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2d · 41
sun supping                             
eeling at the gland
baiting at the flosses of night
breaks in the dossing vandals
                    sipping at their tempers
they earned their flare             
                    burned out of their daily favour
they mumble home
heart half rowdy
extended version

in the mug of night
                 when tugged
                                            earn their flare

the park
bored out with teen wrath        
         they brawl at the green space idols ;
            these monuments
jarringly dispersed eyesores
of marble decor
                                                 and ancient greeks
rattled, tagged, spray painted and chipped
defaced at the frenzied hands      
                                of mentally matted groinal youths

a fostered rage

the fiends and furies                        
            occupy the play set
suspended at rest with stain        
reclined at odd angles            
                    with rush in the system
wary and glowing
feeding each other's gaze

they feel now dew and cold
shaking gestures
awkwardly shared
huffs on each others
vapor, smoke
and oder


glint :
sun supping
eeling at the gland
sips the flosses of night
nocturnal waning hauled
draining of the nerve

morning gulls and tree rats
raid the trash
indifferent gods)
for the dossing vandals        
              burned out of their favour
half heart rowdy                
          grumbing obscenity
they attack recycling bins
put the boot to chained bicycles
and ******* a mail box
flaking their way
tweaking the gasp remains of the humour
fumbling their way home
                                     to decline into a tumorous sleep
Oct 18 · 35
neth jones Oct 18
A Chattered Weeping
Tropic heat
    there hangs a grief
      Clung !

Like a cold wet shower curtain
      inhaled by an open window
         mildew mischievous
                against the skin

But this grief ..
       a replenishing ache
      (now scolded from rank)
    and no longer
heaving and hopeless suffocation

duration has operated
Oct 17 · 85
neth jones Oct 17
mist forgives the city scene
                          of so much
it permits us a slower pace

over the hospital chimneys
a preditor *****
until it catches the heat exhaust and rises
in a tight spiral
15/10/21 lunch break in the fire escape on C7 South
Sep 29 · 193
neth jones Sep 29
                summer night
city                                                            ­
unwelcomely cast                    
                               with blighted solution
an abrasive wash on the senses
like an orange filter                                        
                                    of muted television static
everything is one lit shade                                  
                         ­                    budged shy of a reality

streets city
        between the housings                 
          the baked on drain spoilage    
             munched under my tread
dwelling units weigh
                 loud down above me

beat in silence
             no one alights balconies            
a clustered population bulk
no one shares light in this building
             and no one is known to their neighbour

anxious of their fellows                          
they coil
around their trusted genitalia
              and despise
Sep 29 · 60
neth jones Sep 29
with flutter faint
          feather a heart
gill wafting of light emotion

but carried
in a subtle world
  where muted decisions build
here accumulates a coral
                 a tested wisdom
neth jones Sep 22
can but be awake
veiled remains
no vehicle
have i
Sep 19 · 153
neth jones Sep 19
i draw in a new day ; CockCrow
a spirit substance
                       to devil in
character pulled from the world surround
                              ­and plied of its madder details
doing others a favour                              
                  leaving the easy-to-manage material

i am mastered by these firing elements

orbited                                                ­                          
i take on a particularly creative project
with uninhibited frothing
Sep 16 · 579
neth jones Sep 16
the air is cooler      
      less kenetic and soupy              
           less aggressive with the mammal scent
safer (it seems) clean

        the skin retracts a little
                     less welcoming to dirt contact
                           my feet shift cooly in my sandals

the world awaits
             new temperament
Sep 16 · 70
exhaustion nap
neth jones Sep 16
grateful to the grave
       I plank right out
my bed a cross pounded
foundation of maul emotion
fast out kipping
not in keeping
a widowing and not a kingdom
              milling out gawping
a fish mug
              tourists chugging at the gallows
dread heaves ugging repulsions
          my sleep is a gagging panic

livers of the hours
   the minutes are a live toil
     difficult digestions
       the sour beat n' breath
a particle flecked arena

   this slumber is harmful charge
(a battery matter)
capable of a faulty
              reversal of surge
depleting sleep
          not a springtime emergence
   ejected from the unconscious

