Secrets, Secrets under my skin
And you act like you know where I have been
Lies, lies you think your right
But you can tell your lies with all your might
No one will believe you because you lie through the night.
Rumors, Rumors about what I may have did.
Everyone believes them and it spreads like sins
Secrets, secrets tell me what you said
For everyone believes I messed with him when I never did
Liar, Liar you know what you did
Don't act all innocent for what you said.
Karma will get you in the end
You are too full of sin.
Sarah Jan 8
Your lips were so sweet
Because they spilled honey-drenched lies so easily
You told me you loved me
But you told everyone else, too
EK Jan 7
I cough when I lie,
it's like the idea of deceiving you is sickening.

I don't make eye contact when I exaggerate,
I don't want to be able to tell if you see through the story I'm spinning.

I want so desperately for you to see me and love me for who I am, not for whatever picture of myself I paint.

I feel like I see you, the real you, when you focus on something or someone else and forget to compose yourself for me.

I wish I could just say "I see you and you're beautiful".

I crave authenticity, yet I keep authoring falsity.
I'm never really able to confess my feelings, it's a problem, lol.
Penny Rhode Jan 7
I hung her from the ceiling of a stairwell.

Looking down on two lovers pressed together
forced to watch upon her soulless sinful body,
as it allows foreign hands to mutilate her morals.
The arch of her back from being limp and lifeless.
Tears fall from her face,
each kiss tightens the noose.
The two mistake her tears as paralyzing pleasure.
She grinds her body to his hoping to become one.
For if they are one, is this truly wrong?
She envisions wedding bells,
hoping that her delusion will forge the knife that frees her.
She truly believes her breathless state is a result of pure ecstasy.
Unknowing that the further down his hands go,
the closer she comes to the grips of hells fire.

The rope breaks crippling her life

She falls to her knees suffocating.
He takes advantage of her weakened state,
her tears bring him joy
Breathing falls flat as he leaves her there
Hopelessly she grasps at his ankles
Screaming as regret cuts her wrists
One step at a time the vision of him disappears.
As her body cries in the corner,
Her soul lies in a pool of red regret

She, died in a stairwell.
julianna Jan 5
When did lies become the promise
And tears become a certainty - ?
Christopher Jan 3
A game of chance,
But a game of smarts.
So easy to play but easier to lie.
It's not your first time is it?

Not mine.

So great to see you again.
I know you've seen me even now and then. Yet you act like you're some stranger who's never been around.
Such a card.
I can't tell if you're 1 or 11
Switching back and forth till you've become aware of...

All we see is two.  But she doesn't know I see 4
You couldn't
          T R U S T E D .
                    ­  You couldn't

Sweet crimson on my pages.
Dead, my rose.
My precious flower..
            How I mourn for you.
I wanna get ******.
Won't you  *******  me?         I'm tired.
Another state tonight.. AnOTheR SPlit. Maybe..
Poetress2 Dec 2018
Don't tell me I can't do it,
I'll disprove you every time;
Don't tell me I won't make it,
when I've made it all my life.
Don't tell me that I'll fail,
I'll make you eat your words;
Don't tell me that you dare me,
I'll take your dare for sure.
Don't tell me I'm a loser,
when I have known success;
Don't tell me I'm a quitter,
when I've seen you quit yourself.
Don't tell me I'm a liar,
when all I say is true;
Don't tell me that I'm hopeless,
when I hope good things for you.
Don't tell me *** has left me,
the Bible is my proof;
Don't say a single word,
'til you've walked in both my shoes.
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