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Man May 24
are water on the rock
rust on iron
a match to nitroglycerin
it's love undeniable
minor indiscretions unbeknownst to you
picked apart
it's having someone reliable
to leave you stranded and alone in your moments dark
joy undescribable
when you're stabbed in the heart
angel dust Jan 2020
i yearn to know
                  what you are

      i can sense some of you
      it isn’t enough anymore

i like the way your knuckles
                 when you speak

                                             the way your
                               eyes grow when
                    you ask me

the way you run your fingers
through your hair
before you tell a story

                        i want to know more of you...

             i can’t help but wonder
how close should i allow myself?

                                        something about you
                      pulls me in

you are
  the moon
i am
     the ocean

a force,

my body and mind have
        into you

                        and i need
   your authentic, organic, uninhibited

the unknown entices me
                              freezes me in my tracks.
Jean Oct 2018
It drops down the back of my neck
like water,
but not water.
It’s like water from the river Lethe.
It makes me forget
what I know to be true.
It makes me forget
the truths that I should know,
the truths that you tell me,
and the truths that are undeniable, still-

I am forced to drink
from the River Lethe.
Composed 10.24.18
Elin Roberts Jul 2017
i'm not an artist
but baby know
i'd paint your body with words of this love
that i undeniably feel for you
your mind is beautiful
Le Lotus Oct 2016
She knows she's beautiful,
We know she's not lying,
I hate her guts oh god
How she brags bout her beautiful face
Without even trying,
Put a garbage bin on her head
Still looking like a queen
She's really beautiful
No one dares denying.
LJ Jun 2016
The edge of my soul is unsilenced
by the youthful glove of lust
Curtained wonders and curtailed tales
our songs recited and memorised on saddles
Sandals of certainty , candled yester years

My soles dared to tear a form
eyes roar in beats of a sinful stare
affixed sensations, the aesthetic nightmares
the cyclic eventful roller coaster of want
The padded faded jeans and cotton shirt

A fluent code of the cold wonderland
steers protons and affluent electrical neurons
Exploding zips, complementary zest
The **** ride on your stationed rod
My stallion, a rash, an adrenaline rush, our flight (oh la la)

At the sight of the afterglow stormy taste
our echoes astound the mountain tops
a wave of the heated dream in a cage
The aged flow of the surfacing rivers
As these words live in my mind

Flickering lights inside the synagogue maze
the cleavage fountain evaporating fumes
A showcase of undeniable holes and poles
A glorified truth tied in elastic hearts
Eclipsed as a shadowy armoured reflection

Hold my hand and fly the transient transcendence
Balance as I fall behind on the heighted prolific lines
Rehouse my day on these whispered thoughts
Time circles, time travels, time lost, time found
On this hour of attachment, catch me as I wave
whispered thoughts of lust
Real Love divinely conquers all things,
which are contrary to His, Holy Spirit.
Nothing is too difficult for The Lord;
He is unrestrained, having no limits!

His desires are righteous; His existence
fuels all of creation to meet His bidding;
though His patience exceeds our perception,
we need to remember that He’s not kidding

about His wanting an everlasting family,
that’s fine-tuned with His sacred tenets.
We’ll inhabit Heaven with His winged angels,
having escaped this blue-marbled planet…

for the remainder of Jehovah’s eternity.
He’s undeniable and one day, we’ll see
Him clothed in majesty and eternal glory!
What a glorious day, that date will be!
Author Notes

Inspired by:
1 Cor 6:19; 1 Tim 3:16

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2015, All rights reserved.
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