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Summer 3d
distant is the faerie light and bar music,
quiet is the soft thrumming of your heart
against my fingertips —
speaking a language of old dreams
and poignant powder scent
sweet is the viscaria tinted in innocent pink,
twirling in the cup of my palm, asking —
"would you dance with me?"
I am posting poems with pictures to better conjure the imagination in my poetic instagram account! You can find me in @xsummerblues if any of you are interested :)))
Achick Jul 3
Fool me once shame on you
Don’t you dare think I’ll let you fool me twice?
Okay, that was the last time
But you won’t fool me for a third time!
Now I feel dumb
The universe chimes in playing a song
Oops!! I did it again!!
Now the universe has jokes
Alright mighty adversary,
You won’t fool me again
I swear that was the last time!
My head held low in shame
I’m done playing this game
Stupid jack in the box
Gets me every time
I just wanted to write something funny
The Foody One Apr 30
I am lost
in the breeze
of endless evenings -

Your laugh,
the playful gurgle
of singing ponds.
© 01/05/20

~ chill out evenings ~
veevee Apr 29
So many words want to be said,
Calm down, please tarry your flow.
They burst out laughing.
Slow down please.
They taunt me even more.
My pen grumbles; it cannot keep up.

There is one word not in their midst.
The shy one, it is hiding.
It is one word that holds so much,
So much mystery folded in its cloak.
I shine a torch but it hides deeper.
It will come out when it is ready.

Suddenly, my companions slow down,
And glance outside with worry.
Then they shrug and start running around unabated.
They rearrange themselves and spell out
“Life is so short. You take yourself too seriously.”
As I bow to their playful wisdom, my friends scatter around,
And I clumsily try to shepherd them onto the page.
ms reluctance Apr 14
Soon, almost, tomorrow, maybe, later
are polite ways of saying no, never
Easy words I often use to cater
to persistent questions I don’t savour

I answer one query with a question
of my own. Before you know it, I change
the discourse with a subtle suggestion,
still manage to have a pleasant exchange.

I must confess though that secretly, I  
always harbour a faint hope that someone
will see through my feint and try to be sly
so we can tease and toy and have some fun.

Please pardon my disingenuous ploy;
my ennui struck heart enjoys being coy.
NaPoWriMo Day 14
Poetry form: English Sonnet
IC Mar 12
A child is like a flame
Warm and alive
They spread the flame, just by making a blow, a little movement
The warmth spreads
But only to where the wind lets them
It is its protector and biggest enemy
They sculp the flame

Once the wind is to strong, the flame goes out
And the field of flames slowly decreases untill its empty

The flame is gone
The wind is gone
One noon I took, I took a nap,
or did a nap take me?

Yes, I was took, could not be shook,
from slumber shaken free.

I had a dream, a dream I had
the dream was having me.

And in the me the dream did have
I could not struggle free.

When I woke up, (I think I did,
'less the waking did up me)

I found that I was tired still,
from nap I could not flee.

Oh what to do, sleep gnashed and chewed,
no hope it would cough me?

Just one withdrawal, from nap’s foul maw:
Find the nearest coffee.
Cassius Bartholomew, a dapper gentleman
Oh, two-toned fuzzy suit, and smile so genuine
Regarding his tough muscles, a good workout regimen
Gracious with affection, his love is never tentative
I greatly love that Cash, so I write these sentences

Cassius is a cuddle monster who snuggles day or night
Oh, that Cashboy is such a manly man despite his tiny height
Ruggedly running through rolling hills, superlative delight
Gusto! Cash's cry of joy when his name you cite
I hope you understand by now, Cash's character's airtight

Cassius is a Corgi, a big-eared loaf of bread from end to end
Cashboy is the best of dogs
He's truly man's best friend
So yeah, I have owned Corgis for a long time.  Cash is my male Corgi and he is constantly filled with pleasure being around people, roughhousing with his mate Lucy, and will park himself directly on your lap for hours trying to soak up some love.  For being such a large part of my life, he deserved a poem.  I also used the lines as an acrostic poem to spell out C-O-R-G-I twice.
She looks on into the clock, wondering when the bell would signal her release from boredom. She finds herself playing with the hoodie of a classmate, hoping he'd focus on her to have someone keep her mind from the mundane atmosphere of the classroom. She always loved messing with his hoodie during class because his reactions were always funny. She tosses the piece of clothing from one hand to the other when She comes to realize the patient nature of the classmate and thanks him for not leaving her in a world of loneliness and apologizes for having to put up with her.
I have a friend in class that sits behind me and she always liked to mess with my hoodie whenever the class would bore her, one day she apologized about having to put up with her. I never really minded when she played with it.
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