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I’m a nice guy,
Certain boys like to say that often don’t they?
I’m a nice guy,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll open doors for you,
I’ll let you walk first,
I’ll be ‘modest’ with you,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll never lie to you,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll never keep you waiting,
I’ll never ask for nudes,
I’ll wait till you get comfortable,
Then ask for nudes,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll call you from overseas just to check on you during your ***,
I’ll skip my work to cheer you up,
I’ll treat you like a queen,
Always, and forever,
Who am I kidding? Forever? Nah!
Belle Oct 4
Baby, I lie all the time.
I'm good
It's fine
*I love you
slr Sep 28
for everything you said to me
all the dreams you told me
all the lies you fed me
disguised as caring
i knew from the beginning who you were
but i refused to see it
i refused to see the flashing red lights and the blaring sirens
now the only lights i see are the ones on the ambulance
the sires pulsing in my ears
the medics screaming for me to hold on
i am slipping in and out of consciousness
and you don't even care
I let myself trust a guy that seemed perfect. But he ended up leaving. He said I drank too much and didn't care about school. Then he said I wasn't spiritual enough for him. The sad thing is, I drink on the weekends with my friends. That's it. And as a Christian to another Christian, you should want to grow with me, not want me at a certain level. That isn't Christianity.
Ankur Dutta Sep 27
A pen cannot see the words of satire;
as I condemn the words that I disguise.
I'm a hypocrite of sorts,
penning down are lies,
I'm a liar.

Lying has been my job,
since I stopped trying.
I certify it with my pen,
(that) I lie & I like it,
I'm but a liar.

Rain has often faded my words;
ink pens are my speciality.
I'm in love with it.
Lies are now fading,
I'm still a liar.
How the lies in this world fade with time and people forget that the liar is still a liar. So the liar continues to lie, trying to convince the world that it is but the truth, becoming a hypocrite all but to thyself, living in an illusion, under the mirage of truth.
i am a hypocrite

for a long time i wanted that word tattooed
somewhere on my body and i still do,
i think.

i cherish my ability to value the
wellbeing of others above my own…
that’s not why i do it
but that’s how it seems, isn’t it?

doesn’t my own lack of motivation
seem so **** selfless?

hypocrites only run into trouble
when they make it obvious.
for some reason, not heading your
own advice makes people very
upset with you.

i do it because
when the fall leaves break
off the trees and there’s
crimson on the sidewalk,
crimson dripping from the palms
of our hands…

well, the winner would be
whoever threw the first punch.
basil Sep 17
cross my heart and hope to die
stick some scissors in my eye
and i won’t beg, i won’t cry
until your death, i won’t die
as i wallow in my pain
your words are sweet like sugarcane
comfort me with pretty lies
i love you
Aseel Sep 7
You kiss me
You whisper
I love you

I kiss you
I whisper
I can taste it in your mouth
blackbiird Sep 4

where r u
where did u go
you left me...

when you said
you weren't going
to be like the rest...
u turned out
to be the...


Luca C Sep 1
Maybe I'm tired.
What if I told you I couldn't remember the last time I've gotten more than seven hourse of sleep?
Would you believe me?
I could be lying to you.
I could be lying about staying up, starring at my ceiling with bloodshot eyes, thinking about what a girl, with purple hair and a heart, that once used to be so cold, told me words that i never wanted to hear.
Even if it might have only been in a dream
M­aybe you'd believe me if I described it with intricate detail?
The air was cold and the blanket I slept with didnt quite cover my shoulders or my feet
How the coldness touching my skin
Just matched the temperature
Inside my chest
and how
The side of my bed dipped from
Broken metal springs
Just like my bones
That felt close to dust
Because of the exhaustion
Off of my being
the red numbers on my alarm clock were six minutes too far
From the present
How the metal rings on my right hand
Cut into
My skin
But not enough to break the surface
How the hours passed
And i did not blink
I could not look
From the glowing stars I so oh
Deperately wanted to return to
To recycle myself into this earth
And maybe have a slight chance
Of giving back
Of all that I have taken from it
It meant
I wouldnt be so tired
But I could be lying.
I could be.
What if I am?
If I told you I was, would you believe me?
Maybe not
Because only someone who has felt like that can put it into pretty words? So I musnt be lying?
This is the age of sin. But you choose the lens you look at the world through
felhusnaa Aug 25
salute people
who knows really well
how to fake feelings
how to fake an act
how to pretend they love us when they aren't
how to pretend that everything is okay while they see us bleeding

how I appreciate their souls for being rotten soon
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