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Phoenix Aug 18
I'm not a book,
yet you always judge me.
I'm not your footpath,
yet you walk all over me.
I'm not a card game,
yet you continue to play me.
I'm not a sand bag,
yet you insist on punching me.

I don't care.
Do what ever it takes until you realize

I'm nothing


Sometimes I feel that everyone is doing better than me in some way. I know it's not right to compare my own life to others', but it's a bad habit of mine.
Elijah Lee Jul 2
Feeling that pain
It's hard to maintain
Going insane

I lost it all
Even my control
Lost it's hold
Leaving me no hope

As I realized quite slow
He didn't even know
I'd been here at all
Hugo Jul 1
Cut me ill bleed
Lie to me I'll hurt
Your emotions are hard to read
You change them like a shirt

Hit me I'll bruise
Ignore me I'll whither
You could never ever choose
Then again you never chose me either

Drop me I'll break
Look down on me I'll shrink
I give and you take
Give me poisoned water I'd still drink

My emotions are my blood
The more I lose I might die
So cut me and I'll bleed
I'll bleed till I'm dry

Maria Etre May 14
Oh Darling,
Get ready,
I think
I found
AmeriMav May 6
Oh come away my darling fair
Clasp hands with me and run
Make no delay
Let's fly away
To frolic in the sun

Oh come away my lovely one
On clouds we'll float and sway
In moonlit beams
Of lover's dreams
To midnight nymph's soirée

Oh come away my bright bouquet
Come hear my sweeter themes
This song I'll sing
With humming string
We'll dance by rushing streams

Oh come away my best daydreams
No treasure can compare
Please do not shun
You are my one
Life's stale if you're not there
The Roundabout form
What you gave him was something

So monumental you naturally forged it

Into something unforgettable.

You’re not fireworks on New Year’s Eve,

You’re the Big Bang- Life illuminated.

There aren’t words for that known

To a monosyllabic tongue like his.

But, nevertheless, he wanted something

And you gave him just what that was,

The golden egg your pet dragon begged you

Guard with your life in each waking hour-

Please… vigilance, and don’t forget, care.
Excerpt from a poem I wrote recently. Read the full piece here:
Trisha Gullo Apr 13
the air breathes
upon my fingertips
waiting for it
to be held

the sea watches me
as if it wanted
to wrap its waves
around my body

I looked down
the eartch ready
to swallow and
absorb me

I staggered consciously
I’ve been floating
I’ve been drowning
I’ve been falling

But I percieved
It was only the
blue sky that loved me

It’s slowly drifting away
turning into gray
until its gone
and its too late

If only I was there for you, Mom
Nicole Mar 7
Of all the flowers, I relate most to the rose
Because everyone who touches her bleeds.
I always thought that it was nature’s way of evening things out
Even the most beautiful creations must have their flaws
And so roses have their thorns,
They hurt everything they touch,
And that is life.

I realize now that the thorns are there to protect the rose
Because leaving something so delicate without defenses
Must be a sin.
And just like a rose, I am soft,
And my thorns wouldn’t hurt everyone around me
If they didn’t handle me so carelessly.
If they were gentle, and kind, and not constantly trying
To take a cutting for their own,
I would not have to defend myself.
It is not my fault that people cut themselves on my broken pieces:
It is their fault for being careless.
um this is kinda **** but i had a profound realization about myself while writing this so? who cares?
WhiteWolf101 Feb 28
You were the bright star
I thought we'd go far
but now I'm here
and I fear
you will be gone
and from dusk till dawn
you will not care
and I shall not dare
This poem is a remembrance of a past relationship to where I was only getting used he did not truly love me he just tried to make another jealous. So if this is happening to you then stand up to them!!!
Aurianna Feb 22
I don't know where I'm going wrong.
I do things that make me happy.
I surround myself with people who make me feel good about myself.
But, I don't feel good about myself.
I do my best to treat myself with kindness but the bad thoughts won't go away.
I have the deepest conversations with myself yet I can't even begin to express to another person exactly how I feel.
Do I feel too much?
To deeply?
Too carelessly?
I can talk about the things I've experienced but I can not communicate what it did to me.
I don't understand what I'm doing wrong,
when I'm trying everything in my capability to do right.
I don't know what to do,
I don't know what I'm doing.
I'm hurting far beyond what I let people see,
I don't know where I learned that,
but I really wish I wasn't like that.
To feel everything, but absolutely nothing at all is a ******* curse.
Someday, just someday, I will be able to smile again for no reason at all.
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