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Paras Bajaj Dec 2019
you’ve been trying too hard to fall in love,
but when love comes to you in pieces;
you walk away, thinking it isn’t enough.

you’ve been trying to find someone mature,
but when stability comes into your life;
you find it boring in the first place.

you’ve been trying to fill your voids,
but when warmth tries to touch you;
you refuse it because you’re cold.

you’ve been trying to find perfection,
but no one is perfect and no one will be
yet you don’t care about who is there
cause’ what’s available to you isn’t worthy.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
He has a card up his sleeve
A chip on his shoulder
And a monkey on his back
Other than that
Life is a bed of roses
NC Burch Nov 2019
The stream splits where the stone sits,
and day-by-day the flow persists

The stone is still, the river flows,
and bit-by-bit the stone erodes

The stream can mend; the stone cannot
The stone relents; the stream resolves

The stream has won, the stone is gone!
said those unwitting of their bond

Now stone is stream, and stream is stone:
one as flesh, and one as bone

The stone lives on a million fold;
Its seedlings off to parts unknown
Brandon Chutuk Nov 2019
I hate that I hate you this much
My heart tells me awful things sometimes
And I know that it does it
I know that you're not all bad

Do you ever get that little feeling
When you think of an old memory
And it hurts you in a healthy way
And it burns you a little less this time

I showed up and I brought us dinner
Because I thought you'd be hungry
But you were empty in another way
And soon I would be too

But I am full of love, and I want to share it
I know I am, and I know I can
It'd be so easy to say that I hate you
But I want to be softer than that
دema Jul 2019
take my secret
and bury it in
your chest,
you can visit it
every now
and then,
just don’t give
it too much
it feeds on and is
greedy for
it will not hestitate
to steal the
spot light from
your heart.
Sarah Adams May 2019
I drew the curtains back
It shed light on the shadows that had been following me
It answered my questions of fidelity  
The light spilled in and it rang like a bell

I answered to it’s call, it’s resonance beckoning to draw a line
I allowed for the divide to separate us

It’s path was immediately opened up
A large trench ripping through the earth
A huge void in the space where we were once connected

You threw hatchets of lies to try and get to me
Seeking a dangerous approach to get back on the other side
On my side

Standing my ground and siding with truth,
I left you there

It was then you took up painting
Trying to render the whole picture
- biased and ill interpreted

Painting me

That’s no portrait at all
دema Feb 2019
I don’t crave revenge and grudges,
my soul doesn’t feed on anger,
it feeds on confrontations as
it only craves the truth.
I reached that high point,
happy but never satisfied.
"I could have defeated them,
I knew I should."

Then, there sparked the fury
that is stronger
than the ones
ignited before.
Hurting people
Hurt others
When they don't deal  with their loaded  baggage.
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