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I look at city lights
in the distance
They flicker
but quickly come back
and I feel that someone
somewhere understands
while the night air
awakens my warm skin
It gives us hope
new life
I could be catching up on sleep, but the world sometimes needs to be admired
Ananya May 20
Dazzling moonlight all bright
Mocking my blearing fears,
Exfoliating my peaceful daydream
It burns down my walls all in,
Leaving me dreading for the next night
With eyes filled with poignant memories.
Ann P May 5
A few sleepless nights ago
I was embraced by
Indulged and caged
With nothing but a dull sentiment
I was not hurt
I was not pained
I was simply distant
With no reasons
Adam Kinsley Apr 19
Acute to the place from where my regret will stem
It's 4:30 AM: my thoughts condemn
Anxiety floods my synapses

Regret is a dish best served deceived
With my own two ears, I heard the truth
But, I still had not believed

I speak from a place of squandered ambition
Of fecklessly feeble, and imprudent volition
I buried my treasure, and forgot where it was when I turned around

Indulging my sloth, my lust, and pride
My conscience was seemingly silent
Though many times, I should have died

I sold my costly soul at once, to buy a gin and tonic
Hello my name is Adam, and I'm a hopeless alcoholic
So, at 4:30 AM: my thoughts condemn

And, my tenuous will fell asleep already...
Guess at what time I wrote this?...
cliollistic Apr 17
a swirling mass of thoughts
a feeling of incompletion
and a sense
of no direction

spending nights awake
letting consciousness fade
and all days
go to waste

held in a stasis
for my catharsys
Adam Kinsley Apr 11
It's been three sunrises since my eyes have closed
Ain't had a drink in one long week
There's toil and trouble, my brain is like rubble
My vision is blurry
Mine eyes doth see double

My conscience has not been acquitted
I sold it to the highest bidder
My brain is a mess, a pawn within chess
By my demons, I've been slighted
There's much to confess

Ambition had been twisted in unscrupulous knots
I stared blankly at the ceiling until the sun rose
My mind is a maze; I've been up for days
My stomach is empty
My demons sing praise

I haphazardly buried my reckless past
Indeed, it repaid me with a cruel vengeance
Collecting my fears through so many years
I've poisoned my body
With too many beers...
I wrote this just now, and I haven't slept in nearly 40-50 hours. Hopefully, it makes sense.
moon shadows
moon tides
what time is it
flip the pillow
tuck it here
tuck it there
creep quietly to the couch
to read until
night sounds conjur
a mystery . . .
images fade
welcome the dream
dogs barks
why do we have dogs
check the nightwatch
what compells the day so quickly
when there has only been a
We have our insomniac routines.  This is mine.
Wilkes Arnold Mar 19
Racing thoughts do me no good
Why they wait for when I lay
I never understood,
Darkened hours when all I want
Is to drift in skies with unfocused eyes
From twisted hells to jubilant highs
All forgot, the following day
drifting musings
I had more ideas but brevity suites this
Allesha Eman Mar 12
Tangled unfinished thoughts  
rehearse midnight waltzes
in attempts to fill the gaps
left behind by transient dreams
I've spent some sleepless nights just laying in my bed,
but I still dream about you every now and then.
Although your image fades, the feeling never did.
I can't help but think about the lives we could've lived.
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