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Debbie Lydon Sep 2021
I'm glad that I am here in the depths of this hurt,
I am reminded of my life, my very own life,
This weight that is heartache that I currently bear, I'm grateful to it and the changes it is making,
My face looks ever so different in this mirror, in this sorrow new strength, in these tears an elixir.
Peter Rogers May 2021
Time to make sure
My ol' mixture
Lime Elixir has its hops

I do picture
Rinds and liquor
Dry and richer as its drops
off the fluff cuff
rach Apr 2021
on thin ice,
wide and narrow pathways
you were always there
with your luminous presence,
making me shine,
and glow,
even in my darkest moments.

you turned me into gold
when i felt rusty and old
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2020
So concentrated solid is the perfect circle
encompasses the ultimate irrational zero space
housing down the orbiting planets a standstill earth.

Ahead of seven seas so fluid is a muslin cloud in the air
spilling down all the moonlight if the moon splits into half
for that beauty spot there would still be a black moon night!
The hidden gem from down the bottom of the earth
splashes a drop of colour and sets the sun on fire!

Ever wonder if the potion in this cup gets down to half
it does but only to get down to a drop of elixir.
Without sipping in living with such a sound melodious
presence up to the other world before dying one could die!
lk ode Aug 2020
One of the saddest tragedies of life
is when we down a poison,
thinking it an elixir.
-elixir- Aug 2020
The fireflies lie in their graves,
immortalized for their glories
that paved the path for the tired
souls that yearned to live, wired
to the immaculate truth of life
and to take one's soul off the knife.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2020
Is it gone slipped out of the net
the time is on the fly?
Bask in the shadow is not too far,
take a walk down the sun.

Let the firesome stands tall
up the mountain of its colour splendour.
The bumble bees know there are
more on the edges of the spectral.
The moon only dips in the black earth
and scoops a black mole for every star!

The giant beauty in the night is more
it does a matter what a wee hour you eye on!  
Scientists say the star vanishes in the black hole
maybe it doesn’t want to come off the locks
but how did Alexander the Great sniff out
there was elixir on the other side of the pool?

A thought crosses my mind as if a moonlight
passes a sleeping one that promptly wakes up
and feels like showering in the moonlight
the sky isn't big nor the stars are far
but the planet earth by sea is bigger.
Every star loves to slide into the sea in the moonlight
perhaps the glowing moon on its forehead did it first!
Squeezed earth breaks out where it apparently ends
more is in the zero-circle, pi is transcended!
Let's taste, he sets out for the end of the globe.
on the way he goes, walks in chiaroscuro
down the moving planets in light and shadow.

If the seven seas splash out in a lofty billow
sets out on the cloud for the blue sky he won’t stop
because the empty cup is refilled there is a elixir drop!  

Up high the star in the black holes delights in locks
deep down the earth the moon delves in a black mole.
All is dark matter the light is over the burnt Mt.Sinai
the only cool rose Moses down the fire is in an elixir dew,
the watermark, from the untouchable a touching cue.
The secret sauce of life just a glance turns the sun to brew
the whole stars mirroring sea in the night slides into a dew!
Faire fondre au bain-marie
En remuant avec une maryse
Votre chocolat coupé en petits quatrains
Dans le café
Incorporer votre élixir de muse
Laisser tiédir.

Prendre une rime riche
Mise à tremper depuis la veille
Séparer les voyelles des consonnes
Fouetter les voyelles avec des mots pimentés
Monter les consonnes en neige éternelle
Avec une pincée de musc glacé
Et fouetter jusqu'au sang
Verser les voyelles dans le chocolat
En remuant énergiquement
Incorporer délicatement les consonnes en neige virtuelle.
Mélanger doucement avec une virgule éphémère

Verser votre mousse dans de petits ramequins
Réserver au frais pendant trois heures minimum
Déguster votre mousse d'élixir de muse au chocolat
Avec du melon et de la pastèque bien fraîche
Over Mar 2019
I look back

Concepts orbiting in an isolated space
The empty air smells like uncertainty
Droning like distant dissonant shouts from outer space
A train of meaningless code flows life-likely
Through a pit in my stomach
The darkest black hole is an orb made of heaviest matter possible
Condensed and concentrated nothingness
It's track is not set on a straight line
Neither is it blurry
It's thin and wiggly
It's cut to a thousand pieces
Scattered through time and space
And I have built an empire upon it called life
And I know it will crumble under its own weight
Spikes of life called memories soar high on a brittle foundation
And at the core
Overloads and explodes
A single node
Overthinking and overheating until it blows
Functions recursively until it breaks
Nothing flows

I look back
Still nothing
Written while listening to "The Faust Tapes" by Faust
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