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Glenn Currier Oct 31
The maple makes its glory complete
with such elegance and grace
halo shadow of crimson and gold at its feet
wet fall day a shimmering sacred space.
Written 10-31-18 Whistler B.C. Canada
a tree
I hank
here this
fallen arc
yet the
loop in
terry that
a singularity
present now
go to
New Mexico
and the
ennui divided
there with
scrambled eggs
and this
dark star
A star of the east
Ricki T Jan 26
the fuzz to your hair
is too soft for its share
your bags, the creases of your eyes
are pink like rising skies
the freckles about your arm dance about my heart
they look like stars
your eyes are bright; they're fireflies
too beautiful to contain to jars
your lips are purple
taste of spearmint and maple
the crease of your brow smiles with your face
not a single trace of a laugh line
you laugh like the ocean
first, your laugh is calm
but as it approaches the shore
it is sure to swallow me whole
your smirk, though half
makes me whole
your lips are purple
taste of spearmint and maple
Vyiirt'aan Nov 2017
Umber maple leaflets dwindle
Dance amongst my barren feet
Past the field of roses flourish
Roots entangle underneath

Rest my soil in golden hues and
Let them bloom in greatest pride
As the sunlight carries on and
Deftly strokes their thorny spines

And as the moon howls
The reaper sows and
Harvests many plants alike
Katelyn Billat Nov 2017
I grabbed at my chest,
Wanting to rip out my lungs
as they suffocated my heart.

I originally thought you
poisoned my heart but
Maybe your
Apple pie
Maple syrup
Corrupted my lungs and
Turned them evil.

They squeeze together and
Dis-form  themselves just to hurt
My heart.

I cant breath when I think of you,
No, not in a good way.
Ismail Nasution Oct 2017
Crimson leaves were being
Shy, soon would die falling
For you.

I was so sure
You were somewhere between
Yellowish grass, gloomy clouds
Old traffic lights, Rusty road signs

The wind smelled
The scent of autumn,
Brought you from the sky
Upstairs, waving
And me, smiling
Kurt Carman Oct 2017
Day breaks on Doubletop Mountain, shadowing villages below.
Three-thousand eight hundred feet tall, it captures the eye!
And standing at attention there in front of me, a battalion of Sugar Maples in full…. Fall…. Regalia!
Cascading tones of Crimsons, Burgundy, scarlet reds and Golden Hue.

Gazing over Dunk Hill as farmer’s fallow fields, turn again for fertility,
There are only brief streams of life giving sunlight, and now the sky turns to a pale grey.
Me, well I live for this time of year….enjoying the evening autumn constellations,
Or Moms dining table adorned with Indian corn and blackberry canes!

Bessie's Margaretville home begins the fall ritual of canning and drying.
Breaking out winter clothes…as she proclaims "no whites after Labor Day"!
The last bit of warmth now dwells just behind the Catskill’s Harvest Moon,
And the V of geese honk their good-byes to the summer sun.
The leaves are turning
brown and gold
Then fall.

It's about leaves and trees
Leaves leave trees
Trees are left. *****.

But autumn
is more than the story
about 'leaving' and 'being left'.

is the story about the trees
that is never worry
of being left by the leaves.

is the story about the trees
that is never afraid
of letting go all things,
and being happy afterwards.

Because the trees know
there will always be
the new and better leaves
grow on them in spring.

And being left is actually a way
to a better coming...

-Kanya Puspokusumo-
http://doeniadevi.wordpress.com .
Disini aku masih di bawah langit milik bumiku
Tapi berbeda tempat dan aroma tanah
Aku merasa di atmosfer era abad pertengahan
Melihat banyak kastil dengan arsitektur tua
Pemandangan yang indah di Montmartre, sebuah kerajaan seni
yang siap memanjakan mataku seketika

Musim gugur menciptakan lukisan indah secara alami
Tempat itu seperti kanvas
Diciptakan oleh kuas ajaib anugrah yang kuasa
Meski Claude Monete dan Renoir sudah tidak ada lagi
Aku bisa melihat perpaduan warna cantik di musim gugur dengan mata telanjang
kuning, oranye, merah dan coklat
Lukisan yang begitu indah

Biarkan aku memakai jaket hari ini
Sebab udara membuatku cukup dingin
Aku berjalan-jalan di pedesaan Prancis
Pohon-pohon gugur di sepanjang jalan
ditemani oleh nyanyian burung yang menyemarakan hariku
Ini sudah waktunya panen
Aku menyukai labu di ladang
Memilih apel dan pir di kebun dekat benteng Talcy

Prancis seperti harta karun emas
Paris di musim gugur bulan ini
Menara Eiffel sudah menungguku
kali ini aku berjalan di atas dedaunan
Begitu renyah di bawah kakiku
Pohon maple di atas saya memayungi meski hari tak hujan
Daunnya yang tersentuh angin berputar-putar
Mengirim mereka untuk menari di udara
Sangat romantis
Aku sedang duduk di bangku kayu
Ah jika September tiba...
Elissa Deauvall Jul 2017
Sipping tea with you
Under the big maple tree
Is my favourite
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