She was a dark cloud
that struck me over and over
I was not what she planned.
He was a storm
wreaking havoc over me
leaving me standing in the rain
clinging to the sun
that never stayed.
So I am not used to
constant sunshine
no cloudy days
and good weather.
But I want to get used to it.
It's too late.
Dominique R Jun 20
a cold winter evening

a haze of blue hangs low 
from the thick clouded sky 

the bleakness of this day seeps through my skin
 and envelopes me.
Nicole Eden May 26
i have not written a word of him-
since that moment i finally (reluctantly) let you cloud my mind over what i thought was my sunshine.

i thought you were the clouds ruining my day,
however, he was the clouds, blocking the blinding light that you knew i needed most.

i realize now that you are the brightest sunlight i have ever seen.
that your constant warmth and radiance enveloping me is the most powerful illuminator i will ever have.

i used to think that tall halogen lamp added a nice touch to my living room, until i found a more modern stainless steel one to replace it with instead. and even then, i allowed a crystal chandelier to hang from my ceiling. but none of them compare to the light i found hidden behind those clouds.

occasionally, i will have a rainy day where the old clouds form again and block my view of your sunshine. on those days, i feel like drowning in a puddle of my own tears and i tend to drown you too. i form imaginary clouds to try and block you out.

yet somehow, even when the thunderstorms roll in, you manage to clear them away and give me a rainbow.

you are God's Promise to me that the sun will always shine, and no matter how hard i try to cover you up, you always will be there waiting for me.

and i will bask in the sunlight forever <3
for my sunshine, sam
trf May 5
In the black, humid tunnels of clouded vision
where pipers are paid to hush calamity
and the souls of skeletons adhere to forbidden
pushing whispers of thought's public opinion.

The alluring alley of cowardly escapades
alters narrow minds and their sinuous route
like bipolar magnets fluxing compass charades,
coordinates spin during times of solitude.

To dampen the thunder in mental basements
brewing like home-kit craft beers,
the lightning strikes and fear laments
after an orgasm of resentment.
Nick Stiltner Apr 22
Floating days lifted in flight by birdsong,
waiting upon an evaporating cloud
of time and its passing, its trail leaving so soon.

How do I feel on a cloudy day?
Stinging eyes and stained regret,
things that in the Sun I do not fret
about or for.

A staring Sun's gaze burns so softly
upon a man walking the path
towards ever approaching melancholy.
Nel Mar 21
Even though it’s sunny today

My mind is cloudy and foggy

I can’t focus
I’m too nervous
For no reason at all

I can’t stop thinking of you
Your smile
Your eyes
How much you care

How I want to invite you over to walk around the neighborhood


I’m foggy
Because I’m scared to love
I still feel the chains of my last relationship pull on my arms


One by one the shackles fall off
And I rub my wrist
I breathe in and out


That I’ll feel comfortable enough to love myself

So that I can love you
Rohan Press Feb 17
she was a heron,flying
under pale,
blackened fields of reeds

she was a mallard,floating
under pale,
overcast fields of green.

“sway, sunlight,”she pined,
Misty Eyed Feb 16
Your breaths have turned to
moaning sighs,
your truths to lies,
and your thoughts to outcries.

Why are you so surprised?
After all,
cloudy minds lead to
misty eyes.

Clyde Feb 9
The rain washes and pours
Washes and pours
As it falls down from the sky
Its' waters cleansing whatever
It slyly slips across

As it pours, it slides across my skin
Soaks my hair, drenches my bearded
Cleansing me from the earth, the dirt
The stresses of life
Slowly leave with the water
Turning it  black with sooth,
With bits of plastic
And smelling of metals

The rain cannot however
Wash away the memories
The pain, the scars
It cannot fully cleans the spirit
Or heal the soul
It can only touch the external
For the internal well,
That needs something different
For the rain can
only provide comfort
In tears

The rain washes and pours
Washes and pours
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