ThatCheesyMe Nov 22

Somewhere among
My Eyes
My Heart
My Phone's Wallpaper
I fell for you.

That Mesmerising moment
still echoes inside the walls
of my mind Palace
when my eyes captured
the picture-perfect
picturesque Portrayal
of the
pure perfection
of your
Precious Placid and Pleasant Presence.

I wish I could show it to the world.
I wish you could look at me looking at you the way I look at you.

Your eyes
Shining brighter than the brightest stars in the skies,
so Beautifully loved,
Traced in constellations to live forever.

I'm lost in your eyes
It's like my eternity resides there
I'm drowning in this ocean of timelessness
And I love it.

You said it takes time to fall in love,
No Darling, it does not.
It just took an unknown, mysterious moment
out of anticipated seredipity.
I wish I could scout that tiny bit of clock out from my dim reminders of A once living Past and present it to you;
And even if it took a thousand lifetimes I'd spend every Breath finding that tick of the clock to finally dissolve in it.

benie Nov 15

The wooden floorboards no longer speak
Dust no longer resides in the air; a cleaner breath to breath
Though cracks still remain as a reminisce of the past
A past that no longer exists, not really
The old swing on the old front porch still sways
Where I used to sit and think alone

This isolated path of self discovery
It came to an end not too long ago
My house was rearranged
Books placed neatly on the shelves
Furniture were placed in an order peculiar to me

I’d call this feeling exhilarance
Or serendipity if you prefer

You moved into my hollowed walls
As if spring came for a second time
Everything is renewed, my dear
You made this house my home

old emotions for one who almost caused my death

Se⋅ren⋅di⋅pit⋅y n. 1. The uplifting, seemingly never-ending weightlessness brought on by a beautiful event of pure happenstance. 2. When light hits one's face, esp. a friend or lover, in just the right way, and every aspect of one's inner beauty is displayed: lying in the morning sun / the ghost of curtains over faces / dust mote flurries around sleeping figures / or under the dim glow of decorative lights / and digital clocks reading 3:06 AM / exposed hearts, exposed minds / out on our sleeves / your inner beauty visible externally / to the world, to me / your face aflame with embarrassing thoughts / my face aflame with visible affection / or lying out under the Milky Way / under the Universe / constellations and bodies of memories hang above our heads / and watch us grow from millions of years in the past.

Written for my Intro to Creative Writing class--assignment was "Write your own version of A Van Jordan's 'Af⋅ter⋅glow', a poem like a dictionary entry."
FADE Oct 17

P l e a s e
make me
b e l i e v e
l o v e
can be as
s e l f l e s s
as it is
s e l f i s h
Own me
But never take me
a w a y
m y s e l f
Fill me with love
But never
f o r s a k e
P l e a s e
help me
b e l i e v e
that love can be
s e l f i s h
as it is
s e l f l e s s

abiu Oct 7

Unanswered questions will make you feel lost and far from close, feelings left unsaid will hurt the most.
What if's will break your heart
And an almost love will make it hard for you to restart.
It's so hard to get rid of an attachment
Especially without knowing what it really meant.


What really happened between us will remain unsolved.
Cné Sep 28

Long lines looped the carousel
the first time you gazed my eye,
mounted on that chestnut mare,
grasped tight to the reigns up high.

I see his face around the bend,
a corn dog in his hand.
Locking eyes as I rise. I blush,
above the crowd he stands.
Light flickers, mouths water
delicate contoured lips laugh. I smile.
The music hesitates along with my breath.
I think I'll be staying awhile.

Bewildered and a little dizzy,
I dismount with a giggle.
I lick my dry lips, dreamily,
hoping he is single.

With the wind, a light mist blows.
I can see her slowly get wet,
stumbling she falls my way.
I'm excited, this day isn't over yet

Drip, drip, drip upon my face,
anxiously, I turn to hurry.
In my haste, he catches my waist
swallowing... I fall covertly.

Lips moisten, I pull her near
a kiss, slipped, tongues twirl,
wanton whispers whisked away,
drenched deep passion's unfurl.

A stranger's kiss upon my lips
beneath the dreary skies.
Soaking wet, I'm still on fire
He caught me by surprise.

A stranger's kiss upon my lips
beneath the queching skies.
Heaven sent, a burning desire;
she, such a welcomed surprise.

A collaboration with TSPoerty.
In honor of the State Fair of Texas opening day ... tomorrow.
Thanks for the ride Tim!
Micah Zoe Sep 12

I did'nt mean to,
It was a coincidence
With my innocence
That I fell for you

The world meant us to be
With your joy, I agree
You feel the same
The destiny is for us to blame
But the destiny is so good
That now we have the same last name

Love me now
Hold me now
Touch me now
Kiss me now
'Cause you love me
And I love you.

Hi! For those who don't know Serendipity means good accident. I think it's bad but I hope you like it. I love Serendipity of BTS please watch it :)
Rebecca Y Sep 7

take time to stop and think.
to gaze at the night sky and count the stars.
to watch passing cars and wonder where they're headed.
to write down all your thoughts and feelings.
to listen to music that makes you feel surrounded by nebulae.
to be with the people who make you feel at home.

take time to stop and breathe.

talia b Sep 6

sometimes we need no beginning ; or ending. only meeting them
at the right moment, when the stars or the gods / or the gentle and raucuous earth, overfull on maudlin sorrow / move us into this moment. you ease into my life as if you never left / you will stay; 'til i forget when you came and when you leave again and i follow and we circle, like stars, atom and dust to dust to hopeful ashes, always reaching, reaching for the moment
we meet /


hello: welcome home.

OK, I photograph weddings at City Hall
Done thousands, pays the bills in so many ways
The smiles are so genuine
It's a happy place

I got all kinds of rates for your pocketbook
Hey, you gotta have at least one picture for the memory book
But how about the one I didn't take?
That was the one on my wedding day

She was sitting on a bench at the Marriage Bureau
I asked her if she needed a picture on that special day
She replied, "I'm not getting married, no way"
I gave her my card, just in case

This is a true story, I kid you not
We got together, we tied the knot
Thus, this is a holy place
Holy moley, wholly great
Where true love congregates every day
Just ask me, you know what I'll say

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