shaynespeare Feb 21
i've had a lifetime debacle
yet you came, my miracle
i thank heavens for the serendipity
let me show you our little infinity.
Penchie Limbo Feb 20
Words were not required to convey the message held within.
The warmth of your touch when your hand held mine
Just easily melted my frozen heart.

The moment was so perfect, so magical
That felt like all the stars aligned for us
And the universe conspired in our favor,
Allowing two souls to meet in a chance encounter.

©Penchie Limbo
you were the blue ocean
and i was the yellow sun

i didn't know what a sunset looked like—
to me, it looked nothing more
than my descension into ruin
it was nothing more than my inevitable undoing

but as i sank down,
you enveloped me into your warmth
i found myself less afraid, i saw it
as a different kind of undoing; a serene death

as i lose all life, you promised
to hold me safe through the night
until i can rise again at dawn,
until i inevitably come back to you

everyone looks on, in awe of
the sunset, my aftermath,
seeing beauty in my death, as i
come home into your warmth
Ophelia O Jan 29
serendipity is summer
laying down with
siblings long forgot
they giggle as
their bodies
brush my skin
goosebumps greet them
together we look
to the mother
and wonder
if she will
keep shining,
but instead
breathe the rebirth
of heavy life
and stretch
with our grassy kin
for her salvation
me and the grass
If I only
had one
In the
of time,
I would
to the
moment of
when I had
met him by
and we
spoke of
how the
eyes were
the windows
to the soul,
I saw through
his, as he
within mine,
the robes of
angels of light,
deeper still,
we were
In a language
to our own,
the waves
rolled over,
reality, the
mist of
our teas,
and the
soft clouds
of the sky
all faded
to become
the whispers
of our universe
That tingle that starts from an electric spark
That tingle that sparks from a broken heart!

Thats new love!
Den Dec 2017
I still remember that one summer afternoon.
I saw you while I was sitting with my worn out desk,
Drawing a new cartoon,
And aiming for a better picturesque.

Freckles were visible upon your cheek,
But your eyebrows weren’t that on fleek.
Maybe it’s because of the cut you have there,
From a stout man in front of you, bearing a death glare.

In one blissful moment, my trash bin went flying,
As he was about to punch you again.
He then took a step back, looking like an ugly duckling!
You saw me through my window and gave me a smile that’s so inane.

It was never okay when I had too many hideous drafts,
Drafts that were always behind my beautiful crafts.
But then, I knew that you needed them as your defense.
And so I had them, even if they would cost ten thousand cents

My parents would always scold me,
For I was the very reason why our front gate was always messy.
But I didn’t care enough
As long as you stay safe from that dickheaded buff.

Then came a time when you didn’t show up.
I was badly ready for my defense gaming,
That I lay my head on my desk, playing Mom Jeans’ Death Cup,
As the sun’s power is already taming.

Days passed, crumpled drafts were already overflowing.
Still, I am waiting for you, my darling.
I am running out of paper.
But still, my hope will not waver.

When I cannot take it anymore, I went outside.
I was dancing through the streets like a happy bride,
And then I stepped on a crumpled piece of newspaper.
Currently reviewing for my Science exam tomorrow but, I saw this from the pile of junk inside my folder.
Rachelle Jan 8
He was a simple stroke of serendipity with eyes that showed more colour than her emotions. Slowly he took down each of her walls, he looked past her insecurities. He reached for her heart before her hand and promised her a world full of hope. Something about his smile and the warmth of his arms told her, there was no need to hope. She already had it all.

Because I have you.
ThatCheesyMe Nov 2017
Somewhere among
My Eyes
My Heart
My Phone's Wallpaper
I fell for you.

That Mesmerising moment
still echoes inside the walls
of my mind Palace
when my eyes captured
the picture-perfect
picturesque Portrayal
of the
pure perfection
of your
Precious Placid and Pleasant Presence.

I wish I could show it to the world.
I wish you could look at me looking at you the way I look at you.

Your eyes
Shining brighter than the brightest stars in the skies,
so Beautifully loved,
Traced in constellations to live forever.

I'm lost in your eyes
It's like my eternity resides there
I'm drowning in this ocean of timelessness
And I love it.

You said it takes time to fall in love,
No Darling, it does not.
It just took an unknown, mysterious moment
out of anticipated seredipity.
I wish I could scout that tiny bit of clock out from my dim reminders of A once living Past and present it to you;
And even if it took a thousand lifetimes I'd spend every Breath finding that tick of the clock to finally dissolve in it.
Benie Nov 2017
The wooden floorboards no longer speak
Dust no longer resides in the air; a cleaner breath to breath
Though cracks still remain as a reminisce of the past
A past that no longer exists, not really
The old swing on the old front porch still sways
Where I used to sit and think alone

This isolated path of self discovery
It came to an end not too long ago
My house was rearranged
Books placed neatly on the shelves
Furniture were placed in an order peculiar to me

I’d call this feeling exhilarance
Or serendipity if you prefer

You moved into my hollowed walls
As if spring came for a second time
Everything is renewed, my dear
You made this house my home
old emotions for one who almost caused my death
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