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Jordan Ray May 4
Did you think... that he meant
All the things... that he said
Do they replay... in your head

Did you fall... for the lies
Pulled the wool... over your eyes
Did you believe... it all

Start the fire.
Let's cook the liar.
Eva Mar 8
It’s really hard to be sweet, loving, and kind
After I found out the man I love is no longer just mine.
He’s a man who loves the women of the streets,
A man who doesn’t even clean his own sheets,
Who I believed had once swept me off my feet
Really, he swept underneath my feet
Eternally cursing me.
I S A A C Dec 2022
i've stopped trying
this whole time, you were a fraud lying
i'm done crying
these bold lies, you were a fraud hiding
snake eyes, snake lips
jealous, bitter, narcissistic scripts
sweet nothings, fake adoration
this i could never predict
amorev writes May 2022
Little divested flower,
Shame— how you break with the peak of light.
A blossom they might think,
You're still a phony stick.
Is it guilt filling the scene?
Or is it just the sunbeam?
Am I still alive when my feelings died?
Yes I died before and you never knew where I was buried
So today I will tell you more and you will know me more
I will tell you about my feelings
But the truth is true when you know all of them
You will receive that I am still waiting to die
With all of the feelings that growing up in my heart day by day
If I speak to you, will you listen?
If I tell you, will you feel like I am a liar?
So let me die at this moment I tell the truth
That I am still alive, and my feelings died,
but I am not heartbroken
Indonesia, 15th March 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
WickedHope Mar 2022
I don't lie
When I'm drunk
I can't
I can't lie
I forget how
I **** the consequences
The truth
Has so many consequences
When it follows
A lie
A white lie
Can still land
Like a falling star
Looking so pretty
Up in the sky
But crushing us all
When it lands
Knocked down
By the truth
Don't ask me
If I'm drinking
Because I'll say it
I'll say it
I'll say it
Quite un-prudely
And I'll laugh
Like it's funny
To hit you
With the two edged sword
Of reality
Not realizing
I'm gripping
The blade
With my own two
Coating us both
In enough
To honestly
Drown us
I don't lie
If I say it
Sweetly sober
We're spared the
Careless calamity coming out crass and crapulent colored lips
Tearing open
Naked truths
I can never
Kamal Dec 2020
Love is a legend
Whispered in alleyways
Told down streams  
Sung among barren hills
Murmured between evergreen trees

Give up! fool
Love is a reed in windy plains  
Sprang with the morning dew
And died at the feet of dunes

Love is an impossible errand
Run from sunset to sunrise  
Between god and man

Hey fool ...
Listen and listen well
Love is a thief’s jewel
A Liar’s truth
A killer’s gun
And a Traitor’s lie

No love for fools.
WickedHope Nov 2021
I've never cried in front of you
Because I thought you needed to see me be strong
But that was a mistake

You forgot I have feelings
You forgot I am fragile
So so fragile
So so breakable
You can break anything if you try hard enough

But I let you think I was composed
All this time
I hoped it would give you strength
All this time
I hoped it would give you freedom to grow
I now see my flaw
I have always played pretend a little too well

My best lies were always the ones I never spoke
You believed my silence meant I was well constructed
I wonder if I'll ever be able to make you see
That the exposed and crumbling foundations cancered by mold and rot
Are not a trick nor a lie

I wonder if you'll ever start to believe me
When I repeat that you were always the good one
You were always the good one
You're the good one
You're good
JJ let me know if you ever see this
Cause I'm pretty sure you ******* hate me
Which is fine
But I've always loved you
Intelligence brings a strange mixture of
laughter & worry, lonely for
With no one to consult with, confessions
made to abandoning priests, art
as refuge, nothing to return to, utter
a lonely person. Gutted & lonely,
hanging from the tree of life.
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