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Wake up cold, shivering, and alone.
When will that change?
you're gone and the wreckage ensues
you're gone and the heartache continues
you're gone and you're never coming back
i miss you.

because when you're dying,
your body is tired of fighting for
fighting with

the internal monologue is coming
to an end now
it's getting dark now
eyes closing now
mind quiet now.


broken whispers,

i have to go now

i have to go now

i have to go now
ThatSmile Feb 24
Maybe it's your smile
It takes me places
And I stare for a while

Maybe it's your eyes
All those gazes
They create fireflies

Maybe it's all of you
Every time you leave my side
I  feel so blue

You make me smile
Even if you don't know
Why I stare at you for a while

You make my eyes glow
Even when I can't see yours
You make me wish I was the princess in your chateaux

You make all of me shiver
Just with a small glance
And I wanna be with you forever
Please just give me a chance...
Johnny walker Feb 15
I forgot to remember to forget all the bad days In my life like when abused as a kid at the hands of my mother beaten with a wooden brush

I forgot to remember to forget the days I was sexually abused by own brother even though my parents knew they aloud It to happen

I forgot to remember forget all the days that I suffered haunting memories of *** abuse and beating I suffered at the hands of my
Memories of abuse suffered as a child 60 years on they still haunt me send a shiver down my spine
Winter spreads white lies,
Thick and fast, so unabashed;
Her lovers shiver!
arden Jan 8
The visible light that's really burning,
Above all others is the sun.
The superior, scorching sun.
Does the sun make you shiver?
does it?

It is warm,
it is bright,
but it makes me shiver.

Pay attention to the legends,
the legends are the most dead stories of all.
Now fallen,
the legends will guide you

Just like small pebbles, are planets.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the planets,
Gently they go - the knavish, the attractive, the ingenious.

I shiver

the, end
Em Dec 2018
A whimsical tweet
powerful enough
To send shivers
down your spine

The tones that make you
want to dance
and want to cry
are always the most divine.
i love bittersweet stuff
flutes make me feel like that i dunno
luv music
Abby M Dec 2018
I feel small
The world is a laughing giant
Wearing a coat to stop the cold
But all of her coats are too big for me
Kyle Johnson Sep 2018
Fallen dusty leaves dance foolishly through the fridget artic wind.

Moonlight so full it pours silence in the shadows that follow in meadowing footsteps.

A calming essence rings through the body to the beating heart.

No time. No beginning nor end.

A breath travels to the lifeless edge of an overgrown detached road.

A shiver in the spine.
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