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Troy 1d
You say no one cares
You say that there's no one who wants you
No one that needs you around
But I have to ask

Are you blind?
Did you not see my gaze?
Did you not feel my touch?
Did you not sense my feelings?

Did I not voice them to you?
Did you not hear my cry?
Did you not savor my speech?
Am I invisible?

I ask you simply
Am I not enough?
Should I wait in the shadows?
For your glancing touch?

Should I hide and wait?
For something that may never be?
Should I run for the hills?
Never to be seen again?

Why can you not see?
That I was there all along.
Wanting your touch.
Wanting your gaze.

You run around
Talking to all
But here I sit waiting
For you to finally see

See my heart
Laying upon this platter
Beating so softly
Until no more
Is it wrong to..
Feel too much
Do too much
Like too much
Love too much
Trust in your gut and your heart and soul trying to find control.
The balance between **** and fate
Love and hate . Searching finding loving learning ..
....wanting needing getting having ..
You look like
a boy in a blizzard.
Scared and cold and without a clue.
I feel like
the heat of a fire.
Fueled with nothing but a desire for you.
Skye Nov 2
and i once said to myself,
"let it be that you are sad, broken, helpless, alone, wanting..
let it be that you are nothing.
because when you are,
you are free-
free of the vines that drag you down,
of the shackles that keeps you in place.

of the you
that you were bound to let go
a long time go.

let it be that you are sad.
let it be that you are broken.
let it be that you are hopeless.
let it be that you are alone.
let it be that you are wanting.
let it be that you are hurting.
let it be that you are how you feel.

let it be.
so once you're ready,
you can finally let go."
a lot of realizations. oof
Persephone Oct 29
Where did my feelings flutter too?
The ones that make my body sparkle
And pound my chest with joy
The ones that spew anger and shout rage
The ones that throw tears at my eyes
And sooth relief into my veins
The ones that turn my thoughts into dreams
And my dreams into life
The ones that left me ohh so unlonely
Why did they go?
Finding within something screaming
Yearning for Wanting more
Try as , I might
For silence will not come
It pulls at my flesh
Leaving me tattered
Try as , I might
to hinder the pain
It's left screaming
I use my gifted knowing
to try to sooth
to comfort
Try as , I might
I must give up
For nothing will do
Its wanting you

© Jennifer Delong 10/25/18
Moon Wright Oct 24
I'm wanting to be
A better version of me
But with each day
And step I take
I seem to be taking
One step forward
And two steps back

I'm wanting to be
A better version of me
But my mind
Tries and tries
To find ways
To destroy my soul
Every single day

I'm wanting to be
A better version of me
But my body
Doesn't have the energy
And the effort
To obtain such
A good being

I'm wanting to be
A better version of me
But only my spirit
Is willing
To find this better
Wanting to be a better person is hard sometimes
everyone wants to be

and memorable

I would be lying to you
If I told you I was any different

though lately,
I've been thinking a lot about

how swallowing your
electric individuality
and concealing your
perfect imperfections
hurts less.

because when you are

and forgettable

you don't need to worry
about people taking
more of you
then you want to give.

they don't want it anymore.
darling, you've done a number on me.
Haley Oct 18
Hesitant, reaching out and wondering
Eyes lock, the tension escalating
Pull back, too shy to continue blundering,
This beautiful moment of anticipation.

Sparks are flying, fires burning bright
Fluttering of butterflies spread
The constant reaction simply on sight
Breath stutters to a stop, nervously wanting.

Then suddenly, both are in the same sphere,
No beginning or end of one or the other.
One soul, one body, the melding clear.
Love is a beautiful imperfect thing.

Love is old as time, yet new and unique
No rhyme or reason, color or creed.
Strong and clear in the face of critique,
It is always worth fighting for.
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