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Carlo C Gomez Dec 2020
Roll right to zero, give your tanks a stir

Fixed star to fixed star, running counter clockwise to stability

Beckoned and bewildered: first move, second chance

This incandescent satellite, so large and bright in the window

Like pieces of refracted light, infinite bulbs turning on

Empyrean, enveloped in moonshine, rendering them fit to recognize God

And should destiny be lunar luminosity and agile reason (or a seller of love)

I'll take to orbit and go for burn, peering through a mental kaleidoscope

To see the altered anima of my thoughts free from the pull of gravity
Traveler Jul 2020
Challenge Thomas Case
from a historical figure's viewpoint.

(Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtains)

All my great inventions
An Emerald City of true paradise
An eye in the sky that watches all...
At the labor of the Munchkins
The city thrives on and on
  The four winds carry my famous name
The great and most powerful OZ!

There was ones a great disturbance
A march upon my precious city
The yellow brick road of evil
The Witches of all directions raised
Dorothy and her posy had arrived

Why can't they understand
I protect this kingdom
From the dangers of the outsiders
And the opinions of those unwelcome here in Oz!

But then it happened
Nothing would ever be the same
The Munchkins revolted
Red ruby glass slippers some witch made
Would over power my dictatorship

The Munchkins now ruling their selves
In league with some race of monkey elves
Left me no choice
So I returned to Kansas
Just behind Dorothy and her confounded little dog Toto

I joined the mighty Canaveral for a short spell
Still there and everywhere
Again and again evil dwelt among men
So beware
Until this day I still fight for the small people

                         W. Oz
Misty morning, clouds in the sky
Without warning, the wizard walks by
Casting his shadow, weaving his spell
Funny clothes, tinkling bell
Never talking
Just keeps walking
Spreading his magic
Evil power disappears
Demons worry when the wizard is near
He turns tears into joy
Everyone's happy when the wizard walks by
Never talking
Just keeps walking
Spreading his magic
Sun is shining, clouds have gone by
All the people give a happy sigh
He has passed by, giving his sign
Left all the people feeling so fine
Never talking
Just keeps walking
Spreading his magic.

Songwriters: John Osbourne / Terence Butler / Frank Iommi / W.t. Ward

Traveler Tim
Bhill Feb 2020
navigating yourself along the corridor of decisions
realizing and executing are not the same behavior
viewpoints from the passageway have to be rearranged
choose wisely and make it a meaningful decision

Brian Hill - 2020 # 47
Are you happy with your decisions?
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
Green yellow red
Are the color of my pills
Pass go I collect them all
The road rages in my head

There's a special place
In my heart for guns:
Left ventricle
Where the bullet lodged

I had a hard time
Seeing other people's
Point of view
So I started collecting opinions
Now I can't make up my mind

I like to go places
It's people I avoid
I travel mostly abroad
But can't recall her name
Half the time

A good driving record
Is worth zilch these days
But ******* might
Lower my premiums

Dogs are man's best friend
Yet they lick themselves
Men are better drivers than women
Yet they trick themselves
Too much time spent in cars
And not enough
In the one they love

There's an old saying
I can't remember
And it goes something
Like this:

Wipe the dust from your feet
Before you come inside
It keeps the house in order
Especially should it get
Sold out from under you

Most of us are but one paycheck
Away from being homeless
Man is the most dangerous animal
Dwelling in the cage of his vehicle
I used to work on Wall Street
Most days now I just pray

Don't worry
Everything equals out in the end
Except life
I'm always so sure
What lies beyond the next bend
Will finally be to my advantage
How could it be though
When my creditors
Own the road?
Inspired by the poem "Sven" from fellow HP writer Caro.
Tuffy Mutombo Apr 2019
We live in a world which requires tragedy for us to appreciate unity
Changes socially forcing conformity
Murderers gain popularity for acts of brutality
its sad to see the world lack empathy
while great people face scrutiny for caring about humanity  
we live in a world that reads less books and more eulogies
Tuffy Mutombo Mar 2019
Written poetry on ***** walls
Cleaned by tears of critics views
who choose to destroy your existence
by breaking down your words
stealing your flow while sleeping with your metaphors
destroying your credibility
while attempting to darken your ability
hungry ego's seeking compliments
starve when you pay them no attention
causing tension due to starvation
power is never in the eyes of the writer
it lives in the imagination of the readers
perception filled minds clouded by emotions
thirsting for your reaction, while choking on your analogies
hungry egos must be fed or else.....
Give this meaning.
Toni Dec 2018
I am a sculptor.
An artist.
My masterpiece? Myself.

Every curve, layer of paint,
Every shadow or exposed face,

All cultivated. Planned.
Incorporating all I know
And that which I do not know


But you have only a picture.
A photo.
An image from just one angle.

And all that you recognise is
A flat
Two dimensional
Processed scrap of film.
Rick Warr Feb 2018
life is an attitude choice

problems can nag
and take up much space

but when i look
down at me from a height,
or up at the stars at night
i am reminded
that I am nothing ...

... nothing but
what i give to others
during my brief twinkle
on this planet blue

and so ...
i am listening to you
reason for listening in a world of personal myopia
NeroameeAlucard Sep 2016
I've got my head in the clouds
How is that a bad thing?
My thoughts are so far from the ground
And maybe they'll touch my dreams

I could stare at the sky
Put neon graffiti on the lazy moon
I could put a symphony with a sunrise
And I still don't think that'd be as beautiful as waaah I'm rambling over a truth

Maybe my hair could be nested in by eagles
Or my tears could fill up clouds for rain
Or all of this could come crashing down because I'm over eager
And I'll end up tasting the sandpapery wine of pain

So maybe having my head in the clouds,
Isn't exactly a prefect thing
But if it's where I belong
Then I'll next a new set of wings
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