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ryn May 2020
Words from the maker,
we hardly could ever hear,

Bereft of love and attention,
we see the diminishing concern and care.

We still pour our hearts
into this bastion we’ve held so dear.

But, alas, the kingdom and subjects,
have fallen into neglect and disrepair.
When did HP become a broken shell, a faint ghost of what it once was?
Rereading old writes
The familiar heartache,
unending pain, the paradox,
the ****** and contradiction
I must be trying so hard
to tell myself something
but I never learn

Reopening old wounds
Touching nerves,
the skin burns, the watering eyes,
the fights and the lies
Cutting ties and goodbyes
The drunk ***, the sent texts
So many regrets and  so much stress

A sad read, a happy memory
A lifetime of love and irrelevant stuff
What am I doing?
Questions, no answer
long walks in parks after dark
with  nothing but a pen in my hand
and heart in my throat,
quick sand and so much smoke
I don't feel I just shake and shiver.
I wished that I wrote you a poem
so here it is, the final piece of me
that I'm prepared to give
"The sting, the grief of love lost"

"the hardest part is that
I know it's just growing pains"

"I miss being able to see faces"

"why do things get complicated
in the search for simplicity?"

"we find solace in companionship
we are not solitary creatures
we are man and woman"

"You're fine, son."

"Let me be
Your barely living proof
That happiness
Is hard to find
Just don't ask me why"

"I was so busy trying to live I must have forgotten to breathe"

"I'm sinking, I'm drowning under
Endless streams of confusion
I wonder
If I could stem the flow
Could you silence the thunder?"
alexa Apr 2018
i'm in need of some love,
heart's in disrepair.
beyond tired of hearing people
say they'll always be there.
even when my tears
are trailing mascara down my face
they still turn away,
leaving nothing but a trace
of who they used to be,
yet another ghost of my past.
when they choose moments to comfort me
the moment i needed it was already gone fast.
how dare they take everything
when they give nothing,
empty promises, half truths
always forgetting lines--they're bluffing.
i have so much
love to give, to receive
how dare they take everything,
all i gave them, and leave?
how dare they leave me behind;
i was the flashlight during their darkest moment,
the unconditional love and guidance i gave--
my utmost bestowment.
i shouldn't be surprised,
i was simply a warm home when they were hungry and cold
well now i'm watching the story
of my betrayal unfold.
i'm in need of some love,
heart's in disrepair.
don't tell me you're gonna stay
if you won't actually "always be there."
this is sloppy & choppy but it's the product of getting words out before they consume you.
Zero Nine Oct 2017
Traveled this road
times before
It would be true
to say I drive
in circles
so I won't

So I won't say it
I won't say it

I won't say it
I won't say

I'm broken
You can't fix it with words
All I need is you
to want to hear
me speak
For once

I'm here
I'm ears
Let me
hear you say

I won't say it

You're bare
You're open
Let me
taste your salt

I can't do that

I can't do good

to myself

It's endless
keep setting those
personal fires
one of these convictions,
from the ash
you'll rise

i'd hate to end on a sullen note
so i won't
Nestled back
on the cul-de-sac
within the jungled yard

In disrepair
sitting there
Showing all your scars

Left alone
Just boards and bone
Speak of your neglect

Shadowed Debris
From your last lessee
Your banshee dialect

Tiptoe approach
Tenderly encroach
Upon your property

The right touch
A friendly crutch
To lift this poverty

Skeletal remains
framework veins
Weighted in their silence

Times erosion
Your eclosion
Birthed from gall defiance

I'll restore this wood
Back to good
Preserving stories within

Robin Hood pieces
My extraction increases
Patches of woven skin
Pauline Morris May 2016
Don't look, don't see, or you'll find
This river of tears is mine
I've been swept away in this torrential flood
Forever buried in a wall of mud
Of personal tragedy, anguish, and woe
Naked and shivering as the north wind blows
My very being had been laid bare
I lay in my bed of anguish and despair
Knowing I haven't a prayer
Living a life in disrepair
I'm starting to feel like a dilapidated building; beat-up.
Crystal Erickson Dec 2014
Twisted morbid thoughts
Venomous dreams
Poisonous looks
Life ******* streams
Love dies
Memories fade
Hearts grow cold
Feelings go numb
Lonely empty open space
All the time in the world to waste
Alone in life is alone in death
Never alone when on crystal ****.

© 1997 Crystal Erickson
Expensive handbags,
Pensive listening,
Nothing I say is ever worth
Swing on this
Hinge-- a see-saw of
Bruised on the *** by
The frozen snake--
Never to thaw
And never to break.
Exquisite lampshades
Hide the luminous
Now a dingy
Dim of disrepair
Visit a fairytale
Where honey flows in
The smooth will soothe the
Heartless work and
Tangled cloth again today,
Moth eaten and angled,
We ride in the dark
Convinced our little playground could save
A heart.
Gremlin Definition: an imaginary mischievous sprite regarded as responsible for an unexplained problem or fault.

— The End —