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juliet 3d
【i am the sinner.
          i am the liar in you

                                           i am the seer】
the good guy supply ran dry
21st century bled them empty
entitled smiles and toxic masculinity
mistreating our lovers became trendy

the nice girl merchandise is missing
scorned women turned hazardous
glassy eyes and defence mechanisms
self sabotage never looked so glamorous

maybe we're not as good as we think
trying to match our collective catastrophes
drunken *** and desperate divorcees

damaged people cause the most casualties
just my thoughts on the whole "where did all the good guys go" theme
Jules 4d
You tell me you miss me,
and long to hear my voice once more.
I crave and itch for your attention,
but you only want mine.

You desire her's though.
She is taken,
her heart is preserved.
So I guess I'm your backup,
Until she's not reserved.
For me to live
I must scream to the sky
About what you have done to me.
The sky is a good listener.
She is kind to me when you are not.
I cannot be kind to you,
But if you must,
Talk to her.
I promise she is a good listener.
about a kid who doesn't realize that I only tell them what others do. I am the middleman, but everyone else is a coward. they are being lied to, but I have been asked not to say names. I dislike them and so do many others, but when I tell them this, they do not listen. they sky listens to me. they do not.
Thorns Nov 7
He walks around breaking hearts
   They say he's bad news

But they don't know the real him

   They all denied it

Said I was a liar

   But I don't care

He's the only one who knows me

   The tables turned and I broke both our hearts

Both our hearts

   We're both broken, breaking hearts
Breaking Hearts...
Silverflame Nov 7
The love he paints in my heart,
looks more like vandalism than art.
CautiousRain Nov 6
A bad man's running his mouth,
talking of *** and all sorts of things,
saying justice comes to tear down
all the sins and evils of this world,
claims he knows it,
oh, he knows it,
he claims he'd bring down
all those wretched souls
and hand them some accountability;
ah yes, a bad man's running,
running away,
jumping through hoops
trying so **** hard to hide
from justice,
cause a bad man's running his mouth,
running away from the wrongs he condemned
mere hours ago,
talking about how much he hates
a man like that,
a man like him,
and how much he'd love to show them,
show them,
show them how to be a bad man like him
and masquerade as equity and virtue,
talk a load of croc and take the plunge
with a face so unlike
these marauders,
or so he says,
he always says,
always littering the world with his voice,
his mumbled, garbled,
running mouth;
he wants to tell you
that he'd take his knife to a man
who dared to try you,
feel you,
oh, he says,
as he takes what he wants on his own.

A bad man's running,
running amock in this silent town,
disregarding good deeds,
taking it upon himself
to play the Janus.
Couldn't get the phrase bad man running out of my head
CautiousRain Nov 4
I’m not sure how to return to you
All the crippling anxiety you brought
Along with the sorrows deserted to all our doorsteps,
But I’d like to remind you
That the product you supplied
Was not as advertised
And I’d be much obliged to ask for a refund,
If it weren’t too late
To pull out my receipts
And read all your hypocrisies.

Don’t misinterpret me,
But I must admit this is not what I wanted
And I paid to you two years or more
Of my miserable life,
Yet this is all the effort you could muster
To me
And every other person who bought into
What you were selling;
I never took you for a snake oil salesman,
But that’s the price I paid for my naivety,
Isn’t it?

I’m sure you’d like to remind me
That a customer should always do their research,
And I’m oh so sorry
I didn’t feel the need to.
Would you like me to sue you
So that the next time someone buys in
To your sly little Ponzi scheme,
You come with a warning label?
CautiousRain Nov 4
This is a disaster;
My my, what a wreckage you make
Of everything and everyone you touch,
Leaving them gasping for closure,
Hoping someday the answers
Will fall from the sky, or
From your towering mouth
And slimy breath,
Then maybe the pieces you’ve tangled
Between us can be placed ever so precisely,
Floating from the air in your lungs,
Into something more concise.

Who are you
To leave this world so deflated and disillusioned?
Go ahead, learn nothing of your barbarism,
Soon you will collapse into obscurity
By your own feeble hands
And all that you alleged to stand for
Will bite you in the ***.
NaNoWriMo?? More like I'm going to try to just write a poem every day and I hadn't uploaded the past 4 yet
anyway, here comes my undying salt
I have a small bit of vulgarity at the end that no one is used to from me, my apologies
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