         : a drained agent
reduced and submissive for duty
Aug 24 · 193
00111 01
neth jones Aug 24
the humidity broke
underfoot discarded Cicada sheathes
litter a cooling pavement

the humidity broke
the chaff of many Cicadas


when will the humidity break ?
cicada jackets litter the pavements
into the night
tough breathing aggravates
thought retreats to past struggles
and envisions tough changes to come
Aug 20 · 172
neth jones Aug 20
I spot a Spider in the sandpit
abdomen like a gooseberry
     and the colour
          gooseberry green

tastes like regular Spider
Aug 13 · 201
neth jones Aug 13
combed cotton clouds
a light wind tackles
withering humidity
Date : 10/08/21
Aug 13 · 488
neth jones Aug 13
upon urinating                
                          in a lampless alleyway
my body cools                
       and i note
                                             the night summer wind
a pleasure
i recall the senses                
              of summers previous
Rough date of event - end of July
Aug 12 · 90
neth jones Aug 12
switched from suns to clocks -
an opportune breeze
Aug 4 · 187
neth jones Aug 4
with a throated frog
  i re-digest
    my sickness' exhume

(a thing i did
  when piloting
   a conversation
    most polite)
neth jones Jul 28
my moat wet eyes
focus free
   with the manner of a poisoned animal
those feedy gemini apertures
    fidget inward
      upon an open wounded view
       unclothing a filmy slick
      so very faithful to the dead

      ripples cross my bed of sails
    i set pale
   in my atrophy
  each signal blunted
i am greatly wilted
sat planted
lazily hazed
a vehicle scuppered

riddles prate at my bed of veils
i set sail
in atrophy
each signal bloated
  fully unloaded
   a barrow at your feet
    i truly wither
     what power may you beam my form ?

      i'm frail in heart
     between stars and the sea
   a failed flicker of no pity curses
a matrimony
   all signals mar
and spar out blotting

  a missile
misguided ?
         ; it preys on my trail
misdeeds played a trophy
   a lit penalty
i am most deletable

        i pray for the guff
to raise my head
filled to the tax of my atrophy
oh mother of pigment
      lovingly wigged murderer of woes
  why can't we abstain from human directive ?
        forever foaming something criminal
    flunked corrective of the species rudder
               idle by into an atrophy
      a perishing menace

                              - fade out
[unclothing a filmy slick
      operation of a darkly mooded spyglass
churning on ! ;
       the search-syphon
inhaling of an unfiltered rough draught
a cyclic experience
revisits prying for a satisfying result :]
Jul 26 · 243
neth jones Jul 26
night drums                
          spousing heat distorts

in tall grasses              
          insects chirr and fling

in moonlight              
a fertile field
Jul 26 · 161
neth jones Jul 26
the sun seems to be          
          taking its time setting
does it wish to know          
          what we all get up to
in its absence ?
Jul 25 · 152
neth jones Jul 25
humans sunbathing
spread like dying starfish
stranded drying
for the attention of tourists and vendors

the tide rises
the sunbathers retreat
to a controlled poolside setting
Jul 19 · 103
neth jones Jul 19
i waited for you a long time
a long time is a lot of weather
i am gnawed upon
sol bleached
sculpted by high wind
and scraped by glacial passes

i plan to persuade others to join me
in patience arranged
a rough arrow like travelling birds
we'll stand planted
seeing the sun zip over and disappear in neat flips
the stars streak bright the glimpses of night
whittling away the time


we'll become fashioned as smooth pins
for descendants to play at skittles
neth jones Jul 17
a stranger to me
        - medically -
you disassemble me :
        i'm clasped kindly to the spot

with a hectic burst of flushing warmth
         my vision smudges
         my ears stopper
         my fingertips swell away their prints smooth
         and my tongue becomes
         a stunned obstacle of brawn

a blood blush has discharged
         and thorough throughout my system
         you resound ;
         a booming pulse blooming rabidly
         salivating to the tune
         of a detained ******* savagery

a nature to express how sick you unmake me
my nasal passages clear
your mere radiating visit
           has left me merry-go-maddened with pep
using lines from previous poems ; 'Perforate' and '...thread...'.
neth jones Jul 17
the penters brutal militia
now marches
through a portal truncated

