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Prince Rin Apr 5
Imagine a girl...
She has Firey orange hair
Lovely golden eyes
Average in height
Skin the picture shade of caramel
Sharp lip, showing her perfect smile
Teeth so white they shine just like the sun.

You see her on the Beach
Laying on the sand
playing in the water
Or getting a tan

Loves to be active
and cheer with her friends
Since the beginning
She'd loved to dance

If Summer was a girl
I bet she's love sport
and the outdoors

I bet she was fun
also fairly smart

A bubbly personality
So outgoing
Never having a bad day

Never having a Dark time
Cause she only gets brighter

If Summer were a girl.....
Styles Apr 1
May my words touch you
in ways you have never conceived.
Taking your breath away,
until you can barely breathe.
Give you everything you want
and things you forgot you need.
If not a full thought,
let me place just a seed,
You are what you are,
and even more of what you read.
So do as you may
with these words,
enjoy as you proceed.
My pleasure is yours
and together,
this cycle we feed.
PV Mar 25
It’s Funny, I see you looking, from all the way over there
And I wonder
What are you thinking
And why do I care
But then you lean in
And I listen
Then you pull back
So I watch you
You’ve piqued my curiosity
I think I’ve piqued yours
I watch you watch me
And I wonder
What are you thinking
yann Mar 1
put your body next to mine, if you dare
and let my hands play with your skin,
they'll be soft i promise,
like two little curious things
playing notes on your stomach,
touching your fingers shyly in reverence and
nesting in your hair when they get tired.
they love you,
let them rest right there
in your arms.
Why do you even cry,
When your first instinct
is to simply lie.
Are you a proficient liar or a crybaby?
EmperorOfMine Oct 2020
Every October, on her birthday, she visits the next friend she'll keep forever, 3 o'clock, in the morning, she'll greet you.

A little girl dressed all in black
Got called a little shadow,
The kids around thought she'd attack
when they turned the lights hollow
She'd walk away, her face unphased
Her little soul would laugh
She let them know that she would go,
she'll make them all friends fast
Far far away, less noise out there
her home was set to be
She went back there, to tell one friend
as pale as the snow gleams,

Let's make them friends, so we can dance
recharge the father's glee
Give him their soul, give us a friend, every single Halloween
Summer Oct 2020
distant is the faerie light and bar music,
quiet is the soft thrumming of your heart
against my fingertips —
speaking a language of old dreams
and poignant powder scent
sweet is the viscaria tinted in innocent pink,
twirling in the cup of my palm, asking —
"would you dance with me?"
I am posting poems with pictures to better conjure the imagination in my poetic instagram account! You can find me in @xsummerblues if any of you are interested :)))
Achick Jul 2020
Fool me once shame on you
Don’t you dare think I’ll let you fool me twice?
Okay, that was the last time
But you won’t fool me for a third time!
Now I feel dumb
The universe chimes in playing a song
Oops!! I did it again!!
Now the universe has jokes
Alright mighty adversary,
You won’t fool me again
I swear that was the last time!
My head held low in shame
I’m done playing this game
Stupid jack in the box
Gets me every time
I just wanted to write something funny
The Foody One Apr 2020
I am lost
in the breeze
of endless evenings -

Your laugh,
the playful gurgle
of singing ponds.
© 01/05/20

~ chill out evenings ~
veevee Apr 2020
So many words want to be said,
Calm down, please tarry your flow.
They burst out laughing.
Slow down please.
They taunt me even more.
My pen grumbles; it cannot keep up.

There is one word not in their midst.
The shy one, it is hiding.
It is one word that holds so much,
So much mystery folded in its cloak.
I shine a torch but it hides deeper.
It will come out when it is ready.

Suddenly, my companions slow down,
And glance outside with worry.
Then they shrug and start running around unabated.
They rearrange themselves and spell out
“Life is so short. You take yourself too seriously.”
As I bow to their playful wisdom, my friends scatter around,
And I clumsily try to shepherd them onto the page.
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