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Allesha Eman Nov 8
Your heartbeat is caught in a thunderstorm,
You run with a broken umbrella away from winds
That chase you with the hopes to carry you home,
And every time lightening strikes, you realize,
the darkness is only a disguise

The light is closer than it seems
bugsy Sep 23
Our love was like a thunderstorm
Overwhelming and intense
It flooded and consumed me
Until nothing else made sense

You were lightning and I was thunder
Never meant to be
But whenever I was with you
You were all that I could see

I felt a love I’d never felt before
A love that was so profound
The rivers began to flood
All my desolation drowned

While the rain drops pattered down
Suddenly lightning struck
Chaotic, restless wicked
You said I was nothing but a ****

Just like that it was over
Brief like a tropical storm
Nothing but a memory
A love I can only mourn

I screamed I miss you I miss you I love you
While I watched your tail lights disappear
My little heart still broken
And the sky begins to clear
Derrick Cox Sep 2
I march through a thunderstorm
the same way I marched before
to face my enemy, the devil.

The wind is heavy and violent
trying to knock me off my feet
like a bully I dealt with in school.
But I stand my ground
And keep marching forward
as I have against them.

The sky is full of dark clouds
much like OCD, depression, and PTSD
looming over my head.
But I know the sky will change color;
a beautiful one.

I pass by people running
For their homes to take shelter
and wait for the heavens to have mercy
so they can roam outside.
All my life,
I’ve been running away from my problems
hiding from my enemies.
I have business to take care of
in this storm
and I will get it done
whether the light breaks the fallen sky
or not.
I wait for nothing and no one
And I will fight anything or anyone
that stands in my way.

I’m a stormbreaker.

Thunder strikes
Cowards quake at its roar
The sound reminds me
the clap of the whip
made across my back
as a kid growing up.
But thunder tells me
To be strong and mighty as Thor’s hammer.

I’m offered an umbrella,
but I’m not part of that academy.
I was always shielded from the world
I never took a risk.
I want to live. Freely.
I let the crash of rain
pour on my body like a shower
cleansing me of the filth
I’ve sustained from today.
Drenched from head to toe.

When my business is done
and this storm clears,
I finally rest
and watch the sun rise
on a grateful universe.
I’m aware there will be another storm
worse than the last.

People are fools
believing there’s gonna be sunshine and clear skies for the rest of the week
like the rest of their lives.
They don’t know struggle or pain.
It’s a storm approaching.

And while they will hide,
cover and fear for themselves
I’ll be ready to march again.
Because this ain’t my first rodeo.
I won’t let a storm break me.

I’m a stormbreaker
Anna Jun 16
I was calm, peaceful
Thunderstorm in silence,
Mind empty,
Heart alive,
& then I met you.
Moth May 22
wind screams at the door
thunder crashes down hollow halls
hide under the bed
Prompt 22: Imagine Weather Indoors. My brain immediately goes to an abusive home of screaming matches like thunderstorms.
LLillis May 19
Mid-day streetlights glow
bright against the darkened sky,
Children scatter home.
A heavy spring storm rolled over my suburban area today. A genuinely nice day filled with barbecues and lawnmowers got so dark the streetlights came on, it gave everything a grey-orange glow as everyone packed up what they were doing around their homes and ran to avoid the coming downpour.
Amna Khan May 12
The clouds grumble
as if on cue
with my rage.
My palms streak the lightning
with utmost familiarity.
A pet loyal as ever;
always awaiting
the slightest nod
to curse all who ever belittled me.
Maria Renata Apr 3
I wish I couldn’t dream

I wish I could close my eyes and experience absolute nothing

beside darkness.
Isabella Mar 17
Thunderstorms rage outside my window.
Lightning blinks as it watches me cry.
It's strange to have the weather know
What I feel inside.
Lyner Mar 8
Pit, pat, pitter-tat
The rain drums on my roof
Thunder, a distant drum
Booms, slams, crashes
A distant cacophony
Accompanied by birdsong
Splish-splash, titter, laugh
Children play in puddles
As innocent as a puppy in my lap
The storm passes
And the sun blazes again
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