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Estel 1d
You could win the heart
Of the one with the popular name
You’d get all the fame
And learn how to play their little game
With marked cards
In the beginning it was fun
But now you have no one
Where have they all gone?
They all left to get a life
One that goes beyond being fake.
Cole Aug 2019
The loudest moment.
The smallest whisper.
The quietest cry.
Wondering why
No one can hear
Your world crumbling around you.
As you cry out
"Somebody save me!"
But nobody came
Nobody's coming
Nobody's here.
No one can hear you cry
As everyone leaves
And says
"Good luck trying!"
But trying isn't good enough.
The more you try to save it,
It falls even more.
And you drowned in it long ago
You didn't even notice.
I did.
I know how it feels
To have everything you love
Ripped from your grip
Because you dared to say
"I love you."
I didn't notice
The flicker of the eye
As they left my sight
And poked at some one else.
I said it back
And believed you.
It made it worse
"I thought you loved me!"
But this isn't love.
It never was.
Love doesn't leave you
Alone and cold,
Crying your heart out
Pleading to die
Before it happens again..
By people are like that.
They leave because
They find something better.
I, then, give up on the human race.

Estel Apr 20
You said you miss me
With a pouting face
For a second I felt for you
But you don’t know anything about me
You’re clueless
You don’t care how I am
So how can you miss me…
If you don’t care about me?
Maybe it’s the idea of me that you miss
Or the attention I gave
Always ignoring me
Till it suited you to respond
I feel no bond
So here I am letting go
It’s over now.
Beckie Davies Apr 19
she called me beautiful
she called me magical
she called me creative
she called me underrated
she called me generous
she called me modest
she called me everything that she desires
i called her a ******* liar
i called her a ******* liar
I’ve taken the monster out of the cage today.

I suppose it was bound to happen at some point.

This is what happens when you tempt a beast in hiding.

Like my father’s sobriety, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Aŧül Apr 17
First was a demo.
Second was a desire.
Third was a demon.
Fourth was a disappointment.
Fifth was a liar.
Sixth was someone who lost me.
Seventh was a charlatan.
Eighth was a Succubus.
But nineth is a different Angel,
My Angel.
My HP Poem #1925
©Atul Kaushal
Ana Mar 18
you have the
key to my heart,

you opened it
without any second

but you lied.

you told me i had
the key to yours.

so i believed you,
because why would
you lie?

i didn't realize
you lied,
until i tried
unlocking it.

then i saw how different
our keys were.

yours had perfect lines,

while mine was more
of an organic shape,
impossible to
fit into anyones.
Aquila Mar 9
we made eye contact today.

                                   The last time I held you was a year ago.

                                                                                               I don't know
                                                                                          how I feel about that.
theres still salt on the roads from the snow.
Jayme Feb 11
Why oh why,
Must you tell me lies?
Word after word,
my trust in you dies.
With callousness I cope,
I've lost all hope.
You were so much fun,
We had a good run,
But this fling is finished,
So quickly diminished.
Boy what a shame,
You just had to play games..
Cas Jan 30
You told me

Texting/Being online/The internet made you feel sick and uncomfortable

That your anxiety couldn't handle it

And I believed you

I made myself believe that that made it okay when you ignored me for days on end

But now I realise

You lied to me

I made you feel sick

You were able to talk to other people

I saw when my best friend came to stay with me

It was me in particular you were ignoring

Which isn't fair because I never did anything wrong

And maybe you were just trying to protect my feelings

But instead you've hurt me more than you know

You've left me broken

And too scared to fall in love again

I hope you're happy
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