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I write about you as if doing so will make you real
Haven’t met you, yet I know how you make me feel
Or maybe the reality is I have and the want is from memory
Pen to paper should imitate passion inked on you by me

No doubt that I am foolish, time winds and leaves us scarred
As if contradicting doors with a dozen locks, yet still ajar
Reminiscent of bruised fruit, but the heart only feels hunger
With you satiating the wanting and the ever driving wonder

And the poetry has gone on so long I know not if your real
I have no regrets, as the pen bleeds only what I feel
My mind like a drunken witness with an unreliable memory
With that in mind, I paint dripping words with my visions of you and me

Whoever you may be
Daphne Kasuz Oct 5
I walk in
You see me
All of me
You stare
I catch your gaze
I stare
What are we looking for
We can’t
We know it
But we carry on
Settle for imagining
Daydreaming days away
Will we ever share
What’s on our minds
It’ll hurt too much
For them
For us
Let’s run away I think
Let’s leave it all I wish
Let’s give up I dream
I stop
I refocus
I’m back
I’ll just stare
And walk out
Erali Pisce Sep 25
He was cold,
and my blood was warm.
I was his first **** after a long winter.
He had my body pinned,
down in the snow bed,
and this was the end for me.
I would be his feast,
and no one else would ever have me.
I have food in my belly
A roof over my head
And thoughts that keep me spinning

I have a grandma who loves me
A cousin who looks up to me
A cat and a dog
That have so much warmth to give.

But All I can think
Is how there's a chance
That you don't love me

Every 7am
I check my phone
Hoping there's a message from you

How far down the line does this go
Is it mutual
Even a bit
Even at all?

But my hope is too strong
My faith isn't giving up
On the possibility of meeting your core.

I'm hard headed
And passionate to the bone.

I'm silly
And I'm serious

I'm goofy
And ****

I'm a paradox
Wrapped in skin.

You haven't figured me out
As I'm unraveling more so
Each and every breathe I take.

Discovering the magic in my fingertips
The power of my voice
And the strength in my dance.

I'm a warrior woman
A goddess who will always strive
Even when it's hard to get up
When I'm weak and shaky
When I've been knocked down
To the gravel

A goddess will always strive
Even with warm tears
In her eyes.

If the girl over there has you distracted
With her big eyelashes and flirtatious flare

I hope it's worth it,
Cause it cuts my wounded heart.
To know you didn't even try to understand

My eyes.
My tries.

Take a look deeper,
Take a look inside..

I may be fallen now.
But I will rise.

Carl D'Souza Jul 29
I want a cigarette
but I need to stop smoking
to improve my health
and optimise my joy and happiness.
luz maria Jul 7
i miss the way you said my name,
the way you held me in your arms,
i miss how i would run my hands though your hair and put you to sleep.

i hate the way we said goodbye,
how you didn’t even care.
all our love spilled on the ground like it was nothing, joined by the tears i cried
Bhill Jul 1
Waiting for the bus to arrive
Hoping to go away and thrive
Seeing the world in other places
Wanting to be in different spaces

Learning about all kinds of things
Searching around to see what it brings
Having the chance to see life dance
Maybe, just maybe, take a whole new stance

Life has ways to move right along
I want to be there to learn its new song
It's been so long that I could be free
The happy inside just wants to see...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 161
What's next in your life?.
Sara fairmeal May 19
I remember running my hands through your hair, and wanting to lean down to kiss you.

I remember how badly my hands shook after our first kiss, and wanting nothing more than to do it agian.

I remember there was a time when my hands couldn't hold yours, and I never want to go back.
I'm wanting to give this poem as a aniversery gift. Any grammer, spelling or other advice is appreciated.
Oskar Roux May 15
Such a sin
It seems

to want
Open to your comments and interpretation
It's you the one I see across the room.
It's you the one I wanna I want to be with.
It's you the one I want to be in a dark room.
It's you the one I want to cuddle with.
It's all you!
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