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There's a promise given at birth
A word to describe a generation
To give you purpose in life
A phrase to live for

To Tame
God's Promise
Eternal Life
A Friend,An Ally

All meaningless in the face of heartbreak
A pain in the chest
A suffocation as akin to drowning
A wanting lust, in need of love

I followed you all
Through pain, through terrible thoughts
Calling your name from a roof top
Begging for five more minutes

A giant mistake, each and every one
All better off without me
All moving to a brighter future
A world where I was better

Where I loved without resolve
Felt without resistance
And did, without overthinking
If only I had chosen this life

We cant go on doing this
Being selfish and apologizing
Sounding like a broken record
On repeat for those who care to listen

A wise man once said
Am I ever on her mind
Like she's on mine
I'm a fool for her

I was so young girl
I could have done better
We don't feel nothing at all
There's no remorse, just regret

Heaven help me
I fell in love
With your smile
Wanting a life with you alone

Everybody Changed
Right before me
Leaving me behind
Desiring life, happiness

A bottle of stars
A imaginary world
Time to wake up

To all those who's lives I've affected. And visa versa
Alex Sep 2023
Jeepers Creepers
heading your way
I may not drive
but i'll hunt your soul anyway
a delicious treat
worth the run
can't wait for the rush
it's going to be so fun
darlin you're not prepared
for what I'm going to do
It will be worth not making it out
Alive at least
cuz I know you'll be missing something
and it's going to be mine
so what will you give up
what will you trade for me
because honey I'm going to take it all
last thing you'll remember is the fall
surrounded by feeling
surrounded by something
why don't you come find out
cuz I'm going to leave you guessing
the suspense almost palatable
you will know what you truly desire
but who knows if I'll give it
but I will take something
whether you like it or not
the question is
are you brave enough
to face the unknown
Man Aug 2023
I see you here, now.
Phased out in dreamscapes.
Eclipse the conscience,
Those things lost in different states.
Screaming out my name-
Gentle lips, kiss my face
Man Jun 2023
Scalding my palm
On her rosy skin.
We are young, with a love that's warm
In it's infancy; honest, open, and giving.
I burn for her,
A wildfire of desire
With no forests' end.

I yearn to be the
One she does, when
She learns to love again.
Mallory Jun 2023
Are we dreaming again?
We’re pollen
Whirling in the sky, oscillating between low and high.
Pendulum swinging freely but always coming back to me.
We’re just dreaming.
What would I do without your fantasy?
As much as it hurts, this is sanctity.
Let’s confront this transfixion. Why come all this way to be written as fiction? We could transcend this tension, even though we’re so afraid.
I’d love you again anyway,
if you would just wait for me.
Made some edits and decided to repost
Man Jun 2023
Love is a boulevard,
Sometimes we're in different lanes.
If all's going well, then I guess it's the same.
But what of the self-imposed roadblocks,
Or closures for repairs?
Things never gotten round to, and now
Some roads lead nowhere
Alio Dec 2022
I want to go to the gym
I want to run on the treadmill
I want to burn off all my fat
and burn off all my skin
I want to lean out of my window
and puff the cigar that’s collecting dust downstairs
I want to slip ***** in my drinks
and sit in the below-zero weather
I want to feel a different kind of warmth
I want to fill my lungs with a different kind of air
A different kind of burn
I want to learn how to play the piano
I want to take care of my voice
I want to be better with my father
As if I have a choice
I want to be happy
I want to write this down in pen
I want to be free
But, frankly, in the end
Is it really up to me?
rk Jun 2022
you want to see
how soft and tender my flesh is
and crack the inside of my mind open
like a pomegranate,
ruby jewels spilling onto white sheets.
i offer my plum ripe heart to you greedily
prey wanting to be hunted,
only to be left with sticky hands
from trying to hold myself together
when you walk away.
- we all have a hunger.
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