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B D Caissie Sep 21
Sleepless nights I look to thee
Within the dark how clear I see

Scars they open and speak to me
Pleading my mind to be set free

I look upon paper to write my plea
Heaven’s gift that fears must flee

The dawn will rise a timely decree
Light of hope for our humanity

Or at the very least my sanity...

Flower C Sep 11
As a soul I am restless,
For every passing hour my heart cries for it to end,
That may this vessel can rest to sleep,
But my head often in thoughts,
Voicing to oneself as if there's two,
Hauling in pain such of life and living,
Reaping each serenity that lingers,
Leaving this space in me pitch black,
Only to know the definition of ultramarine,
Where everything you see left a blue,
And 'till dusk this cycle of agony,
Mounting the sleepless nights within me.
Savannah Aug 28
Content by silence sits my heart
But races through with threaded hurt
Quiet slides the strings through flesh
Hard to know when pain is pure

Music is a tasteless joy with no compare
Empty noise fills mindless heads
My soul is heavy with weightless air
My body is full of food not ever fed

How the days do pass when my eyes dont close
My nights spent seeing the next and more
Peril is a sleepless slumber had when dreaded
And how I do dread the nights to my very core
Thanks for reading
Johnny walker Aug 18
Sleepless nights all I seem
to have of late no trouble staying awake there's  nothing much to make
sleep but when I do Its far to
late for morning has
arrived once
The end of another sleepless
night laid In thought of my sweetheart and how we did once dream together all seems now a distant dream
of a place long
Like a film our life together had ended Helen had gone to the spirits In the sky but our life had seemed unfinished as If waiting for a sequel but sadly now will not be made for Its star Is sadly
These nights have a beautiful tune about them,
Soft, chaotic, random... sometimes even with an abandoned note.
Off keys are important, someone tells me now;
They break away from the pattern,
Which is a good thing, apparently.
Like the dead flower on my otherwise organised headboard,
Empty, disintegrated;
Or the worm lizard on my white plastered walls,
Cold blooded, throbbing and to be honest, quite ******.
Like the bristles I have under my feet,
That don't really show, but hurt as I walk...
I cherish them all secretly.
They kind of make me feel better, elemental.
In touch with reality...
What's wrong in a little more death and decay than is 'usual'!
I know you must be disgusted when the fecund dog litters in your garage.
And you wince at the sight of naked, destitute street children,
As they knock at your rolled up cold window.
They break your pattern of the usual goodness...
You know, the taste of your Turkish coffee,
The love song in your Burkin purse!
They seem like a madness,
And you want to take a shower.
Fist clenched, listening to the water  wash the floor,
Its symphony making you quieter.

And sleep comes finally to me;
As I wonder who I will be tomorrow
Sometimes I just cannot sleep and all the images that are supposed to come in my dreams, in all their incongruity or realness, visit me in the dead of night. How can I stay ignorant, without ranting about them?
Carmen Jane Aug 11
Giggles breaking thin layers of caramelized crust
Taken by the wind, breathed by the love dragon
Seconds ago, forgetting to protect the trust
It was left to be carried, in the red wagon

Footsteps sprinkled in soft sinking sand
Washed sparsely by the foaming waves
Thirsty of knowledge, reaching the land
Echoing desires in faraway caves…

"Once upon a time there was a princess.."
Was the phrase that cuts the silence,on repeat
The promise of presents could be what convinces
The older sister to stop knocking the same beat

Sunset no longer peeks through the curtain
There's so many stories that needs to be told
We'll reach midnight, of that I am certain
Memories like this are sprinkled with gold!
Sharing a room for the first time, would these sisters ever go to sleep?!
B D Caissie Aug 8
Awakened by the wind howling against my pane.
I lean against the window frame and stare with much disdain.

Swish! Swish! Comes the rain in waves down the lane.
Awakened by the wind howling against my pane.

Trees wildly dancing contorted from the strain.
Scrape! Scrape! Go the branches on walls of our domain.

Squeak! Squeak! Frantically spins the rooster weather vane.
Awakened by the wind howling against my pane.

Back to the warmth of my bed where I’ll gladly stay detained.
All attempts at drifting off to sleep will surely be in vain.
A cat is mischief incarnate
from claws to whiskered nose.
He spreads his form indiscriminately
whenever and wherever he goes.

19% in his tail;
the sweeping fluff of doom.
23% in the wailing cries
that wake you in nighttime gloom.

8% in the claws and teeth
which teach the unwise to take care.
31% in the legs; carrying him
from disasters- he caused- everywhere.

19% in the eyes that direct
these ongoing rebuffs of fate:
surveying all that smacks of horror
in the humans who are always too late.
Knocking things off surfaces, shredding toilette paper, sleeping on clean clothes, racing the hallways at night and the yowling. They are the best and worst roommates; without even considering the litter boxes.
دema Jul 31
my mind has declared
war against me as it  
wanders to places
and times
that make me unable
to sleep before daylight
enters the premise,
and as long as the
thoughts triggered
won’t make a peace
investment in me,
i am forever
Celina Jul 28
Our clock is ticking while I look out the window
Everything’s pitch black and everybody’s sleeping
I see the headlights of your mustang down the street
Tiptoeing down the stairs, hearing nothing
I run fast as I see you leaning against the hood
Your smile is wide and your arms wrap around my waist
Softly you place kisses on my neck while I ruffle your hair
Wind rushes by as we follow the lights with an open roof
The ferris wheel is flashing, happy sounds are reaching us
Laughter fills this place and I smell sweet caramel
My hand finds yours and our sleepless night begins
Winning stuffed animals, dipping churros into chocolate sauce
Making silly faces in a photo booth, cuddling at top of the ferris wheel
Screaming on the rollercoasters, staring at the fireworks
Dreaming in your car on the way home while the sun rises
Missing your warm fingers on my skin as I crawl back into bed
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