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Loyalty true love
truth is our name
I've been Followed admired loved
abandoned & left behind.
betrayed since I lost my true love rddjpc of bba
all is misery and pain
by my own dead silence buried deep that psychological pain left after escaping my baby predators in Greece aI had ran broken hearted to old stranger who pledged love and marriage four years by mail  
How to tell ones true love how damaged hurt I was to say
I love you help me I am a mess dying
"I am sorry for
not chasing you on foot
and empty stomach! 19751995
MOI raj whatever your name
I never trusted your love letters raj doctor Melancholy MOI Jaipur.
all too good to be true it all was

shame on you
Yes some prepaid greedy predator for hire trying to assimilate an existing
eternal ancient love Bond and my ancient twin flame twinsoul rdd BbarddJpcrick.
Human beings poets women like me have a need to feel love to be loved cherished accepted
I know such love I own it.

Most perverted boys
just crave a need
to feel connected
to any true love source
in any form even virtual.
some get paid to lie cheat deceive.
A boy a poet hunted me down here
on HP for months, placing me
in a pedestal of his need
pledging love poems and song.

then soon carved my very grave
pushed me into its pit
of deception
and my friendship
to pen pal trust died.

perhaps a sad word written
in sadness annoyed your ego.
Do to another pray
this MOI pen pal Raj flew to

Finally you MOI Raj D wrote me calling me strong & brave.
Again abandoned I am
left to die, all alone
makes no sense.
I am not bitter
I welcome everyone crossing
my path if trustworthy
empathetic communicative
a true friendship to trust and love.

Only one true love
passed me rddjpc
we remain linked twins in all.
but he is married

I can't love the same way
another love
but none wants to share that grandiose love I once shared
with my king of hearts .
Rddjpcrick who was born for me alone from out of space he dropped from
heaven is god:s son to me
eons before
We've lived many lifetimes
as one true love lovers.

One bad man sent by someone
pretended to love me befriending
me by E-mail
he asked for my Google map
tracking my address
  MOI here on HP
You cripto enemies
wishing you disconnected me
with grace respect and kindness

but you got none for yourselves
if you lied cheated got paid to deceive my heart I shall wish you
the same evil score of selling me out
my soul isn't yours to own deceive
mislead nor my heart

Raj from Jaipur MOI
I never met you in person
you seem a very confused person.
I am not N nor your Z
neither you in your mirror!

I am not a guy I am me Angel K
self existing bright yellow star

you impersonated
the love of my life
a jealous woman
still hunts me down
to trash me hurt me use me
using you!
I am not your Nielsen
I am a real woman a real poetess
Not MOI nor Raj nor your Z Vas
nor smcawgn not her son duke of coward
To all my cripto unprovoqued jealous enemies may all your pre planed knives against me
my true love rdd bba
karmic bonds
get the same back.
rddjpcbba's soul does not
belong to you demons from hell envious Hainas
to do or undo my karmic love bonds **** demonic shadow bad people.

Jesus Christ son of God
made my true love
and mine for him
body soul heart mind
and no Hail Mary
will undo nothing
without knowing my heart.

You **** ugly witches warlocks
leave us alone
we remain glued a bond of love
rddjpcpcrick&bba asg
for all eternity we are
one soul one heart one mind

Stop hunting me Susan mc
ssssnakes in my paradise
Raj rajoo doctor MOI
shame on you.
May all you who wished evil
to me and my beloved children
unprovoked undeserved
who pledged me love to use me
abuse me stab my back.

Go gather all sent to me
in bad faith hundred fold
as your own fated bad luck,
as you all wished upon me
I return all to yourselves
and your own kin
for all eternity
in Jesus name
God so grants
~ By Karijinbba

All rights reserved.
amorev writes May 13
Little divested flower,
Shame— how you break with the peak of light.
A blossom they might think,
You're still a phony stick.
Is it guilt filling the scene?
Or is it just the sunbeam?
Am I still alive when my feelings died?
Yes I died before and you never knew where I was buried
So today I will tell you more and you will know me more
I will tell you about my feelings
But the truth is true when you know all of them
You will receive that I am still waiting to die
With all of the feelings that growing up in my heart day by day
If I speak to you, will you listen?
If I tell you, will you feel like I am a liar?
So let me die at this moment I tell the truth
That I am still alive, and my feelings died,
but I am not heartbroken
Indonesia, 15th March 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
WickedHope Mar 4
I don't lie
When I'm drunk
I can't
I can't lie
I forget how
I **** the consequences
The truth
Has so many consequences
When it follows
A lie
A white lie
Can still land
Like a falling star
Looking so pretty
Up in the sky
But crushing us all
When it lands
Knocked down
By the truth
Don't ask me
If I'm drinking
Because I'll say it
I'll say it
I'll say it
Quite un-prudely
And I'll laugh
Like it's funny
To hit you
With the two edged sword
Of reality
Not realizing
I'm gripping
The blade
With my own two
Coating us both
In enough
To honestly
Drown us
I don't lie
If I say it
Sweetly sober
We're spared the
Careless calamity coming out crass and crapulent colored lips
Tearing open
Naked truths
I can never
Kamal Dec 2020
Love is a legend
Whispered in alleyways
Told down streams  
Sung among barren hills
Murmured between evergreen trees

Give up! fool
Love is a reed in windy plains  
Sprang with the morning dew
And died at the feet of dunes

Love is an impossible errand
Run from sunset to sunrise  
Between god and man

Hey fool ...
Listen and listen well
Love is a thief’s jewel
A Liar’s truth
A killer’s gun
And a Traitor’s lie

No love for fools.
WickedHope Nov 2021
I've never cried in front of you
Because I thought you needed to see me be strong
But that was a mistake

You forgot I have feelings
You forgot I am fragile
So so fragile
So so breakable
You can break anything if you try hard enough

But I let you think I was composed
All this time
I hoped it would give you strength
All this time
I hoped it would give you freedom to grow
I now see my flaw
I have always played pretend a little too well

My best lies were always the ones I never spoke
You believed my silence meant I was well constructed
I wonder if I'll ever be able to make you see
That the exposed and crumbling foundations cancered by mold and rot
Are not a trick nor a lie

I wonder if you'll ever start to believe me
When I repeat that you were always the good one
You were always the good one
You're the good one
You're good
JJ let me know if you ever see this
Cause I'm pretty sure you ******* hate me
Which is fine
But I've always loved you
Intelligence brings a strange mixture of
laughter & worry, lonely for
With no one to consult with, confessions
made to abandoning priests, art
as refuge, nothing to return to, utter
a lonely person. Gutted & lonely,
hanging from the tree of life.
The girl who was sitting in front of me is a liar.
But she is honest with herself.
I can't describe it any more than that.
The reality is always different every time I ask.
She hid everything in her vast heart.
I tried to wade through it.
Until now I never made it to the edge.
I'm drowning with her feelings.
Indonesia, 28th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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