Madison 3d
My heart is like one of those 4-year old kids you see with the leashed backpack on because they are so out of control. I always have to tug her closer to me, she does ****** **** that a kid would do, like try and touch hot stove tops. I have to warn her constantly, "get too close and you will get burned". She runs around, so free spirited, but doesn't watch her step. I again have to warn her constantly, "you will (trip and) fall if you are careless like that". She is very drawn to pretty things, wanting to touch anything that is appealing to the eye. I have to warn her, "just because something is beautiful on the inside doesn't mean it's just as pretty on the inside. Dig a little deeper, ***".

My heart has its moments, my heart can be careless, my heart can sometimes even be shallow. My brain has to tug on the leash constantly, reminding my heart to be more careful, more mindful, if you will. If I let my heart free, she would get hurt an unreasonable amount of times. Some people need leashes on their hearts, I guess.
so random. I don't know what to make of this poem.
abc 6d
There are moments where I am helpless.
Like my mind has separated from my body,
and I watch myself fall,
unable to help.
My body is dangling over a mountain,
and no matter how many times I try to grab my own hand,
my fingers simply slip through my own like a ghost.
I sit, cross-legged and aghast, as I watch
myself plummet from the highest mountain.
And at the bottom, I watch the circle of people
surrounding my dismembered body
slowly walk away without a care.
I stare at my annihilation until my mind
stands over the edge and
gracefully dives down to join my body.

Chris Jan 4
Wandering and loudly dreaming,
Think I better than believing,
Any stray path, so deceiving,
No matter how brightly clear,

Walking further calm and breathing,
Air so sweet and smoke misleading,
Never shall it spark the meaning,
That so often comes with fear.

Paradise is where I'm striding,
Whether downpour or sun be shining,
And I don't find myself denying,
The cost of my freedoms gleam,

To ****, to fire or to battle,
Towards the snake's tail that rattles,
When the mirror finally shatters,
You too will know, it's just a dream.
Maida Rasool Dec 2018
inhaling the third time, it hits me
giddy and careless, i smile
there's no where else i'd rather be
just here
with you
under this umbrella in the pouring rain
my clothes are still getting wet
but it doesn't matter
nothing does right now
nothing matters
B Sonia K Dec 2018
Careless with their lives
They slog in infested slimy waters
In rubber shoes covered in holes
Merging bodies with all the inhabitants of the world beneath their feet
They trudge on

They’re deceptive
Picking up dirts to throw it back in
In those times they’re not seen
Or so they believe

They’ve reduced themselves
To the dirt they feed themselves
And they care not
Their pores clogged with infested slimy waters

Exhibiting animalistic behaviors
They’ve now become barbarians
“Buy us water”,
They cry together.
He who is living a deceptive life
Trudging around in the slimy waters
A place no one has sent them

They feed themselves with those slimy hands?
It’s no wonder their mate died
I stamp my feet in anger!
Do they not see the danger?

I do not feel pity for them
Their state of being
Though perplexing it seems
They chose this.
Their families I weep for
Bodies coated with infested slimy waters
They go home.
He was uncaring
He didn’t know
He had dropped the coin somewhere
The one I had presented
The one I had found
Lying unclaimed on the road
Shiny and new
He could have eaten a bun or two
He was hungry
Who would now find another coin for him
Shiny and new but unclaimed
zoe Dec 2018
i'll forever miss your curls and the way you spoke to me
for you looked so elegant and sounded refreshing after long nights in the fall
i'll forever miss your company and the way you smoked
for your hands were so shaky, yet they burned like the sun in my presence
to think it has been almost five months since i've met you and your existence became a hurricane in my world
i think i will forever miss you, my dear
because nothing can replace you
but i'll never miss your condescension
nor your careless or your desertion
or even the endless poems i've written about you
i won't miss your disruption of my thoughts or the ache you left in my head
yes, i think i'll always love you in my empty heart
but it's time to move on
and it's time to grow
i won't let anyone ruin my growth
or fill my head again
i've managed better coping mechanisms
Dominique Dec 2018
If pills are popping
I'll give them a try
Stuff light in my pockets
Let paper planes fly

Rain falls, so why can't I?
Faith Nov 2018
how are you
so unapologetically...
how did you
get that way?
i wanna be
fearlessly me
but sometimes
I'm unsure
how to be.
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