In unailing sleep
     i taunt the spheres
       and demand the negatives
scream out elements
strike runted ire
         at the worlds great forgeries

dream #1

an ancient cottage is clouted to the ground
paff !
a charred magician trick
  rapid sporing
   inflating to a build
    then pressure cooked
        packed with smoke        
          compounded by fire              
in a quenched **** of energy
                            a construction
                     beams and rocks
                a hearth is hearted
            a mantle mounted
   feasted together
      and clenched in a furious shrine

i emaciate in the quiet storm of collected electric
i must test this unruin
i put an assertive foot over the threshold and...

i am pulled to the lovers
an attention away from here
downed on the bedroom floor
ridiculous pillow strapped to my ridiculous head
i stand
stammer frustrations
and running on an internal gut of turbulence
i slam home back through bed

dream #2

my burnt match form
all fours on a beach
my spiny digits plugged under the baking sand
straining the salt and murky charity
darkening the sand with impurities
and forgiving the sea
a pure revealing clarity

the formal sun
now casts without interruption
(just a little refractive kink)
water cleared
blinding the blind of the ocean floor
all Eves and Adams startled by
their **** branded world
shamed traffic
of disorientated prehistoric sealife
batting about in the garish aftermath

i resolve to the lovers
face down
******* huffs against the mattress
i flip over and zip back in
hands clamped

dream #3

simple streets and the bedside knife
i greet and greet
the first is a nop
the second a lancing wound
the wound takes a lacing
a bled string
and they are gratefully hauled
with grace to the sky
as though plucked by weather balloon
i am busy
                              in distribution of the lovers
dishonestly forecast to a haven in grave

i'll wake
          work satifified
                              but both revved and worn
early 1st verse -

[bedside knife
                    red bulb flashlight

   fixture my quaggy cranium
    lashed brightly to a pillow
     secure in a flight

     nocturnally occupied
     tuned to a volatile folly
   hosted most thorough
running on an internal gut of turbulence]
neth jones Jul 6
the sleeper...

riled in slumber
         her face fevered
     cussed about the terrain
                                     of a floral breeding
  bedding patterns and the print
                                        bunched in struggles
in smudges
                     an amateur trial with sisters makeup
     primal cosmetics
            make a mock
                                ceremony for slumber

dusty and museum are her dollworks
        an amphitheatre audience
                                 overlooming her berth
    flaunting the gallery shelves
                sustained expressionist menace
Roman eyes and Victorian ridicule
stuffed suffering with Ugly Duckling down
****** sawdust and your sullied label
they bray and they brawl
         and they sluice their gull gall
    a sick drizzle
       over the sleepers form

   from the exterior
  wild wails the weather
its being
  peers fragile
at the windowpane
a raid on this vulnerable sleeper
impounded in bedroom aloft
raised to meet the jet stream

she is fumbled in dreams...

  abraded adolescent swells
judder out figments
  a bleed of vandals
     siling her muted childhood
       parading the playground
          berating old
         once loved playthings
       adopting no sympathy
    adapting in favour
      of the wild riding will
        of the direful pre familiar

into the woods...

a ***** charmed breath
       dressed smartly as boy
stoppers her pathway
       insisting a gentleman's assistance
frustrates her recitations
      of grandmothers doting
           stern teachings
         like fragile pottery
            come to harm
         broken into teeth
the quick blood beating
       this nocturnal forest
     busy in heat
      bonding death
       to refract the hustling moon

a company of wolves
    fill out the clearing
not a spell too soon
their howls reverberate
mocking their new glut
sifting followers
      from the raggle-taggle array of fools
the foolish dreamers
          rounded up
amongst them she stands
red dressed and nervous
one hand clasping
                  and sexing the other

a great jaw operates here
an excited irresponsible mastication
committed to this fairytale

...agitation in her sleep
Inspired by the movie version of The Company Of Wolves

Sile = Strain OR filter
Jun 29 · 83
p . a .
neth jones Jun 29

life feeds me medicine
suggests merit
and provides mirth, malady and misery
i graze accordingly
a simpering recruit to habit
life is precious pump and mental squeeze
precarious unravels of daring
a mad staring competition
at some hypnotic curl
and i am foetal at rest


