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hannah chose Oct 5
My favorite kind of song
Is not the lazy love ballads
It's the crashing ones
The catastrophic ones
The ones with the voices
Crooning gently
To whispered guitar
Before the solo hits
And you drive off the bridge
And crash your car
It's the kind of song you commit suicide to. It's the last thing you hear before you slip away.
Michael A Duff Nov 2017
She was drown in the shadows of a past she dare not escape.

Bound by an invisable chain, anchored, and weighting her down.

In a painful comfort of dysfunction, this chain rubbed raw places in her mind.

Like an addict in her ways, kindness and happiness slipped through her open grasp, so she could wade into the familiar waters once again wrapped in her sadness.
it is sad how some you love SO dearly seem to love their problems and past more than the life they could lead in the present. The observation is this damage creates a dysfunctional behavior where the victim thrives on problems, not happiness, and can and will help everyone but themselves.
Johnny walker Jul 26
The times I've awoken to
the morning light In a cold sweat from last nights dreams I did not want to relive not even In my
Dreams of sweetheart as
she was passing away last moments with her feeling
the grip of her hand In
slowly falling away for my sweetheart was fading away from this life that we'd shared together that I now have to live
I still remember to this day Doctors calling me Into a private room telling me no more could they do to save Helen
I had make a decision to agree let her go as I went back to sit by my sweethearts  
Helen reached out and took my hand but the grip of her hand was
much weaker tried to stop my tears from flowing which somehow
managed to
But knew these were a our last days  together I cared for her the Doctors had given Helen
days at most throughout her last three days I held her hand but her grip on life was slowly slipping
away I
Amanda May 13
I lose a little bit more of you
Each swiftly passing day
Is there something I can do
To stop you from slipping away?
Without you here I am torn in two
You keep the darkness at bay
What will I do without the only one who
Makes me feel genuinely okay?
I know for certain our love is true
By how we kiss and the words we say
But lately I have been down and blue
Wishing to return to yesterday
I wonder if you feel it too
The distance between us in the way
Every minute ticking by I watch us fall through
Waiting for you to tell me you can't stay
A different rhyme scheme
Empire Mar 19
I'm losing control
I'm letting it all go
It's slipping through
My fingers now
Everything I believe

There's just too much to hold
My burdens feel so heavy
I'm just not strong enough
I'm too weak to hold on any longer

You told me I could do it all
So I did, but you were wrong
Now my faith is scattered
And I don't know how
To pick up all these pieces

I haven't let go
I don't want to
But I can't hold on alone
Everything is already slipping
Spinning out of control
And I need
nightdew Mar 19
father says to conquer my fears,
but how can i when losing you is always
at the fault line?

when the earthquake strikes,
the tectonic plates shuffle,
slipping and grinding.

oh father, how can i conquer my fears,
when it's always on the line?

i can't help the thought of losing you,
how can i ever conquer that?
*** love
CautiousRain Feb 28
They say she has it bad,
Taking down the boundaries
She never really had,
Yes, it’s all a bit lethargic,
following what was said,
Trailing eyes and messages
and the overwhelming dread.

Let it down slowly,
It’s a phrase she has heard,
And maybe they’d realize her turn for the worse,
Lethargy, it’s an eight letter word,
But it rules the innards and the outer,
It’s just something she’s learned.
it's just a state of being sometimes
sunshine Feb 11
feeling the sunrise pour over me like gold
dancing on the walls and shattering through the glass
all I ever wanted to do is hold you
but I keep missing you and you slip through my fingers
and I cry diamonds for you
kaleidoscope of emotions in a rainbow spectrum
that's how I feel about you
so stop running away and let me tell you it's okay
the world trying to drain us of our life
hooking our brains up to futuristic machines
reading our fortunes and dissolving our humanity
but all I ever wanted to do is hold you
I keep missing you and you always slip past me
I wanna sit and be painted in the sunrise
the shadow of your arms around me
holding me down when my imagination gets the best of me
but you're still never here
burn down the rollercoaster I keep feeling for you
get up and paint my own sunrise
one where you're still here beside me
im not crying
i dont want to cry
im just trying to figure you out

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