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JA Perkins Jan 4
The same people
who told me
I'm only alive
when I'm winning
are the ones who
look for cracks
in my character.

And so I favor the meek -
Not the schemes of
their cold competition.

And the same
people who told
me I couldn't
survive in the
free world are
the ones in whom
my ******* would
prove most

And so I learn wisdom and
suffering in separation
Delayed reaction
Emily Grace Ott Dec 2020
But listen to my questions
          if you have their response.
I form these words
          for you.
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2020
Christmas is over
New year has begun
Not sure I'm ready for another one
Done all the things I resolved not to do
The lights blazing down
Time just flew

The world looks newer than before
Burning bright with colors galore
Feel it turn as I go through my day
Long years behind
Short ones on the way

Lighting life with the glow from ahead
Steps have went the wrong way instead
Branch is just too high to reach
Consumed in never-ending breach

The flame marks the proper route
Spells cast make it hard to get out
When my foot bravely goes to tread
Suddenly cells are made of lead

My fire drags me the opposite direction
Everglow remains in the darkest section
Memories of long ago linger in my head
Love I lost
Can't let go of
Remains in words unsaid

When asked my resolution I always respond
"Stop saying yes to things I am of rather not fond"
Of course I never commit and fail within a week
I try nonetheless though my attempt is too weak
Written 1-1-20
KleeKlee Mar 2020
You don’t know true fear
Until you’re awake

At 2 am

Waiting for them to respond

Hoping they’re okay
Hoping they’re okay
Hoping they’re okay
Hoping they’re okay

Hoping they’re

Actually alive
I could pass out from exhaustion
Colm Jan 2020
Be it called by my own name
I must reply now
Not in haste or anger still
But in active truth most kind
A Tanka For How I Hope I'd Respond
Flowerwithabrain Dec 2019
Remember the day we left

You squeezed me till I broke

And dried my tears with your thumb

What happened since then?
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
I need
to frequently revise
my principles
for living
a joyful and happy life
so that when challenges come
I’m ready to respond
in a wise way.
I try to reach out
You don't respond
This gives me doubt
But I still continue on

I communicate again
Not a voice to be heard
Does she not want me then?
I wish I could be sure
Going through tough times and feeling tough emotions. Just another piece fueled off my reality
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