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Her long neck filled with tiny torquiose feathers
In the light , they glare as aurora flares
The flock it herds in the wild
In her is the judge to keep them live
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

One of the beautiful creatures to witness
She upholds its survival in wilderness
Her flock she guards by her own breath
Feast their full on her watch in wild
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

In a perfect ambience to view
The image of her symbol reminds a proud guardian
Chest high , head tall , eyes wide  
She holds the stare of lion in hunt
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way
seldom Apr 14
just trying to deal with some things
sitting here at 3am
hunched by the sink
lost in my thoughts
tossing, turning all night long
my head, my heart, it's all a mess
something's wrong...
my body is aching
my heart is drowning
my stomach is churning
head spinning
an emotional fever
spreading like wildfire
longhand, short
so indecisive
spelling abhorrent
i am a mess
i need the moon
but it has been cloudy
not an ounce of moonlight
seeping through...
i miss the silver shine
i need a dose, soon
i can't breathe...
i should sleep.
(C) Elissar Mustapha, 25 Jan. 2019
i wrote this in my notebook while i was crying so just for reference, my spelling in the original was horrible, hence the sentence in the poem.
Debbie Lydon Mar 15
Oh, if I could I sleep forever on a daydream's cloudy cushion,
I'm cowering again from the thrilling thunder of life's perpetual percussion,
Oh, if I could rest of an evening by the warmth of your dear smile,
No need to feel the terror of time, time would go out for a while.
by Michael R. Burch

The hazy, smoke-filled skies of summer I remember well;
farewell was on my mind, and the thoughts that I can't tell
rang bells within (the din was in) my mind, and I can't say
if what we had was good or bad, or where it is today ...
The endless days of summer's haze I still recall today;
she spoke and smoky skies stood still as summer slipped away ...

NOTE: I wrote this poem as a boy, after seeing an ad for the movie "Summer of ’42," which starred the lovely Jennifer O’Neill and a young male actor who might have been my nebbish twin. I didn’t see the movie: too young, according to my parents! But something about the ad touched me; even thinking about it today makes me feel sad and a bit out of sorts. The movie came out in 1971, so the poem was probably written around 1971-1972. But it could have been a bit later, working from memory. In any case, the poem was published in my high school literary journal, "The Lantern," in 1976. There are eleven rhymes in the first four lines: well, farewell, tell, bells, within, din, in, say, today, had, bad. Keywords/Tags: Young, love, summer, smoke, smoky, haze, fog, foggy, cloudy, sky, skies, farewell, confusion, regret, recall, recollection, memory, remembrance
Donna Feb 6
Be like a Rainbow.
Colourful even on a
rainy cloudy day

I was told I have a bubbly personality made me smile and think of this one **
Have geart weekend all ** ❤️💕🌈🌈🌈
Lejla Hott Jan 20
sun-kissed white clouds blossom in the blue, free to fly with the wind. in the long horizon they take on silver hues, those deeper graphite tones that promises good rain. the cloudy day is my joy, for those passing white blossoms of the sky bring the transitory shade i love. upon the sidewalk i am as a happy butterfly beneath a tree canopy. passing from bright sun to mellow hues.
appreciate the clouds
Antino Art Nov 2019
There are three bright spots worth looking for on cloudy days.

In the morning, it’s coffee with you. We find our silver lining in a hole-in-the-wall cafe near the market where fish fly, talking vividly about what we dreamed as muted light finds its way through the window where we sit. We save the moment, but say bye too fast as if we had flights of our own to catch. And we loose sight of each other in the never-ending current of strangers rushing past. The sky reverts to its stone grey self, and I drift in the company of office buildings, weightless as the clouds from my breath.

We meet again, at a walk-up noodle joint on the pier. We share a steaming bowl of tonkatsu ramen and gaze at the mist-covered bay, talking about the jobs that keep us from waking up. The sun peeks through a blanket of overcast to find us. We take a selfie: in it, we are beaming. We say bye again, this time, with an embrace as warm as the soup on our lips. We save the moment, floating alongside the edge of the water with a glow that will see us through the chilly night ahead.

The last bright spot is the golden hour. It gets dark far too early here, so there is no time to waste. We spend what’s left of it together, over a drink that burns when swallowed in a dimly lit bar beneath a stairwell. It begins to rain. We say nothing this time, and instead, share an unspoken understanding of who we are at the end of cloudy days. We put a finger on it, and promise that we’ll see each other again no matter how heavy the fog may get. We’ll find our way through. We save one last moment and slip into the wintery mist, seeing clear.

In a place with as much grey area as this, the word ‘alone’ looks blurred: it’s ‘all’ and ‘one’ put together, where nothing is missing. The selfie we took comes into focus: it was myself, a complete stranger in my own company. Now, when it's cloudy outside, we see each other through it, filling whatever is empty like a glass, toasting to the brightness found within.
Carmen Jane Sep 2019
No one can hear, your symphony escaped through the gaps of your teeth
No one taught you, how to pray or in what you should believe
Your weary bones, don't know which road to choose and take,
As you stumbled on this crossroad and want to avoid mistakes

I should say, spin around as fast as you can,
Let yourself fall and reach out your hands
See which road you touched and before you step,
Squinch your eyes and try to see as much ahead

If you see some sunny patches, that is good, my friend,
And if you see some cloudy corners, that is not the end
You'll be sure to find your way, trust me when I say
I see how strong you are and how you can lighten up a day!
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