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Jace Joseph May 16
Slithering sparks slicing the darkness in two, it makes me shiver.
Off in the distance is another storm I'll have to weather,
but it's okay I'm a striver.
Because if I catch even a glimpse of that beauty,
I can stand though even the strongest storms.
I feel entrapped
in this shell
wrapping me around

It covers
- envelops -
every part of me;

But, inside
I still
© 04/05/20
by Michael R. Burch

Here the only anguish
is the bedraggled vetch lying strangled in weeds,
the customary sorrows of the wild persimmons,
the whispered complaints of the stately willow trees
disentangling their fine lank hair,

and what is past.

I find you here, one of many things lost,
that, if we do not recover, will undoubtedly vanish forever ...
now only this unfortunate stone,
this pale, disintegrate mass,
this destiny, this unexpected shiver,

this name we share.

Keywords/Tags: doppelganger, namesake, twin, lookalike, grave, tomb, headstone, inscription, weeds, shiver, recognition, destiny, fate
Nova Dec 2019
I shiver
With the cold
That comes with winter

You’re gone
But I’m here
And I’ll see you again soon
دema Oct 2019
my thoughts shiver
because ive gotten
sick to my stomach
from all the mess
inside my heart
Wake up cold, shivering, and alone.
When will that change?
Sasha Ranganath Mar 2019
you're gone and the wreckage ensues
you're gone and the heartache continues
you're gone and you're never coming back
i miss you.

because when you're dying,
your body is tired of fighting for
fighting with

the internal monologue is coming
to an end now
it's getting dark now
eyes closing now
mind quiet now.


broken whispers,

i have to go now

i have to go now

i have to go now
Maybe it's your smile
It takes me places
And I stare for a while

Maybe it's your eyes
All those gazes
They create fireflies

Maybe it's all of you
Every time you leave my side
I  feel so blue

You make me smile
Even if you don't know
Why I stare at you for a while

You make my eyes glow
Even when I can't see yours
You make me wish I was the princess in your chateaux

You make all of me shiver
Just with a small glance
And I wanna be with you forever
Please just give me a chance...
K Balachandran Jan 2019
Winter spreads white lies,
Thick and fast, so unabashed;
Her lovers shiver!
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