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Grey May 18
Only the ingenuity of true poets
could describe the indescribable.
Amanda Mar 23
You are beautiful from endless angles
Even with every flaw
Truth is so easy to see
Scars fill me with awe

I love you the way you look
You are light when skies are grey
Life appears brighter when you are around
Grows sunnier each day

Be the person you are right now
The only one I love
First thought on my morning mind
The face I'm dreaming of

Bound for the heavens
Have no doubt
Stars spell out your four-letter name
Before eyes they steadily burn out
So much blue all seeming the same

Some things are indescribable
Never seen such perfection
Heard beauty depends on who beholds
All hearts have different perception
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Seanathon Dec 2019
And in asking of self, most honestly, said
“Are you afraid, once you’ve spoken the words, that you’ll truly be free?
That you’ll fall off the earth without purpose or being
Just because you’ve finally shared, what for so long you yourself could not see?“
I am afraid of this?
Perhaps, maybe
You ever feel like you were meant to do something? Edging closer and closer towards creation. And then, the closer you get it the more negative your inner self becomes? I swear, half, or at least two thirds, of my own problems are just me talking to myself.
AmeriMav Jun 2019
It grows more deep than one can count
And never can your wits surmount
True love's overwhelming, so bold, yet soft
as wool, and never cold

Describing it can be hard to tell
Like number's taste, or color's smell
It's sweet and it's crushing, fragrant as red
roses, but more brilliant
Byr a Thoddaid form
Jay M May 2019
Deep inside
The demons she hides
Can't deny them
Compacting my emotions into a gem
Tossing it to the sea
Will I ever be free?

I have love
But it's not enough
I thought it would be
But they won't let me be
It's only dragging me further down
But I don't want to let him down

He's too sweet
Too kind
What a find

I am here
Deranged still
What have I become?

While I sit here
Wondering what has become of me
They try to "get help" for me
But I'm not taking the bait
I'm not going away
I'm not leaving my world behind

So confused
Lost in myself
Afraid of everything
Running blind
In a forest so dark and unknown
So familiar
But I can't see

Just bring me out
Take my hand
I know not why
I can't just deny
This strangeness
Chilling my bones

I love, and I love
But I lose

I love, and I love
But I lose...
I always lose...

- Emily M
May 10th, 2019
I don't know what's happening to me...I don't know if I can hold on. I feel like I'm slipping, but like I've already fallen, and like I'm laying down...
Annika J May 2019
That feeling
That I can't describe

When I know someone is genuine

It's physical
And emotional
It's happy
But calmly
Without any flourishes
Or bubbles
I feel it in my chest
A feeling of connection
Not quite the right word
It's lukewarm
But bright
And roundish
Kinda like a sphere
Sitting next to my heart
Centered in my chest
There's love
But little magic
It's pure
When I think of someone's face
I see open eyes
Open to watch another
But not wide with shock
I see a small smile
I hear a voice
Clear as a bell
And indeed
I think of pure
Golden bells
Not twinkling
Not ringing
Just a single
Unbroken note
I think of gold
Or is it orange?
Orange with a yellow halo?
It's energy
But not radiant
Not growing
Not destroying
Not dark
The feeling I get
When reading a classmate's essay
Or reading a good fanfiction

All this
Does not capture the feeling
But at least I tried my best
Jay M Apr 2019
Unimaginable joy
Un-channel-able emotion
So good
Yet so terrifying
Fear of messing up
But boundless joy of the return of emotion

How shall this be placed into words?
I wonder
Coming up with anything
Yet nothing truly fits

Shaking before you
Looking down in nervousness
Short, yet so sweet

So loud and calming
Then a little wave goodbye
Once out of sight
A little twirl in the sun
Smiling in glee
For what has become of me

Taking a seat
My heart skips a beat
Thinking of this marvel
That this has become.

- Emily M
April 17th, 2019
Sylph Feb 2019

                          What is this feeling?
I dont know what this is but i dont like it....
Am i alone in this feeling?
ManxPoetryGuy Feb 2019
A sound resonates in my ear,
Is it a chime? the ringing of a bell?
The sound seeming to alternate its resonance.
It plays and plays and never stops, this constant, unending, indescribable sound.
AmeriMav Jan 2019
Slayed with complete awe at the sight
Early crisp morning at dayspring
Mind burning with desire to bring
Perfect sketch with word-craft as bright
Description of the sun's first light
Such angst thus paired with heart of glee
When thoughts and feelings can't run free
This poem's not about sun rays
You see! You set my soul ablaze
When your exquisite face I see
Decima form
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