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May 2014
Today I feel like gray,
A dark shadow in a
Colorless world.
The shadowy rainbows
Stretch across
A shady sunset.
Gray-- Shadow-- Me.
Almost alone in a gray-toned
Maybe I want to be alone--
Gray sunlight washing over me,
Bathing the landscape in
Bland light.
Not blue, red, yellow.
A colorless gray.
A gray that speaks soft words
And sings low and sweet--
The fuzzy gray down of a bird.
But gray,
Dreary-- never delightful,
But not so dark--
There is still light.
I am gray;
That is how I feel.
Petrified in a cloudy color,
A stony face.
A lost wish in the darkness.
The soft gray sweeps over all

Will you be there?
Saxify Definition: to turn something into stone
Aeya Jean Johnson
Written by
Aeya Jean Johnson  Sipping Cocoa in the Rain
(Sipping Cocoa in the Rain)   
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