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Carmen Jane Jan 29
Never had time for love
As my buttons were my world
Never cared for zippers
They are awfully wrong

You were on  your bike
And invited me on a ride
I refused vehemently
And I left suddenly

My buttons are my world
They are a statement
The real ones, made of bones
Zippers are too vagrant.

The same night, to my surprise
Again we met and your advice
Was that I should just accept
That ride...a feeling crept…

The next day, at my mom's house
My heart jumped and paused
You were there invited for dinner
Along with your mom,  couldn't be stranger

The third day, reality check
My focus is back, I have buttons to make
Families on me depend
At the button factory, my day I'll spend

I always park in the same spot
You were there again,in my earshot
In front of my favorite cafe
(To gain control, I need to pray)
From you, I need to go away

My car won't start, you call it fate
Your pleading eyes makes me accept
A ride with you on your motorcycle
Might lead to a vicious cycle

My factory is not this way
You take me to the sea instead
There we kiss and my buttons fly
Made of pearls,you're out of mind!

I guess you could call it mind abduction
As I layed with you on the sand, unbuttoned
We were alone and outside it rained
We found deep passion, that's all we cared.

On our  first  year anniversary,
You wear zippers, what controversy!
Yet the jacket is the same
As you said it then, it was fate!

You had the biggest surprise
You went back to find a prize
You found my buttons, the pearly ones
All was perfect and magical!
Inspired by a short story written by a friend of mine, the story line is not mine, yet I wanted to surprise her with a poem inspired by her work! Happy birthday H.C.!
mjad Nov 2019
Skrt skrt comes the bike
Of the boy that i like
But we aren't dating
We just kiss and ****
So wish me luck
Trying to avoid all the feelings
P I Watson May 2019
The image breathes joy
I leave it out. It urges
me to be better
Aeryn Mar 2019
A smooth head tilt toward the sidewalk,
he gently gestures for us to cross
When ignored, he snaps a bent leg into place
as naturally as he's attracted to men
soft, intelligent eyes glinting through his rainbow helmet

His cycle stutters like he did when asking Jason out,
breathing out life like he breathed out "I love you",
a mustang anxious to rear up and gallop
He soothes the handlebars with steady palms,
then unleashes his bike's power
as soon as we're safe
on the other side,

off to meet up at a romantic café
with a man named Peter Ryde.
I was crossing the street this morning and saw the most passionate look in this motorcyclist's eyes. I had to write about him.
Lua Mar 2019
I asked him why he did not travel on the roads anymore
He blamed fear and age
In my mind, I told him:
"I like the bittersweet taste of danger touching my lips"
But it was much more than that
Because you, constant and inconstant part of my body, which brings me contemplation and solitude
Let me bathe in the night and search the stars in the sky
As the midnight wind hits my body
I don't need anything else, just movement and freedom
I'm a hurricane, I'm everything and I'm nothing
My mind frees and turns itself off, to rekindle more attentively, more alive
And then take me to unfamiliar and distant places
And I will feel the breeze of the ocean,
And I will see the distance lights of the city
They shine just for me tonight
Competing with the starry sky and the moon reflecting on the sea
Just like lullabies on my mind
I don't need anyone, I am everything and I am nothing
I am a silent hurricane
Devoid of fear in its dark and tropical flavor
Climbing wet roads filled with nature
And just then
I will finally feel the bittersweet taste
Of freedom touching my lips
Igor Goldkind Mar 2019
Riding a Motorcycle
Before I start my engine
I know where I am going.
The motorcycle and I are one.
If the motorcycle goes fast,
I go fast.
If the motorcycle goes slow
I go slow.
If the motorcycle goes too slow
I fall over.
Makayla Jane Mar 2019
Revving engine there you go,
Twisting the throttle of your Harley Davidson

Sunglasses down, a small smirk upon your face
You think you're better than everyone
You stupid mosquito
A poem I made for my best friend based off a joke we made lol.
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
threatening rain
check it and go
risk with puffy clouds everywhere
respecting Mother Earth
comes back
red tail hawk
shimmering leap side to side
floating in my way
bobbing and weaving
prediction of tranquility
bird of prey mirroring
duck here duck there
we’re in harmony
just a second
lane carved by fall leaves
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