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Beanie 3d
there are some nights
that seem to stretch for years,
eons of time spent awake
and laying listless.

a church bell rings,
four times,
and the stars shine
mercilessly overhead.

small things chirp,
and the smell of dew reaches me,
but rest refuses to come,
and i am left sleepless once more.
dawn aches behind my eyelids
such a yearning for sleep
unsettled thoughts
wrinkle the mind  
I can not smooth their
inconsistencies or
carelessly tuck them back
within steadfast dreams

they creak down hallways
a long shadow billowing
in moonlight, hair tossed
as waves crashing, releasing
suspending  - I crave

the certainty of silence
this unrest disrupts
the manicured space
where I have painted

but I find, if you count
you can forget sorrow
misplace concerns
gather flesh
to warm
brittle roots
             5,    4,
secrets drift behind
an arched wing

                             3,    2
lightning retreats softly
into dim    heartbeats
caramelizing time
as amber light
fades to  
Those night games we play to harness sleep
Moth Sep 11
tired eyes, those long nights
drinking mint tea like alcohol
whispering to myself in a soft drawl
as the frigid september air bites

my lids grow heavy as hours pass
staring at my screen for answers
words jump around like dancers
my vision becomes milky glass

as I lift my head to the dawn
my hands still across the keys
and I can finally feel at ease
now the night shadows are gone
I see shadows echoing and stretching across my walls as I sit here writing hoping that I last through the night. I fear sleeping, but I know it is irrational.
At night while in bed
You lie awake with dread
But dream sleepy head

Can't Sleep.

I just can’t sleep

Can I Call?

No not today...

I'm At My Limit.

My head hurts
Will it ever stop?
School is fine right now
But my heart isn't
I'm at my limit
Riya Sep 8
it's my worst
it can ****
if it isn't
too careful
feeding each
that comes
to mind
toxic waste
flowing within me
giving each
****** new thought
a deeper meaning
and another reason
to worry
and worry
until you,
don't know why
you were stressing out
to begin with..
and there goes
another sleepless night..
《ignore tags》
CB Sep 7
I was struggling to curl into sleeps somber embrace, I couldn’t accept his warm and gentle touch. You had aided me in times of restlessness, whispering words that had me lulling into that blissful darkness. I’ve found myself yearning for it as days pass, as the connection between us goes silent yet again, so I’m awake pondering over the endless ideas of you and I, some evenings I’ll even try to whisper the same sweet nothings to myself to see if it’ll help, but it only get me thinking of you a little bit more. Some evenings I paint over the purple bags under my eyes, trying to pretend that everything is ok, but it fades away throughout the day, along with that tenuous hope. So I go on, unnoticed and exhausted.
You keep me up well through the break of dawn, just as the sun begins to peek over the horizon, I can’t help but feel my heart break get just a little bit worse with each sunrise.
my ending doesn’t end with you holding my hand
Justin Lai Aug 13
which cards will you draw today?

lethargy is a fickle friend sometimes

so i wish for moonlight within the clouds

of marble floors, rolling paddies that

commerce plows swiftly, masked

soldiers marching zigzag between

        the glare of pink slips

and streams of granulated sugar
I'm currently a workplace safety officer.
Ces Aug 31
Sleep has fled me
As I sink in this monotonous
Flow of thoughts
The quiet night, a witness
To this perpetual

What is it that I must do?
What is it that I must be?
Confusion morphs
To this mysterious

And my soul finds no rest

in silence...
Lane O Aug 31
Sleepless nights when I was young,
fond times - I reminisce;
though many I cannot recall,
there is one I truly miss:

Midnight mass at the cathedral,
the echo of sung hymns;
growing restless in the pew,
as the candles all burned dim.

Still of the night - heavy silence,
white flake now falling  swift;
plumes of smoke from chimneys,
and in windows stood trees lit.

Waiting in suspense - so eager,
in my bed under the sheets;
hearing  the howl of a winter's gale
blustering against the eaves.

Old Saint Nick would soon arrive,
with his sleigh and sack of gifts;
bringing joy to all boys and girls,
and crossing names off His list.

But now I have aged and withered,
and so Christmas has lost its glow;
on its Eve I still remain awake,
and watch the falling snow.
Karly Codr Aug 27
Moonlight pours in through windows
Pillow soaked with tears
Holding my hands over my mouth
so the sounds of my crying cannot be heard
Surrounded by blankets
because it's the only way I feel something.
I have become numb on the inside
but on the outside,
I look like I'm fine.
So... I started writing this story... And it's super f***ing emotional. Like honestly. I don't think I have ever poured that much emotion into a story before and I'm kind of proud of myself but at the same time, it's a super depressing and I'm kind of mad at myself for writing a depression story but whatever... it's still a story and it has emotion, which my stories really haven't had before. So.
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