the rush of an absent serendipity rips through me,
I sense the vain but I can't seem to pull away it's really heavy,
And with every last piece of grace I pray that you're happy,
In many nights to come I know this repertoire will die slowly.
Brent Kincaid Jun 29
It started out so quietly
This timeless love we share;
A glance of someone passing
And just a momentary stare.
But in the gaze of a stranger
What should have been a mystery
Was glimpse of a past I had to know;
A tale of a fascinating history.

I didn’t think, just began to move
And put myself within that gaze
So I could find out who this was
That had set my mind ablaze.
Not so much the words we said,
Hello and how are you tonight,
It was that we said anything at all
That somehow made it all just right.

Some might think it was magic
That brought us here that night.
Some would call it a fairy tale
With that idea I will not fight.
It might not be a magic tale, or
It might be just what it seems.
Because something changed then
That fulfilled my sweetest dreams.
Sinong mag-aakala
Na doon, tayo ay magkakakilala
Una kang masilayan,
Wala akong ibang naramdaman
Sa gilid ng aking mata
Ika’y aking nakikita
Halos magkatabi
Iisang upuan lamang ang pagitan.
Sinong mag-aakala na tayo ay iisa;
Iisang Diyos pinaglilingkuran, iisa ang pinaniniwalaan
Sabay umawit, nagpuri sa Panginoon
Na alam nating tapat mula noon hanggang ngayon.
Sinong mag-aakala na sa paglipas ng isang linggo
Sa dating lugar, tayo'y muling nagtagpo
Walang muwang, mga hakbang ko'y patungo pala sa'yo
Labi nati'y ngumiti nang ang mga mata natin ay nagsalubong.
Lumipas mga araw,
Ika’y akin paring natatanaw
Nakasama, nakausap, at higit na nakilala
Ikaw ay maalam,
Nabigyan ng kakayahan
Magsalita, mangusap tungkol sa katotohanan.
Sinong mag-aakala na damdamin ko’y makukuha mo
Ang aking atensyon ay hindi na maialis sa’yo
Sa bawat salitang lumalabas sa bibig mo,
Tila ang tinig mo’y nagsisilbing musika sa pandinig ko.
Sinong mag-aakala na ika'y gugustuhin ko,
Makasama sa tuwina,
Galak, tanging nadarama
Tunay nga’t ang pinagsamahan
ay hindi nasusukat,
sa kung gaano na katagal magkakilala.
Sinong mag-aakala na hanggang ngayon ikaw pa rin ay kasama ko
Sa panahon at oras na minsa'y gipit na gipit na ako
Tinuruan, nag-iba ang pagtingin ko sa mundo
Naging positibo sa lahat ng aspeto.
Sinong mag-aakala na ikaw ay aking makikilala
Landas na nagtagpo nang dahil kay Bathala
Panahon ay susulitin, hindi mamadaliin
Upang sa huli ay hindi tayo mabitin!

"Sa gilid ng mga mata tinitignan kita."
Can't believe I met you exactly a year ago and I'm so happy to say that I'm still with you. For more years to come! Thanks for the companionship. I'm going to keep it, just this way. // 04.03.18
TheExpat Jun 2
Some say that pure luck can explain
Every success or accident.
Random kinks in the road remain
Each obstacle masks its intent.
Narrow pathway to preordain
Deity’s jest to represent.
It just makes no sense to complain
Providence guides life yet unspent.
In small steps across life’s terrain
The way to be truly content
Yield to serendipity’s reign
Alex Zhang May 25
I eat my corn dog
ketchup on my chin,
and the frogs croak,
while the crickets chirp,
warm air pressing gently on my skin.

A cool breeze tugs my shirt,
carrying a faint smell of cinnamon.

The cries and laughs of children
heard vaguely in the distance.

The birds' singing dies down
as the sun begins to set,
resting for another round,
as it hides its gilded coronet.

Yet the lights of the carnival
reflect like little stars
on the pond's surface,
dainty and novel,
shining without a purpose.

Just for that moment
I am unable to move,
for the night air takes my breath
and my body the darkness soothes,
so that all my pain melts away
as does this passing day,
and I let go of my regret.

I stop pondering whether I'm still sane,
for this moment I wish to remain
petrified like a Vesuvian
and all my worries, I soon forget.

And in those delicate seconds of clarity,
I feel like I truly understand
the meaning of my humanity,
of this abstraction that I perceive as actuality
what it is I really demand.

Everything in harmony
brimming with lucidity;
in utter awe of life,
constant serendipity.
Alex Zhang May 13
Sweat clings to my body like a baby to its mother
Yes, I am the creator of these droplets
They weigh me down as I run through the woods
Searching for something unknown

The shadows paint the stripes of zebras
Onto the soggy leaves of the ground
For the eyes of birds and frogs alone
I steal into the museum of nature
Surrounded by the breathing of trees
Today you were waiting for Serendipity
out on the corner of some street
which shall remain nameless hereon
because it doesn’t matter.
that’s not the point.

the point is, you waited there
all day.

the point is
at dusk you called me
to ask
if I’d roll by
to make it happen.


I am not Serendipity
that woman you so longed for,
with breezy golden hair
and charmed green eyes and
her arms dangling gracefully
with no thought given
and no fucks wasted.

I am not Serendipity
with her good fortune
and sunny days.

I am not Serendipity.

I am a planned vacation
with a hiking backpack
full of good intentions
and good will
and good humour

and when it rains
(and it will rain)
let’s go out and dance
and call this our fortune.
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