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Mark Toney Nov 2019
~ Can anyone solve my riddle poem? ~

An infinite schriek
Passing through nature,
Featureless, ungendered,
Not an individual creature
Frozen in time
Overlooking a fjord
More than a century later
Is still highly adored
11/22/2019 - Poetry form: Riddle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
Don't cry over her
Don't worry
Your daughter is safe in heaven's arms

But the tyrant,
When he faces his doings,
He will let out a wail,
A shriek that will resound upon the belly that fed him,
A shriek that will send shivers down the spine, into the very earth that will hold him no longer.
A shriek that will reach the people that refused to help him,
That defied him his self-proclaimed right of putting those bullets to the heads that did not, in any way, deserve it.
His pain, will be so profound, he would know what he meant by "The meaning of real pain",
Was utter foolishness
That the words he spoke, have now fired back against him
That the torment he caused, is rebounding upon not merely his body,
But his soul
The soul,
Tainted with blackness that slashes of blood has left upon his being,
That Lady Macbeth could never wash off,
However many sleepless nights she'd spent on it.
loveless Jun 2016
The sound of heaven I heard
She was crying without any word
To you, normal it may seem
But it was her shriek, her scream
I heard her terrifying thunder
That was full of saddened wonder

Those dark clouds were flying
As the heaven was crying
I felt her tears fall
Touching me deep inside my soul
It was the storm of the rain
Filled with endless, eternal pain

In my heart I could feel
She was sad, she wanted to heal
Those tears of her took her sadness
Falling down with never ending madness
The pearls of the drops fell down
Crushing into our sinful town

When heaven had looked down, she broke
Saw so much hatred, her heart choke
On our behalf, she started to mourn
Maybe that's how rain and thunder are born
It only rains as hope to wash away our sin
It only thunders to calm the heavens from within
I was just wondering that what if it's not the rain as we see it and it is the cry of the sky and the thunder is her scream!
Maybe the heavens couldn't hold on to so much overwhelming emotions and she breaks down to us!
Next time give her a hug by opening up your arms, standing under those precious droplets, when she mourns
Crackles in the sky,
Allegretto in its
Indigo bled out,
New colors flash

A shriek in the house.

Stillness assumes
Till another spark
Opens the fear,
Rearing this chilling, rumbling
Derecho Definition: a widespread windstorm that is associated with rapidly moving showers or thunderstorms.

— The End —