...
i'm fine being grown.
alcohol, drugs, ***
no one can tell me no

its the spontaneity i miss
the ability to freely
do things i shouldnt
innocent ignorant silly

i miss being wreckless
Sharon Thomas Jun 2021
Write me a letter;
About all the things that haunt you.

Write me a letter;
About the adventures you have.

Write me a letter,
About the imaginations;
That you've created all so perfectly,
In that mind of yours, so fearlessly.

But most of all,

Write me a letter,
Telling me why you'd choose me,
To spend an eternity.
With love that you give out
So carelessly.
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