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Kahou Eru Jan 2022
It been awhile
I took some hits
Had some falls
A blunder really
I come to Terms I might be a failure
  Or it might be a rut
No I'm not sad can't say I'm happy either
For now I will take this first step
For I know myself  
And with all the money you have you can't save you from yourself  
That to me is my Wake up call  
That I live with myself  
As long as I
Brimming with lachrymose does not define you as weak
Blades lacerating and make you bleed
The heat of the pain giving you distress
Like a lion, you fight it and don't let it own your body and make you numb
You are the strongest person I know
You are a Knight but you don't live by your sword
You live by your truth
Gone are the days when success of a woman was beyond the pale
When they said you couldn't
You stood with hands at akimbo and said "watch me do this"
It's not hard to notice the impeccable beauty and qualities you exhibit
Kindness and generosity
Such charisma is contagious
Did I tell you, your smile is Infectious
When you speak, the whole world listens
I believe in the bro code
Doesn't mean I will hurt a lady
Will always cheer you up on each and every victory
You repel the dogma and make your own rules
Each time you are around it feels like school
'Cause there's something new we learn from you
You that breathed a life in me
Will find a way for me
That's why I believe you are God's greatest creation
God's master piece
I have a seed growing called hope inside of me
For a better world
And it starts with letting you in
Something unquestionable is the strength of a woman
Happy women's day
Kahou Eru Oct 2020
I don't regret nothing it's nothing wrong with trials or disappointments or hell failure
How will you grow, how will you learn to succeed
How will you come to be better than the last time mistakes are a given
Key focus and effort
is all you need to know
If you truly are valued..but..
If you can't forgive how can you truly live
I am thankful
I Can
Kahou Eru Dec 2019
I think
Therefore I am
I want to be greatest
Of all time
Actually I'd settle for
Being the greatest me
I can possibly be
So I guess no regrets
Pretty much impossible
To regress
God I only pray
For success
Morning mantra
Empire Jun 2019
Alright, Darkness
You’ve held me captive so long
I stopped fighting
I let you consume my mind, my being
But I did not rest idly
I gathered my strength
And now I will reach yet again
For the sword I had sheathed
I will fight
I will wage war
To protect myself
To save myself
I’ve rested well
And now with my sword in hand
I will banish you from my heart
I will reach out to the light
And be filled again
With life
Empire Apr 2019
I've been fighting so long
In this awful, ****** war
I'm deeply tired
Wounded, scarred

I want to surrender

The voices screaming
"Give up," "You can't win"
"You'll never escape this"
"You'll never escape us"

I want to surrender

But there's this force within
Keeping me breathing
Swinging my sword
When my own strength fails

I want to surrender

I am reminded by it
That I can't give up now
There are better things coming
My fight cannot end here

I want to surrender

I suppose, there must be
Courage inside of me
Because despite its allure
I have yet to give in

I want to surrender

And it is the act
Of overcoming this desire
That proves to me
I fight with valor
Inspired by Skillet’s “Never Surrender”
Ken Pepiton Apr 2019
the history and indoctrination of infantry

infant re

de rim u derimu, I count (old high irish)

gityeirishup, er shut yer leprechaun trap,

clap three times, spit wit the wind.

reason countable

you are trained to focus, aim,

miss, aim, miss, aim miss, come let's
cipher this thang out,
raison d'etre,
and all...
though misses all
count for nothing,
valenced by
one heartfelt hit t' knock the lie right.

old man re
crew recurrent reason to let this be re
al, always, already re

aim, loose... spit wit'thwind...

---- war seen from after his jet died--
---- vicarious warriors can't match
---- the missing memories.

Prisoners enobled warriors endurent
indoctrined to prevail

"did I train well enough to do my job?"

Win the war. Right, that was your job,
all along.


no will to win a war without a reason
not willing to question

authority doctrines in undated
rulebooks only lawyers
can read, that's a rule.

sacrifice and suffering un
common valor *** common

how do you win?

-- my guess, really

love my enemies. As good a way to die
as any I've tried.

war stories on youtube. imagine that and
sure as hellen highwater was easy

I gotta call armchair-back o' the arm
as I wipe a smeared memory

bullsss'it... RTOs don't walk point,
not back when you had
the radio, or said y'did,
nor did ye rereguard, when you
have the radio, Pr'ck 25
(like a cell phone
weighing 25 pounds, with a 5 mile range,
and no data. One to a team, as we

squellch squellch out) Nah, the guy's

lying, but it will hurt his kid's feelings,
if I say so,

he could believe his own hero myth,

I do.

---- nah, war stories are all we remember
ever after, happy as helen highwater was
to find you after fifty years
on facebook.
FTA, it don't mean nuthin'

it was so
silly, this is not the way it's supposed
to be, we

were the redcoats.
We were hanging Johnny Tremain Ngyuen,

wasting the last crawling,


the first starlight scope flash
bright green white

FNG popped a flare.

--- when do we call ******* ---

For the price of a baseball cap, a fool
can claim honor other fools died for.

Silly little war. Eighteen thousand
eleven bravos of aver
age age

Ooh ooh, like Pappa Doc 22 voodoo
doopy doo doopy doo
Duvalier, Ton Ton M'coo

hey. okeh

we got you. You thought crazy,
now you can stop.

--- there was a war and nobody won.
--- safe. passed madness has passed on.
--- see what good you may imagine done.
--- work that out, without making enemies.

April Fool. Why has this day always been about me?
Ask yourself. There exist

degrees of foolishness, none fashionable beyond

Who has a guess why facebook would refuse a link to this page. ***** about it.

Census Stats and “I Served in Vietnam” Wanabees
1,713,823 of those who served in Vietnam were still alive as of August, 1995 (census figures).
During that same Census count, the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served was: 9,492,958.
As of the current Census taken during August, 2000, the surviving U.S. Vietnam Veteran population estimate is: 1,002,511. This is hard to believe, losing nearly 711,000 between ’95 and ’00. That’s 390 per day. During this Census count, the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served in-country is: 13,853,027. By this census, FOUR OUT OF FIVE WHO CLAIM TO BE VIETNAM VETS ARE NOT. This makes calculations of those alive, even in 2017, difficult to maintain.
April 1, I found me listening to oral histories on Vietnam and ,,, got a bit ... ******
Robert Ippaso Mar 2019
Where is the anger, wrath untold
For these young men that go to die,
In foreign fields where we behold,
Bright plumes of poppies where they lie.

Words can’t explain the tears that well,
For sons and brothers lost to life,
Too soon the ringing of that bell,
The rousing epitaph, the doleful fife.

And yet in youth there is no fear,
To follow bugles sounding proud,
The thought that death be quite so near
Drowned out by voices shouting loud.

Forward they go brothers in arms,
As if a wave breaking on shore,
Courage undoubted, impervious to harm,
They follow destiny to history’s lore.

For those that lived beyond the slaughter,
Their lives now changed for evermore,
Gone is the youth, the raucous laughter,
In a recurring nightmare of blood and gore.

Award posterity the wrongs of war,
Our solemn duty merely to remember,
All those brave souls that went before,
Their memory a bright everlasting ember.
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