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Philomena Jul 2019
"You'll soon be hearing the chime
Close to midnight
If I could turn back the time
I'd make all right

How could it end like this?
There's a sting in the way you kiss me
Something within your eyes
Said it could be the last time
'Fore it's over!

Just wanna be
Wanna bewitch you in the moonlight
Just wanna be
I wanna bewitch you all night

It keeps on giving me chills
But I know now
I feel the closer we get
To the last vow"
Tint Nov 2018
The swooshing of an aircraft
as I struggled to image paint
not knowing that all of my body
is the sailcloth, a masterpiece

My eyes is blinded by madness
and I would blame an empty head
and the blade that was my weapon
is used to myself instead

Who will defend me, a woeful being
will you sacrifice your creed?
If the waves of the ocean water
they will drown you to your death

I am the moon lover
and the rain is my mistress
When they see me together
I am the king of chains

And we all will gleam simultaneous
the light, the water, and flame
oh! the two of them outshined me
still, I am bewitched.
Frio. The cold. The ice. The talker and the chained.
Luna Sep 2018
From the tales of
Ruined men
Their names laced around my tongue ,
A sweet curse
Bewitched the eye
And swells them in
dabbles of dagger
I have swallowed,
A cutting edge
A slash on the throat choking in—
Beneath my scaly skin,
Body wrapped around a
Sweat gleaming neck,
And with a puncture
On the lips
It starts bleeding.
[Belinda :old Germanic name meaning snake]
If kisses were wishes
puckered lip squishes

bewitching your skin
as they begin

just like a kite
they start to take flight

dancing through skies
on nature's sighs

magic unseen
sweetly convened

into the heavens
wishes now leavened

to enrapture just you
the kisses accrue
K Balachandran Aug 2017
comes bewitching night,
flows liquid carbon delight,
boat to sleep's island!
Kimberly Heart Jul 2017
Don't look at me
with those hypnotic eyes
forcing me to fall weak

Don't speak to me
with that entrancing voice
that portrays lies, spells that lures me to you

Don't hold me
with that enchanted touch
that keeps me spellbound

Don't kiss me at night
with the moon bright outside
as it gives you power and temptation

Don't try
for I know the truth
I know what you are
His "love" is compared to a witch casting a spell that forces her to love him back
Will you join me?
There's a party on the moon,
A dancing of the stars,
One by one they call out,
Singing to the midnight light.

Everyone is invited to
The party on the moon,
Dreamers dreamt the decorations
Creating the scene for
The perfect dance hall.

So why don't you join me
At the party on the moon--
You can dance all night
And I might save a dance for you,
A dance at the party on the moon.
Ensorcell Definition: to bewitch or enchant.

— The End —