When I was younger
I wanted to be older
When I was older
I wanted to be younger
Now that I'm dead
I wish I were alive
OV 1d
From a distance
I can feel your warmth
And overwhelming amounts of love
From down the block
I can feel your childish happiness
Radiating as you wait to open the door
From not too far
I can see our damaged connection
And the mistakes
That chewed them up
But the scars healed
And what we have is strong
But we will always share our love
From a distance
sometimes just being friends is worth it instead of runing the risk of losing a close friend
Abby 1d
I let the music float around me and fill my ears
I wish it could swallow me whole
Wouldn’t that be a pleasant way to go
I listen as the music, strung together, a combination of harmonys and melodys whisk me a way to a world where everything is right
To a world where no one fights
The music is all I want tonight
Kyla Duncan Dec 2018
This weight
on my chest
slipping into my core
and pooling there
eating away at everything else
and leaving only this hollowness
I am empty, I say
I am hollow and cold, I say
fill me, warm me, fix me
But you don’t need fixing, they say
You don’t need anyone but yourself, they say
I know I know I know
what do I do with this heavy hollow feeling?
it drags me down like an anchor into the dark depths
I want to laugh and dance and go wild
I want to breathe in life
and exhale everything else
I want to be held, to be touched – anything please
I want to talk to kiss to love – something please
I want meaning
burning desire
but more than anything
I want calm, quiet, perfect happiness  
I want love
I want to be known
Faith Dec 2018
Hoping you will look at me
The way I look at you
Wishing you think of me
As much as I think of you
Praying you want me
As much as I want you
ryan rose Dec 2018
the sun sets in my rearview mirror
as i drive away
you told me not to leave you
truth is i wanted to stay
i cannot turn around
because i know its wrong
but i never told you
i wanted you all along
because you mean to much to me
but if i tell you the truth
what will you think
wanting someone you can't have
DemonCrimson Dec 2018
I wish things weren't different.  
I wish things stayed the same.
But life have ways of changing.  
None of them good in any way.

I know I'm broken,  not one piece but two.  
I hope you can glue them back, good as new.
If not then you can sew the pieces back that's fine too.  

Loving me is hard, fixing the broken pieces.
In the end its worth it, you won't be let down.
Don't you worry, I'll fix you too.
I can't stop thinking of you.
You're a trespasser in my mind and I don't want to send you away.
Your eyes are light, they are mine when the light shines upon them.
Your lips are experienced, it taught mine to treasure the time.
Your tongue is out of sync, but it still found a way to connect with mine.
Your eyes see me, but our souls don't want to align.
---I want to feel your lips again J.M
JAC Nov 2018
I want you
to tell me
how you feel
but right now
I still only
want you to
tell me how
you feel when
you feel the
way I want
you to feel
and it's hard
but I'm trying.
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