(spicy obnoxious moody life-
          -balled up around lunatic pull-
     -an overindulged sick stomach-
-a rag birth gift held onto-
    -a clutch of halted development)
Oh, Life ! such a brat
***** you & your horror of sacrifices
in the name of exploration
it's all just *****
and fluorescent
and shy of goal
Jun 29 · 124
01111 01
neth jones Jun 29
full jaundiced moon
an icon out of focus
night heat of urban smog
cannot be blinked away
distant events appear smeared
Jun 28 · 92
neth jones Jun 28
what mind has eye to garden
          in a field of headrests ?
pulling up the tough weeds
          that manage off embalmers fluid
repainting plastic flowers for strangers families
reciting engraved names that amuse
          such as Clutterbuck and Storm Boyle
warden the valve
          that values the last breath
spike the ground with snorkels
           and thicken the atmosphere
           with mans garbage gases
what relief the earth would feel
           deflated of our bizarre bedding...
could we light them
           like the flames of factories ?
Jun 24 · 262
the drop [a prayer ]
neth jones Jun 24
I offer up                                     
the stubborn prideful self
to a dispersal action
ink drop into moving water
to be included in the greater thirst
married with laughter
buried in the great humour of it all

What remains                              
can be free to operate ;
unrestrained by queries
based off of monstrous analysis

- Of Use Shall Be
Jun 17 · 178
the pines
neth jones Jun 17
amongst the night scented pines
i register                
                 with an impish partner
     plugged from off a fancy tiered cake
      her school dance dress
                                       and me a lumberjack of fashion
new together
                   us toys two
splintered from our band of goofs

you are crow
                    I become antler crowned
a primer of pranky static
          amongst the wooded pines
                    roots and leaves
rhythm extant
                      and a flashlight
and slunken and bravado
and hip checks and embarrass
                        and mischief seek
and mischief applied
and bombast
                         stolen alcohol and torso
spatty wind and forrest
                           and pines and dark
cloud covered stars and no moon new
all the time a thing impending
                             romance with exposed wrists
a sick excite
glassy glances into eyes                          
                and our mind could speed friction into flame
feel the spin of the earth
  it's all just speeding up
we clutch
the pine roots hold it all together
drawn silence....

and she laughs                                
              to unnerve the 'breath withheld'
then wind springs
                   and creaking and branches again
and we dance our feint  
                     we dub it 'the turpentine'
one flashlight
                       each takes turn and spotlights the other
drunken performances
                         hers a showy enchant      
                                   and baiting stumbles
                     discarded slippers
           earthy wet knees
                      through laddered tights
      playing meekish prey
i only take a quick awkward turn
(some tribal hunter mime)
           so she can clown once again

our spotlight scatters life
steals the nights light
strips auras from the trees
        and we fire out the beam
        in waste and hazard                
     as only courting humans would dare
Jun 8 · 95
oddly able
neth jones Jun 8
undiagnosed thought spreads
               - species -
                             from within my form
an eccentric  newcomer
a giddy little mammal
pelting the walls of its enclosure
unphased and joyful
a ceaseless battering
a pinball of mental energy
and disorientation

(against medical council)
                                  welcome !

induce derangement and heck
make me rife
i was boring
and ripe for defilement

new tainted me can take a chance
flinging experimental feces
a manner of preach
that'll able me
a cockpit in society
[plattering my output
without restraint
i bludgeon my imagined view
upon creation at large

a charge without caution
with a disappointing mild reaction
i failed even to be a minor polarizing irritation]
Jun 8 · 358
neth jones Jun 8
sully the mental stationary
process the progress
Jun 3 · 224
neth jones Jun 3
I enter a voiceless Forrest
           as after ******

it awaits a wind
                     to disturb
its brooks
          to run full babble
and the creatures
                 to muster bravery
and reveal themselves

