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Zywa Oct 2023
There's a thunderstorm,

lightning above me, rumbling --

deep beneath my feet.
"Begging to Be Black" (2009, Antjie Krog), in Lesotho on December 1st, 2008

Collection "Here &Now&"
Zywa Jul 2023
For hours they're chasing

each other across the plains:

thundery showers.
Poem "Meteorologen" ("The meteorologist", 1966, Lars Gustafsson)

Collection "Specialities"
Zywa Oct 2021
For half an hour already
Mimi is purring in my lap

on the toilet
where I am stroking her
because of the lightning

No fear for her
I am a good person
I know that myself

my side is the right side
of the line under the door
the blue light

of the bolts
and the rumbling thunder
the sword of Michael

that separates evil
from good in a time
we all know

as our own time
Collection "Different times"
Chris Saitta Oct 2021
Thrums the bee waggle-dance in a haunt of Indian horsepaths,
Or the shaking leaf one second past the strike of galloping rain
/ Parsimonious lightning, thrifty in its jagged stalks
Against this night of heavy-hearted oaks /
Then the hay-fringed bale of sleep, rolled into a valley of slowed breathing,
Through parting cloud-diabolique, poison-peers the wet toadback of Autumn,
Glowing moon-gristle in the bosky wolf’s beard with its wireframe of teeth.
Gemma May 2021
The words danced from my mouth
Desperate to bring on the rain.
They fell to the ground and shattered.
Fragile though they were,
they fueled thunder and created storms.
J Mar 2021
I feel like a
toffee rose petal
with touches of the snapdragon blush
brushing into burnt umber
somehow and barely
holding the weight of water droplets
that have built up, piled on, drowned me
from years and years of thunderstorms
and yes, the title is like that for a good reason.
Cox Jan 2021
That fierce storm inside of me is determination and strength;
not all bad things come out of a thunderstorm. Remember that.
AE Nov 2020
Your heartbeat is caught in a thunderstorm,
You run with a broken umbrella away from winds
That chase you with the hopes to carry you home,
And every time lightening strikes, you realize,
the darkness is only a disguise

The light is closer than it seems
bugsy Sep 2020
Our love was like a thunderstorm
Overwhelming and intense
It flooded and consumed me
Until nothing else made sense

You were lightning and I was thunder
Never meant to be
But whenever I was with you
You were all that I could see

I felt a love I’d never felt before
A love that was so profound
The rivers began to flood
All my desolation drowned

While the rain drops pattered down
Suddenly lightning struck
Chaotic, restless wicked
You said I was nothing but a ****

Just like that it was over
Brief like a tropical storm
Nothing but a memory
A love I can only mourn

I screamed I miss you I miss you I love you
While I watched your tail lights disappear
My little heart still broken
And the sky begins to clear
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