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where we are now is the causation
of thinking someone gets you
that they understand what you mean
where you're coming from
that they treat you the same way
you treat them
like the world’s most empathetic nurse
despite the blatant risks available

and the *** is
because it is like
fighting but
we want to hurt
each other
a dance of
mutual combat

i am your photographer
of war baby
i am
by your truths and
scars and death
not because of their
imperfections or ability
to stain my mind
with schizophrenic ptsd
but because i am a casualty
of your purpose

and much like war
you’ve relentlessly sold me an idea
and shown me how much of myself i have to give up
and to betray
for your manipulative propaganda
in order to soldier on
towards an empty promise
this patriotic love
is a cause that remains lost
like bodies in rubble
a love i have a tendency to incline to
this serviceable love
is scarce amongst rust and ruins
and instead of cultivating it

you rage war

      me                        and




(thanks for the experience…good luck)
i was only just getting to know her well
and just when i developed stronger feelings
i realized i knew too much
Styles Jun 1
Every time I see you, it’s like a bad dream
Thinkin’ ‘bout another man, caught in between
Like, ****, why you gotta be a thot
My homie said he saw you, right there on the spot

I was ready to commit, put you in my life
Went from "I love you" to "you ain't my type"
Tried to make you wifey, but you played the game
Now I see the real you, and it’s such a shame

Gave you my heart, gave you all of me
But you threw it away, now it’s clear to see
Thought you were special, thought you were mine
But you were just another, wasting my time

Now you just a memory, someone I forget
Thought you were forever, but now there’s no regret
Gave you everything, thought you’d be my queen
Now you’re just a lesson, part of a bad dream

Tried to see the good, but you showed your true side
Now you’re just a face, lost in the tide
Shawty’s dead to me, no more lies
You were a chapter closed, in the book of my life.
Renae Feb 21
The beautiful thing is that
You don't need to worry
You need not fear or cry
The fact of the matter is
The Devil is ONLY
The father of the lie
He's a liar, and that's
what he does best
So when he bothers you
It is only a test.
Remember, it's why, not just the way
Jesus died for you
So please, don't let yourself sway,
He fights for you.
It's not our war
We're only
Collateral damage.
It may not make sense
But it's not ours
to manage
Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
Forget her
Don't suffer to remember just to suffer forever, sucker
Lust safer
Rub one out and see if the hunger doesn't expire a little quicker
Cold fire
Flip it 180 and record what's bound to transpire
Loves quagmire
Simple desire will always inspire but ensnare a liar

Shifty empire
Not strange to aspire to be a vicious, succubus, vampire
Almost satire
An enticing lure to offer for sure but unstable as brushfire
Situation's dire
Sooner than later fall victim to the inevitable backfire
Flimsy tightwire
An act in need of fools for hire, speaking to the choir

jǫrð Oct 2023
Treat me like a therapist
Until you feel embarrassed

Tell me you talk to me
Even more than your new wife

Act like it's a compliment
I know any good doctor would

Say that's unhealthy but
I am afraid of your reaction

So bite my tongue, and I listen
And then when you tell me

I remind you of your ex
You really mean I remind you

Of the one who got out from
Underneath your sweaty thumb

Unable to be controlled
And that just kills you
The History: He talks to me any which way he pleases. I have accepted the indiscretions, in addition to his displaced and covert professions of love. He is higher on the food chain and I am not afraid to point out his weakness. He is wholly unreliable and hates that I know, or so it seems. He is quick to anger, the closest external contact I've had with sociopathic tendencies. He lies for his own preservation, he ignores risk factors, he disregards others' experiences.
I struggle with some of the same issues. I identify them within me and work to change them. He has influenced me to be a better person so as not to end up alone as he has, comparing strangers to people of his past and allowing his bias to control every interaction. Sad from someone who's had such a long time to get it together. I sense, regret.
Laia Blackthorn Aug 2023
The day you left
You took something from me
Softly, quietly,
Pretending you weren't a thief

You ran out
In the middle of the night
And I know I deserved
A better goodbye

You were a liar
But so was I
When I said “I love you”
Thank god I lied

You couldn’t steal my heart
‘Cause you didn’t know
Where it was

So instead you stole my pride
So I could’t be the first
To leave you behind
Nickolas J McKee Aug 2023
When they say to you,
“You haven’t found true love.”
You’re a liar of love.
When you’re made out to be something you’re not, you’re no better than a dove.
You’re a liar of love.
When you’re always angry,
When you want to push, pull, tear,
Shove - shove - shove!
You’re a liar of love.
When you know you don’t normally hate.
When you know you don’t normally judge…You’re a liar of love.
When it seems you want closure,
But nothing moves closer…
You’re a liar of love…
And I’m starting to not like it…

Maybe then… we’re all liars of love…
ky Jul 2023
A lie is an intentional mistruth.
It's when you deliberately try to get someone
to believe something you know isn't true.

A mistake is unintentional.
It's when you ***** up,
and usually,
you end up hurting someone
even though you never meant to.

It's when you let people push you
to do or say things you aren't ready to.

It's when you're still learning what it means
to dream, to live, to love,
when you try so insanely hard
to put it all behind you,
but you can't because people won't let you
forget the mistakes you made.

Just remind yourself that all people make mistakes,
and your mistakes don't define you.

******* up doesn't make you a liar.
It makes you human.
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