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Carmen Jane Sep 23
No one can hear, your symphony escaped through the gaps of your teeth
No one taught you, how to pray or in what you should believe
Your weary bones, don't know which road to choose and take,
As you stumbled on this crossroad and want to avoid mistakes

I should say, spin around as fast as you can,
Let yourself fall and reach out your hands
See which road you touched and before you step,
Squinch your eyes and try to see as much ahead

If you see some sunny patches, that is good, my friend,
And if you see some cloudy corners, that is not the end
You'll be sure to find your way, trust me when I say
I see how strong you are and how you can lighten up a day!
Donna Sep 6
Crows caw caw on roof
Wind blows grey sky raindrops drop
I smiled at window
Kai Jul 23
a sweet dewy afternoon
fills with looming clouds
and the dark grey skies
that settle over my eyes

My thoughts on the cloudy day.
Anastasia Jun 13
in the  rain
i walk with you
an orange stained sky
cloudy and dusty
with nothing but grey ahead of us
soaks my clothes
my hair
my heart
i'm warm
and covered
with the misty,
and you laugh
and stick out your tongue
and i do
and the sky does
and i walk home with you
in the rain.
just walked in the rain, now i'm soaked but warm. hot-cocoa and Gilmore Girls for me.
Donna May 31
Pretty windbreakers
Stand out on a cloudy day
Dancing in the wind
Inspired from seeing lots of wind breakers outside chalets was very pretty indeed **
Donna May 6
Behind a cloudy
sky sits a warm cozy sun
in bed drinking tea

:-) ❤️ Inspired by cloudy day today x
Chabadtzke May 2
If I ever said I revel in darkness,
I misspoke.
If I ever sang the praises of dusk,
I was mistaken.

Because it’s not the dark I enjoy,
nor is it the night I adore.
I realize that now.

It’s the contrast
—the beauty—
of the specks of light
shining through the black sky,
the heroes who are not fazed by the sunset.
I realize that now.

I realize that now, on a cloudy night.
Perdue Poems Apr 8
I sit beneath the willow
As all my thoughts run free
Skipping through the meadow
Of true tranquility

I sit beneath the willow
As winds begin to blow
I feel the stumble of my thoughts
Into the valley's low

I sit beneath the willow
As rains begin to pour
I hear the gurgle of my thoughts
Till thoughts I think no more

A cloudy sky is all I see
A mind of dull torpidity
I sit beneath the willow
I sit beneath the willow
It's a warm sunny day
Windows rolled down
Hood of the jeep down
Smiling thinking what a wonderful day

The sun is always present even when it's cloudy
I wish I was the sun was like my happiness
The darkness I experience is always cloudy
They say it will end I’m wondering when it will.
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