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zz 1d
I´ ve lost the count
of sleepless nights
when dark window
mirrors my face
I no longer recognize
without you
I am nothing
Regan Feb 2
The brightest light is shining through
hand sewn curtains
coming from a street-light
that stares me down while
I try to sleep.
The little red dot on my TV
stares me down
as insomnia carries
my weightless body
back to the thoughts of yesterday.
My thoughts are pointless
at 2 a.m.
worrying about what I'll wear
or what people will think of it.
The walls hold me in
a cage of senseless perception
as I try to escape
to my far-off land
of dreams.
The monsters under my bed
and the ones in my closet
snicker and giggle
at my brain that is
fearing if I'll ever drift
into sleep.
What I've realized is that
the monsters under my bed
are not there,
but in my head.
I've been listening to a lot of the '50s lately. Digging it.
zz Jan 27
You cut the verses
out of my  flesh
until nothing is left
except the empty shell
zz Jan 25
The moon is my only companion
in the sleepless nights
while your
is still
V4N1 Jan 25

Want more sleep.
Want more rest.
Want more relaxation.

Still work to do
Still jobs to do
Still things to do.

Still breathing and living
And yes, still having fun.
Allesha Eman Jan 21
Awakened by the restlessness of wanderlust
I watched colours fly by untouched windows
The skies were a blue I’d never seen before
Right in between the ***** of dawn and a starry sea
My arms covered in goosebumps induced by the sight I’d seen
The sun was playing games of hide and seek
And the clouds were its’ mischievous companions
But my heart was still at unease, as my mind wandered to a thoughtless dream
What would the sky be like on the other side of the sea?
JSL Jan 18
My heart woke me up crying.
Poor thing.
To T.
Philomena Jan 14
Too tired to function
Too awake to sleep
Caught in this limbo
Memories running on repeat

Before The night calls
I hope to break through
All of this darkness
And find my way to you

Daylight is a matter of hours away
And yet I am not not yet where I need to be
So hold me close
And help me to see

Thought all of this darkness
Bring me the light
Only together
Can we conquer the night
Love you bean
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