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When people say depression
What they imagine is someone forlorn
But you will never see me frown
They could never tell I am down

Am I good in acting?
Or is it on lying?
My smiles and responses are automatic
You can never tell I am a lunatic

Will someone discover
The truth down under
No time to discover
Till I am six feet under
When will they know?
AceLione Oct 9
Milady, are thy in need of a handkerchief?
Or an escort out while we take our leave?
I'll shield you from those who wish to harm
Why are thou feelings so shallow yet so warm?
Must remain my posture even though she makes my heart wild
Even wilder than the desires of Adam and Eve's Child

Oh Milady wait for me, I have an umbrella
Who am I? Oh i am just a mere uptown fella
What do i want? No i do not wish these haunting desires
Anyone who says i am that dishonorable are nothing but liars.
No Milady, please wait! i wish you for who you are
No Milady, Don't leave me now after you have left this scar...
Fufufu, Manners maketh Man.
Carlo C Gomez Aug 30
testing the limits of
a circular drive
one hand on the wheel
the other copping a feel
of his passenger mate
dutifully nursing her neonate
foot goes down
to apply the break
fracturing fingers
is what it will take
to lessen
the voice
the slade
the mountain
tell me, don't floaters
eventually get flushed?
Beware...there are deceivers among us, hopping from one profile to the next. These types are not so interested in poetry as they are with messing with the ladies here. Please be careful.

Note: not all those with multiple profiles are deceivers. In fact, most are not. But there are a few here with ulterior motives.
Alice Aug 15
so badly I wish to be poetic
I drink my tea in the moonlight
take evening strolls in the rain

I bring a tattered notepad with me
to the café
to the museums
I choose my words so carefully

But I'm sitting alone,
at three in the morning
writing this "poem"

and I don't feel poetic at all
it all feels like a lie
Ruheen Aug 6
The littlest of lies
Conceal the largest truths.

Because the more extravagant your lie is
The less likely people are to believe it.
sadnspicy0 Aug 1
Maybe I like putting things on fire.
Maybe that's the way I am.
Maybe I've always been a liar
saying I don't give a ****.

Maybe your eyes are my torment,
maybe I can't commit.
Maybe my mind is a storm, and
maybe it can't be fixed...
mjad Jul 10
people drop like flies
if i find out the truth
is actually lies
Tatiana Jun 15
They said I divested Saturn of his rings
and asked if he would dance with me.
He squeezed my fingers so heat lingered.
I knew he was told I'm a danger;
that I don't feel, that I don't kneel,
that I'm a terror, but that isn't fair.
Just say he can't make his own choices.
Say he can't control his impulses.
Why would I tempt a planet to ruin?
Why would I tempt a god to consuming
each breath before it disappears?
Confined him to my strong atmosphere.
Then call my heart weak as it beats in threes
how convenient, toes tap to odd melodies.
For my body's from Venus, how divine.
Yet I was a borne sinner, so keep me in line.
He said good evening as I said goodnight,
atoms were buzzing in the sunlight.
He grinned like I was a prize to be won
It was almost as bright as the starry sun.
So I lead him a bit further and took great care,
Saturn broke his orbit for an affair
and threw himself into the fire.
He was burning desire as I played the lyre.
Strum a gentle song for the end of love,
call me a heartless, winged-rat dove.
Say this is how I feel; this is who I am.
Say I sent an innocent to be ******.
Call me a fiend, a demon, a liar,
when I'm just a woman who played a lyre.

I don't know. I just had "they said I divested Saturn of his rings" in my head and it lead to this. What do you think?
Kairosclere Jun 12
I saw lies
Behind your smile
And truth
Behind your eyes
The ones that sparkled
Now lost their light
And a wry heart
Withered under the weight.
North Fires Jun 11
i'm a liar.
when someone asks me about you,
i want to cry until i lose the air you stole from me
in your thousands of kisses.
i miss you the way that the Earth misses a rainforest.
but i smile
and pretend i don't miss you.

you're a liar.
when someone tells you i miss you,
i think you want to wrap your arms around me
and love me again,
love me like you did years ago.
but you smile
and pretend you don't care.

ego is a hell of a drug.
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