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Malia Jan 11
Is our humble attempt
To describe
The indescribable.
maria Mar 2021
-Tell me something important about you
-No, like describe yourself
    -I love you
There's no me without you

Written on March 23, 2021
© ,Maria
Ell R Jan 2021
I draw
With words
Cross lines of grey
On paper
Ivory white

I draw
With words
To describe
The indescribable

I draw
With words
In hopes that
My words may
Take flight

I draw
With words
For those
While cannot see
The sight

I draw
With words
For those afraid
To ****
The night

I draw
With words
Because the world
Needs tell
Of the beauty
Created bright
Haven't posted in a while... sorry! Not that it's that important :P.
eve Aug 2020
every now & then
my mind is sprinkled with powder dust
i can barely make out...tell apart
reality from
it all seems too much
thinking hurts
feelings misguided
goals unreached
during this period of time
i slip through the cracks of roads
- i twist and turn with every move -
that lead ordinary people to success
ALL-ALONE Aug 2020
Withered leaves and hopes lost…
An intensified longing of budding unreal shoot.
You are those conceived ideas consuming my thoughts
You are living for personifications and by metaphors
Farheen Khan Jun 2020
So many emotions waiting
For the right words to be described
And here out of words
Grey May 2020
Only the ingenuity of true poets
could describe the indescribable.
Farheen Khan Mar 2020
And here I'm writing things
Some are those which describes me
Some that I wish I could be
But the only thing I want to write here
Are words which you require the most
Should I tell you how broken I'm
Or should I just describe how bad I'm with everything
So you could atleast relate to something on this world
To just tell you that you're not alone
Or maybe I could write the ways I'm trying to heal
Anything you want
Anything that can i help with !!!
To all the people who need help if you want someone to talk to I'm here ❤️I may not be a therapist but I will listen to you
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