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Once lost in dreams,
Insomniac I became.

When red petals glittered,
Scattered color all around,
With eyes veiled under the dark night,
Colorless I became.

Then words sizzled,
Created storm,
Tore heart all around,
With uncried tears,
Voice choked,
Damp inside I became.

Ghastly winds stripped me *****,
Reality I became.
Without you
I am colorless
You are the one–
Who gives color to my life
Anne J Dec 2018
Thy is not blind, thy is full of life
Yet it be thy eyes has lost all soul
Thy colors have fallen and brutally died
There’s no hope, to find them is no more

Black, grey, whenever and wherever you go
Never to reappear in this monochromatic world
All colors have gone as if they vanished into below
Get them quick; they’re in hold!

Children will hear, children will be told
Of the story of no colors around
Only black and white are left, as the rest are mold
Grey in the sky, grey on the ground, colorless all around

Yet, in my hands, in this little polychromatic portfolio
I am still able to see the colors that left so long ago
I made this poem for an English project for the first semester of my freshman year in high school. I can't believe that was 2016, and I'm already about to enter into 2019 as a junior...Time sure flies! I was looking in google drives and suddenly saw this, and I knew right away that I had to upload this.
As you can see, even when I was younger I had depressing ideas for poems ****. Looking over this, it's not only nice to see how much I've improved, but also strange how I typed out gray in the British form (grey) when I'm American lol. I left this poem without any edits to show my work view of mistakes. xD also more lol I rhymed around twice in the third stanza.
Final lol: there was 2 spaces between the 2nd and 3rd stanza instead of one like for the reason of spaces between he four stanzas. I left it there to show how much I've grown lol.
Pyrrha Nov 2018
You are a work of art made in black and white
You think life is colorless and bland
Alas, I don't like to leave white spaces
You are my canvas now and I promise
To put the color back into your world of monochrome

I will turn your life into a whole *** spectrum
Latifah Nov 2018
so colorful
so darkful
everywhere I go
no one can help me
but myself.
Lon Witter Aug 2018
I often dream about the life
in colors shining and dazzling
purple, pink, yellow and lime
and with lights such blinding

life changing like the seassons
but keeping the same warmth
life is a such preacious thing
like the flowers in garden you love

But I'm going to wake up in the end
and will return to my colorless life
full with misery and disappoinments
and try to live to reach the next night
just to see the life in my dream's light.
III Jul 2018
I'm still straining
     To see the vibrancy
Of colors painting reality,

But at least I've
     Caught my breath
And found my sound.
Dipti Dhakul Jun 2018
I'm on my way back,
where the words never end,
Two miles, cars & diggers,
Tangled up & feels so lost,
Pains in the rains,
Opinions so strong,
And the answers keep coming back,
For the questions that I neva asked,
Sandcastles and Leveche,
What a mystery.
I will borrow pages for
These colors mean something,
I can see it in the sparkles,
Like a storm,
And all the things that I've witnessed,
I wish I was road up ahead,
watching, knowing, loving,
shades of colourless sky.
Trying to predict future on footsteps of past from shades of colorless sky.
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