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Kellin May 10
I want
That you
I wish to kiss you, to use my tongue as a painter would use a brush.
I long to write poems on your skin and trace verses on your heart,
To caress you as a sculptor smoothing out the edges.
Let me explore you. Just explore.
Without any thought of destination.
Just explore.
Wrote this feeling as I needed to release this somewhere.
skyy omalley Apr 23
I want chocolate cake.
Creamy frosting, and moist dough.
Oh yes! I’m drooling now!
Without cake, this life is useless.
Mustering up the money, I buy a tasty looking, chocolate cake.
I take a bite.
It’s not as good as I hoped it'd be.
I want strawberry ice cream.
Ocean Zan Apr 21

Why do I constantly feel alone
I alway feel like I am unknown
A creature just wanting to be their own
A creature that has drasticly grown.
Poetic T Apr 10
The mirror we thought was our reflection,
                           now cracked and distorted.

For were we really looking deep enough,
or were we just hoping that what we saw
                       was a true reflection of love.

Not a fun house mirror of regret.
                           Not showing the true extent
of what we saw.

But a reflection of what we wanted.

                          Truth is never that kind...
Dark Poet Apr 9
Looking without seeing
Hearing without listening
Eating without tasting
Bleeding without feeling
Pacing but not walking
Hoping but not praying
Crazed without lunacy
Taking without wanting
Breathing but not living

Surrounded without belonging
Alone without loneliness
Saying without believing
Speaking without thinking
Desperation is overcoming
As I try to find a way
To not breath without living
Not really hard to rhyme when everything ends with 'ing'!
tryhard Apr 5
is a silly
foreign thing
when you
haven't wanted
in ages

look at me
so full
of wishes
yet laid bare
of hope

did i learn
to want
what i
did not

did i dare
to reach
for the moon
when all
i did
was stare at it
from down here

i cannot
blame myself
for never
or daring
why should i
i should have known
the moon
was unattainable
in the first place
me being very extra about something that is not really that big of a deal lol
Ilion Gray Apr 4
Like an earthquake in a still morning,
When lovers linger half- asleep in
Their lovers keld of electricity,
Their songs, are still alive
I love so many places
that are becoming invisible ...
good day... Light of my sky.
You will not love me again,
As soon as I saw it,
I wrote to you,
with you, I will make my people, our people;
I was transported to the world,
in the wind, hidden Below the flowers out of the rock.  
in the deepest pools of trees.
The Lyraeon in the Valley.
The eagle,is an ancient warrior eagle,
Outside of worlds
and before the numbers,
He soared unwatchable
In the sempiternal hands of god.
I am with you, still my son.
between our bodies are "Hundred fields" galaxies,
  thirsty  with waves of death,
flourishing in old age ,
Even now, long before the coming day
before the coming of the day of days.
When the sun has appointed
more black to the seas level ;
And the rain will be swallowed up by the sky,
... rain, wind and silent colors an adagio in b minor played upon
A cello of storms...
Old, old,elder storms
that hold to their violence
Yet, the killing;
Is an agonizing death,
Here On the landless planet,
Where I am the only island,
Adrift because, I can not forget ,
Until I am nothing,
I will live for a very slight, if.
I will continue,
throwing stones of fire
At the pages of reality
That won't even sound like raindrops
On the windows of minutes
from the walls That hinder the light of the Spirit;
Laughing you to sleep,
Dreams do not say goodbye.
the air and resentment
and the cold are the killers
crushing teeth of concrete winters
Troy Mar 25
Take this glue
And seal my heart
Fix the cracks
Which are leaking black

Save my soul
From rotting away
This pain is becoming
Unbearably real

My love is too strong
To just vanish like you want
It’s like a fire burning
Threatening to turn into ash

Place your hand
Upon my heart
And feel the blaze
That still remains

Growing stronger
With each passing day
I beg my heart
To stop this display

But to my dismay
It doesn’t listen
It does what it wants
Even if it causes pain

I beg and I plead
For this agony to end
For my suffering to stop
But it will never come

I try to distract myself
Distract my heart and mind
Put them on something else
Anything at all

But you always seem
To come crawling in
Setting my heart ablaze
And my mind turns dark

My love for you
Won’t stop growing
No matter how hard I try
My mind can’t stop it

The heart wants what the heart wants
Or at least that’s how the saying goes
But right now it feels like all it wants
Is to destroy itself through endless suffering

With just a simple flutter of a thought
My day could turn from the happiest I’ve had
To the darkest in which I dread
Begging for the end of time

Oh how I miss our talks
I miss waking up to you
I miss you holding me as I fall asleep
Feeling safe from the night terrors that creep

I miss the way you smiled
When you looked my way
The way you joked around
To cheer me up on a rainy day

I miss the comfort you gave me
The laughs we shared
The embraces that kept me warm inside
Warning the darkness to step aside

But now I’m alone
There is no safety
I’m terrified to sleep
And even more so to wake

This feeling inside me
Grows stronger and stronger
I don’t know how much more I can take
Before this life is pushed to the end

When I get excited
I instinctively turn my head
Thinking you are still by my side
But then I see there’s no one there

I stare at the empty spot on my bed
The one that you use to fill
And tears start to fall
As I lose all self control

The tears that burn so much
Like acid drops on my skin
The tightness of my chest
The aching in my heart

I end up in a ball
Crying out to the Gods of old
Pleading for mercy
From this cruel fate

Pleading with all my heart
For just one more chance
To make it right
In exchange for my soul
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