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Poor and worse, the widow's daughter
Hold your tongue so it won't be harder
Work for your pay every ******* day
One day you'll move so far

Break the rules, all the things they have done
Don't tell her know she exceeds all expectations
Pots and pans, blankets, shirts, the whole house
Paint it all red to match her hard head

If you were from a different place
Maybe you could occupy a space
only big enough for you
If you were from a different time
Would you take the chance to rewind
Just to take in the view

It doesn't feel right to say that you're gone
It doesn't feel like the end of the song
I keep on waiting for you to prove us all wrong
I'll never hold a grudge again
I eventually let go of my grudge against her, and now I hold a new one on her behalf.
Hamna Apr 2021
Is there something that can lift my bitterness away?
Can it free me of my lingering wrath?
Or help my throbbing heart to laugh?
Or empty my mind of loathsome?
Evaporating the wholesome grief I had swallowed in my hippocampus.
God has granted this gift to our hearts.
Why don't we perceive life as bliss?
Oh, Flourishing Forgiveness!
How I longed to taste your fragrance!
To obscure my grief-stricken heart with your warm radiance.
Enter the teary eyes, O Forgiveness, with your gleaming light!
Heal the grudges that make our lives tight.
Help us flip the decrepit pages.
And abandon our grimaces.
‘Whoever severs ties with you, approach him with good conduct. Whoever deprives you, give to him, and whoever wrongs you, forgive him. ’ -Prophet Muhammad صلي الله عليه وسلم
it keeps me awake at night,
I try to escape but it holds me back
for all the things said and done,
I thought I could so easily run
away from it all,
but life holds you accountable
and I take full responsibility,
but it gets tiring
maybe I want to be happy
just for one day,
without having to think about
what ghost of my past
may show up tomorrow to play
for even though the days,
they come and go
as they please
without me in control,
what won't I give
to trade the dusky nightfall of yesterday
for the crack of dawn tomorrow
with that in my mind,
I try to live and grow
and I still cast a shadow,
that I may never outgrow
yet there is a light,
at the end of the tunnel
and I aspire to reach there someday,
for it may take away all the pain
and shine on like a crazy diamond.
There is a calming essence in letting go of your past, but it sometimes takes all fibre of your being and every once of your strength.

Listening to The Dark Side of the Moon again after ages.
Danielle Dec 2020
I saw many people who had a place in my heart once and now they're just an unforgiven memory.
Paras Bajaj Dec 2019
you’ve been trying too hard to fall in love,
but when love comes to you in pieces;
you walk away, thinking it isn’t enough.

you’ve been trying to find someone mature,
but when stability comes into your life;
you find it boring in the first place.

you’ve been trying to fill your voids,
but when warmth tries to touch you;
you refuse it because you’re cold.

you’ve been trying to find perfection,
but no one is perfect and no one will be
yet you don’t care about who is there
cause’ what’s available to you isn’t worthy.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
He has a card up his sleeve
A chip on his shoulder
And a monkey on his back
Other than that
Life is a bed of roses
دema flutter Jul 2019
take my secret
and bury it in
your chest,
you can visit it
every now
and then,
just don’t give
it too much
it feeds on and is
greedy for
it will not hestitate
to steal the
spot light from
your heart.
Sarah Adams May 2019
I drew the curtains back
It shed light on the shadows that had been following me
It answered my questions of fidelity  
The light spilled in and it rang like a bell

I answered to it’s call, it’s resonance beckoning to draw a line
I allowed for the divide to separate us

It’s path was immediately opened up
A large trench ripping through the earth
A huge void in the space where we were once connected

You threw hatchets of lies to try and get to me
Seeking a dangerous approach to get back on the other side
On my side

Standing my ground and siding with truth,
I left you there

It was then you took up painting
Trying to render the whole picture
- biased and ill interpreted

Painting me

That’s no portrait at all
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