Don't believe that the starlit is dimmed?
the starlit is bright beyond belief.
Now beady is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the starlit is dazzling.

I saw the dreary spread over of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the mist.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the mist,
Gently it goes - the dull, the dismal, the gloomy.

How happy are grey thunderclouds!
Are you upset by how morose they are?
Does it tear you apart to see the thunderclouds so troublesome?
Jo Barber Dec 2018
The way the rain splatters
against the windows of the car
as it drifts through the city.
Each droplet looks like a tear
as it streaks its way across the pane.
Becca Dec 2018
serein touches my fingertips
so sour, but so sweet
Annie Nov 2018
my world is
tound the edges.

I’m walking with a
vignette filter
on my eyes,
like glasses I can’t remove.

But I’m sober,
I think.
I’ve been high, yes,
most days;
but not today.
I’ve drunk, yes,
always too much;
always ending in aches and
some sorrow;
but that was last night;
not today.

I already know that tomorrow’s
forecast is cloudy
July .18
mslu Nov 2018

i dip in and out

i made a home of the 9th cloud

except the happiness i found leaked out

and spilt outside of the silver linings
Asante' Nov 2018
Somewhere there are stars
Even when they're out of sight.
They are shining in the Heavens
Making radiating light.
So even when it's cloudy
Or the world is feeling grey,
Remember somewhere there are stars
That can brighten up your day.
Fidel Nov 2018
I’ve been having troubles frequently,
Laying in bed with the deep end, out *****
Battling these sleep thoughts
That don’t stop, please shut down,
Wondering what makes me stay up,
Is it the troubles?
Or period?
I remember tomorrow like it had just ended,
With the same question beeping,
Am I gonna live?
Or die?
Tomorrow that I see, has much changed from Tuesday,
Wandering the places that were frequent,
When I had her to surpass,
Took you out the night the rain talked to see a place with my set of green-ish whites,
And made me think maybe we should just trade,
Take my place, I’ll put on your eyes and see your life, try to reside, this so dark, safe to shine,
And you will ask me:
When will you come back?
Turn back?
Or hear back?
I don’t have an answer
Or estimate,
Just a goal
Life threatening.
But I’ll ask you,
Will you wait for me to come back?
Josh G Oct 2018
Can you hear the trees sing
In this October breeze?
Can you see the dance
Of the wooden giants
In their dance hall glade?
Come lay witness to
The shedding of the leaves
Under this blanket
Of overcast skies
Been awhile since I last wrote. I had a picture to go with this poem. I was at work walking through an area I maintain looking for fallen or dead trees to cut down when I noticed a leaf that perfectly looked like a heart.
cursedreveries Sep 2018
forlorn lanes, cloudy tracks
memories play in slow motion;
a tragic romance comedy, click clack
bang, emotional commotion.

window panes, scrunched limbs
of unborn panegyrics and odes
lying low behind pseudonyms
of the lovesick, fantasist toad.

one question, your Highness,
did Heavens cry when you fall?
for i am wrecked—a mess
who am i to deserve you—and your all?

o Adaline, now i am a madman—a joke
for these broken lines—they aren't even glorious
though this fiery feeling you evoke
has turned me almost uxorious.
my brain did not function well when i was writing this. idk :(
Amanda Sep 2018
Thank you for helping
Me see the sun every day
Even when cloudy
You are my sunshine
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