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Every night on soothing darkness
Get lost among the bright stars

Find a clue of your existence
Genre: Micro Verse
Theme: inhale, exhale
kar Jan 11
our bodies are made of glass,
so fragile that when you dropped me,
i shattered.
and the pieces were left behind,
to remind me of all the things i did,
that made the blood splatter.
i take a shard you left behind,
and crease it across my skin
i bleed out,
but don’t cry,
because i won’t let you win.
kar Dec 2018
i remember hating myself,
filling journals to the brim with criticisms.
i used to spend time at the herb garden plucking mint leaves from their stems,
and in the branches of apple trees at the far end of the orchard, picking ripe ones.
i climbed as high as i dared to get them, muscles burning.
wiping my forehead with the hem of my shirt, standing on a branch,
when i licked my lips and looked at the next one.
then i had enough pages in my journal to use my bobbin and stitch them into wings,
to fly close enough to the sun,
to see my tears turn to steam,
to feel the wax burn on my shoulders and mold into thick skin.
i started to lift myself up, to put the other foot down, and the branch snapped.
a gasp escaped me as i pressed both palms to my chest.
i felt the monster of pain again,
writhing in the empty space in me.
then i wanted to die.
the monstrous pain had its claws around my throat,
i twisted and put my head between my knees,
when i finally found a solution.
figured if i cut my wrists enough gravity would let me go.
but i kept breathing until the strangled feeling left me.
because life is taking all of the love i could never give myself,
and putting it to good use.
so when i told you,
that you almost make life worth it, i was not joking.
when i tell you,
that you almost make me forget how much I hate myself,
it is not poetry.
it is reminding myself that if someone can care for the scars,
administer the pills,
absorb the bad moments,
then i can try to breathe again.
don’t hide because it will only cause pain.
i know this because i did it myself.
and i learned that just like a clean slate, everybody needs a new journal.
Bansi Adroja Nov 2018
It's a funny feeling
not wanting to exist
it's overpowering
but I feel it

Laying still at midnight
wishing away time
for it all to stop
the anxiety
the constant drowning

What a waste of sunlight
what a strange way to be
A Poem a Day: Depression
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Outlaws in Love

You, a chaotic beauty,
Shootin' smiles from distance.
A dangerous puzzle -
Lost, with in your own existence.

Me, a haywire mess,
Trying to make sense of things.
Willing to be by your side;
In summers, winters, falls and springs.

We, a crazy hybird of chaos and peril.
Ready, to have a crazy ride.
Ready, to be the outlaws in love,
Like Bonnie and Clyde.
To Bonnie parker, A poetess and an outlaw and to clyde barrow, a lover and a bandit.
Brad Farrell Oct 2018
I am here and I do not question why
I can't comprehend the thought if I try
I have been taught that religion can't lie
So I must have a life after I die

I am here but at night, dark and silent
God loves us - So why is he so violent?
That is when I reach true enlightenment
Perhaps God has forever been absent

I am here and my opinion is proud
My view of God isn't a man on a cloud
I am here and my opinion is loud
I am here and my opinion is allowed
Not being open to the existance of God is ****** - Not being open to the probability of God not existing is ******
Aishwarya Ezhava Aug 2018
When I'm loved by some,
I think of you and feel blessed.
In your company alone,
I find myself totally unstressed.

I have no one but you,
Only you as my Confidant.
I believe in you deeply,
You won't betray, it's evident.

I thank you, Divine Being.
You took my burdens away,
You kept evoking me that
Tomorrow's another day.

Your Love and Care and Grace,
Knew no bounds.
I fall short of words to praise,
And even If I do, it'd be never enough.

You know me better than I,
I replay and hold on to pain.
Help me, O lord! to get through.
I'll never forget to thank you, again.
spacewalker Apr 2018
Is life real or is it fake?
Is life real or are my dreams just as true as what I see when I'm awake?
Is life real or a well-crafted lie?
Is life real or just a tragedy scripted all in my mind?
Is life real or just a play where everyone dies?
Is death the end or the chance for another try?
Is  death a long goodnight or a fresh start in another life?
SonLy Mar 2018
I always thought that I was living inside a book
Sometimes, well, actually most of the times
I felt that what happenned before my very eyes
Was nothing more than an illusion driven by my mood

I guess it started the day I realized I was alone
They would tell me: 'Everything is going to be fine'
They didn't know I was never going to believe their lies
How could I? They were such an empty amount of words

Will the day come? Yes, that day I'm talking about
The one when we leave all the onus behind
And feel ourselves reborn and routed into a new light
Or maybe that day will be as unreal as the ones we have now

Little did we know that the moment we got caught
In the knots of pain and fear
These will become endless tears
Tears, the words of our inocent hearts begging us to hold on
Peter Balkus Feb 2018
Love isn't blind,
blind are those,
who never loved.
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