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Jeff Lewis Sep 10

              spilled          some
        on                  the

Floor and
                                               as they lay
                                    ­  surmount
I've    ever     written.

                                 ...and I lay down my pen for a broom.
Ray Dunn Aug 10
am i that smile?
or did serendipity
make me a hero?
haiku time babey
Serendipity and Luck; The only things that aid us in catching that one vital chance.
For the Romeo, the heart yearns for his Juliet's momentary glance.
So for a second they can share their love.
And fool the stars that hang crossed in the sky above.
Destiny still plays us like puppets in his evil game.
First be the soul of the hero seeking prestige and fame.
His life he would gladly trade to the devil himself for the mere opportunity.
His name be immortalized in history, his soul he would gladly sacrifice in perpetuity.
Second be the King that yearns for power to rule over all.
But Time turns his hands of the clock and soon every kingdom must fall.
Finally the holy man who only seeks inner peace and tranquility.
Is his destination even a possibility or a cruel lesson in futility?
The fickle gods make us mere mortals jester and dance.
In the end we seek those crucial moments of fortune and chance.
                                                                                                -Vijay M-
Tried to stay true to a set form
He was sterile .
She was virile .
Their love was fragile.

He gave up on love.
She gave up on him.
Love gave up on them.

He flew half way around the globe to find riches resources and
meaning of life.

She strode through sickening seas insearch of honor and pride.

Love didn't care neither did Life
Life made sure both paced halfway around the globe just to find each other again.
Love might work in mysterious ways but Life does what needs to be done.
say Mar 5
Oh how beautiful are we.
A product of serendipity.
Lost feelings of ambiguity.

You next to me.
It's mwe Feb 28
A girl created her own deep hope
When she is broken,
She put her feelings into poems
And she listened to every single silent of her soul
And jumped into a buried smile
And gathered all the sparkling frustration
And disappeared in a covered damage;
She is a master of a nicest holocaust

Until she discovered her own contentment
And destroyed the unfortunate events
of herself
And cherised a timeless adventure
And rewarded an aimlessly silhouette
And pondered an untouchable bliss;
She is a master of a wildest serendipity.
Mr Quiet Feb 12
There was a moment,
A moment in time where I looked in her eyes and saw the benevolent shining of her soul,
She and I would've never thought of what could anything lead to.
A hope perhaps,
A spontanious glimering hope that pushed off all of our senses and so did it knock us out as the wailings of our youth took over.
Never did we realize how it could be the best feeling in the world yet at the same time the most crushing.
The serendipity we found,
We kept it as long as we could,
To grab hold of it was the only source of our happiness,
And thus we sacrificed our livelihood,
For this pulchritudinous love never blinded us,
But we humans only blind the unwanted and abhorrent truth.
If I only noticed the warning signs, I would've never ended up with you.
AS Feb 5
How can i find the silver lining when there's no cloud
It's all rainbow and sunshine and we're singing out loud.
Quickly i try to find a tunnel to walk, hoping to find the light at the end
is it just so happens that my luck, found me a tunnel which never seems to end.
Was i wrong to thought it was a chains of events in serendipity,
Or to hope this happiness to last beyond the infinity?
It's like starting fire in the rain, hoping to find a warm comfort,
Instead what i got is pain, and the rain won't wash away the pain suffered.

AS 03/19
soli Jan 2
dear serendipity,

i met you under a lilac sky
with herons flying by
just watching cherry clouds blossom
into the horizon beyond
i remember asking you,
'why do i get to keep you?
why are you here with me?'
and you, with blue eyes,
the color of oceans deep
with a hint of green
and joy unbounded
with sorrow wounded
the eyes of stars above
capture your ability to love,
you replied in a voice mellow
the color of sunset yellow,
you said, 'i am your serendipity,
and that's all it'll ever be.'

i still love you
and you're still my serendipity

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