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Maria Mitea Apr 2021
Today I want to draw you
(Yes, I can draw you. It's all about starting.)

With the black pencil, I draw a cross on the white,
I cut the white, you're done, you're not white,
You would have been a bride dressed in white,
but you are not,
Then I wonder, what another colour,
I jump joyfully and choose the yellow pencil,

I draw your eyes with yellow, you start shouting at me,
The black cross is cutting the white of the paper
from one end to the other,
again, you are screaming out your lungs,
your screaming energizes the colour,
yellow comes out on the lips, on the nose,
it brightens the thickness of the eyes.

The room is full of golden light
fighting with monochromatic egotism.

Your yellow is absorbed in me,
I become a dandelion that draws you în autumn leaves,
jasmine, chrysanthemums, butterflies, bees,
all small insects invade the room, the paper,
my eyes enter your eyes.

You scream at me ”stop! it hurts”

Greedily I consume all the yellow from the sun,
You keep screaming at me  ”do not **** me in flowers”
I  get more excited
and I move with the joy of a child who discovered the pleasure of scribbling,

The yellow from the drawing grows your head big like an asteraceae,
I start seeing a smoky red, invasively yellow navigates towards red,
red is growing in an orange,

The orange rolls under the golden layer, it touches the cross.
The cross gives birth to multicoloured roads,
gardens and orange orchards are growing  from the desire to shape your face,

You stopped shouting. I sketch your profile.
With a husky voice, you ask me if I can draw an orange,
I draw an orange.
Tell me, who doesn't like oranges.
Mark Toney Oct 2019
anyone know why
profile and cover photos
refuse to upload?
Ever since I joined HelloPoetry 10 days ago, I've tried to upload a profile and cover photo but to no avail. I've written Eliot several times with no response. Anyone know what's going on? - (A questionku is a hybrid haiku in the form of a question.)
I didn't know
I've been doing this for so long
I met you online
We had only one chat
About an hour
But you changed my life
In a bad way
In a way I can't describe
At that exact moment
The lies started
And have never stopped since
Anya Sep 2018
When I set up my profile
I put down my gender
Right away
No qualms

But when it came to my age...
Sometimes I put it down
Sometimes I take it off

And I wonder why...

Somehow, to me
My gender has been
Entrenched, in my sense of identity

When I was little,
I remember thinking
“I like being a girl”
And there was nothing
To it, really
No true reason
I just liked who I was

But when it comes to age...
Social anxiety
Lack of confidence
Gave me difficulties
When interacting with peers
As I would have liked
At times
Adults were kind
And I saw them through rose colored glasses, mature individuals
I wanted to emulate
At times

At other times
I wanted to be a little kid
Innocent, young, free
When we started having homework

My gender
Is okay with me
But as for my age...

There’s nothing wrong with it
But my double sense of identity
Between young
And old
Keeps me from consenting
To permenantly leaving those
On my profile

How about you?
Are you certain about your gender?
ajit patel Mar 2018
very mysterious DP....
you look deep in thoughts,
dreams flowing like wind,
through your mind and hair.
pink, a reflection of the soft warmth
of your *****.
Mood evoked on seeing her DP.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
I heard a blast
Few yards away in the neighbourhood
Panic call to humanity
Help ! help ! Plz. help !

[ Disturbed, it made]

I remember the profile picture
Smiling, I was
I cursed myself.

I saw your profile picture
And, find the same,
No rights to invade your freedom
I never dared.

Later with heavy heart, I tried to
Neglect, forget, adopt.
“Survival of the fittest”,
As old man said.

Being a cold stone
Here, I am awake
In a clean sheet with no bloodshed
It was 4:48 AM, Kathmandu

Good day, whoever  hears.
Theme: #Haunted #disturbedmind
[Night at the war zone, being Syrian]
Mane Omsy Mar 2017
Fair to trust your covers
Trust worthy profiles, texts
Who knew the hidden tragedy
Judging a cover, the whole series
Let no troubles face till doom
This route is a little tough
Rough enough to move gently
Though I don't surrender
Buckle up even harder
Till the broken heart fixes
Its own way to empowerment
I seek revenge but I'll fail
Until then I'll have stories to tell
Lessons to spread and alert
Internet frauds are using other's profiles to cheat people and con them with easy measures. From my experience.
ZT Sep 2015
In this imaginary world where we can escape from reality.

I am the ruler of my own kingdom.

Who ever reads my pieces lives through every story.

You shall take part in my mission to shape this kingdom to rule over this world.

Like every ruler needs, I need someone to be my adviser.

Will you be that someone?
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