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I loved my beloved girl
But love wasn't enough for us
Love wasn't meant for us
Love wasn't for me

Love turned my heart into a mess
A mess that my heart careless about love love love
Love I have U no more
I have you no more love...
Beloved my love beloved my love
what i miss
most about the
ocean is the
freedom of
standing on rocks
over the waves
without any worries
Sara Mares Sep 1
Touch after touch
Fingertips on flesh
Our bodies go through the motions
And feel
Isaac Aug 14
death is mean
as mean as it gets
snaring precious souls
in hateful nets
pulling them down
to the realm of the dead
not caring what was
or was not unsaid
destroying human flesh
vicious and cruel
choking all hope
of any renewal
while death feasts on
the flesh of those around you
live now to the fullest
before it pulls you to the ground too.
Written 15 August 2018
Kellin Aug 4
I was a fool
to give
my heart
to someone
Nohémie Aug 2
I thought you cared
I thought you wanted me to explain
I thought you cared
But I am no longer worth the same
Your actions have spoken
Priorities have changed
Not a damn question
You laughed in my face
Ignored the whole issue
You sent meaningless phrases
And I'm left thinking
Was this all one sided?
Lynnia Jul 26
Seven’s the number we share in years
Strangled gasps fall on deaf ears
Crying out and brushed aside
You can’t run and you can’t hide
Seven’s the number we share in years
Crumble, crash, succumb to fear.
Anomaly Dec 2017
But that’s how they do it, you know?
He gives you all this love and attention, feeds you with hugs and kisses,
makes you feel like there is no other man who could possibly love you more
than him.
Till you give him everything you have,
Everything you own,
Everything you are.  
Then he takes advantage of you.
He uses you.
Cause he knows you can’t leave.
You pour your heart into his hands
And in the end,
he just lets it slip away like sand
between his fingers.
He doesn’t care about you, silly girl.
AAron Roz May 24
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