Caught unawares
I feel I may have embarrassed it
I shall return later for my walk
Jun 2 · 82
pilot light
neth jones Jun 2
life fends its ache in a solid state of lumber
stretches grouted brawn
and sets its stresses on duty

gaseous pollution meets the daylight
a warming flatulence of the productivity byproduct

parching an arc over the brow
and easing an erase into the eve

then to
the night solution
a fluid of festivity
*** excite in arts and the conduct
a canvas of tincture
to suspend our culture

the witching hour is only a blink
a jiff and a wink
a humour in the plasma state
the process is reignited
and for that brief movement
cleaned out of heads
we are simple
Jun 1 · 497
neth jones Jun 1
some plants flower at night
  on the pollinators schedule

moon reflects the sun fully
city unburdens its concrete
  of a heat thump

some humans take the night shift
some lovers take the streets
hands publicly crammed down each other
eyes full of moon
May 26 · 96
s u i t
neth jones May 26
all manners new 
                               all worlds

even in memories certain
                     fizzing change holds court
    over hard rock
                over the stern human

i open my dreaded wardrobe
moth eaten moths
                        and unaired storage
there is nothing here that i wear
its all in black
one black unreadable musty dough
                  slouching off of bending hang wires

thin bin liner
i bag up some clothes for charity
i close the wardrobe
and open a window

river flows and is new
when I am next compiled
will it be subtle
or aggressive in action ?
which character shall play me ?
i take a hefty breath
the time is....

(i stamp one foot
  seal this contract)

sleeven suit is filled
my next brush with life
is sacredly sworn in...

i am
mischievous to be
humorous and
malicious in spirit type

what of family ?
memory attaches responsibility
for all the shared
and built upon relations

do i brutally shuck
or grow sick in a false nature ?
costume myself
as myself past ?

i know all of the habits
of his guise
but arson seems
the healthier alternate
May 26 · 184
decay to Life
neth jones May 26
scentless winter over
snow melts            
evacuates into the soil                                      

-under Springs attention-

our strained eyes are relieved                          
       with the dismissal
                                              of the reflective precipitation

Springs arrival elevates mood      
        alleviates the heart halved by Winter

'thirsty things firstly' ;
from the groundswell and sponge
the air is steeped with earth

decay to life

alt version

melting winter evacuates into the earth
a swelling sponge
thirsty things firstly
saturation of decay
brings earth to our dry nostrils
our aching eyes are relieved of the reflective snow
as it is fully dismissed by springtime
neth jones May 12
..............there’s such a clamour
         so much choring
    memory thread
I sit
rocking head
receiver of motion
    bleaker of putty trauma
                creator of mammary craving take up knitting or wood carving

the fortress of thought
(in strict connivance with a bewildered host)
compiles the 'person idea'
protects the fragile calculator
               from biting at its own exposed
                  and useless self mating psychology
               from glutting on its own tail 
                   and merry going mad
                        in a tune of hoops...

..stammering to achieve valuation

for our decent management
may you continue operations falser still
defeating our own polygraphs and making fools of our internal courtrooms

i sit on this chair
things go still
thoughts occur elsewhere
am i left to not be ?....................
[no rocking horse
conveyer belt
tank tread
rock rearward and forth
the thinker and the head]
May 11 · 242
neth jones May 11
When the crime is right
      & the devil wet
             the nocturnal forrest is a skin
                     and ceremony thin dreams broach reason
            they poach me with a caustic blooded rash
approaching as nippy darts  ; visions of shard and coil
a metallic eggy rot
                           and pan to the darkness
                                                     snapping electric

        irregular from that darkness
spaces between the trees comb
                      form a hyper hectic wealth of flushes
a blush burst discharges in the body
           booming pulse
          blooming rabidly
salivating to a ******* savagery
a nature to express
             within permeable forrest

i have energy amazed limbs
             daring a dance
                       screamin' hole The Frenzy
             dog-shaking the head
legs flung and planted
crushing ferns
             this hefty simian sway
                      a broadcast challenge
           a power coward
commanding a matching of kinds
       no longer to be foetal and cowed
             an aching unmend amended
a call is placed
the spell is rendered
                                 - resonate
Companion to ''Spring Gland'
May 8 · 94
neth jones May 8
Retreading the same creative subjects
Rebedding headaches
Some discomfort
Clung all over
          with a fungal dampness
          And moored with a heavy sleep-like coat
Worthy of nothing
Nothing worthy of note

Consumed by rehearse
I've lost the thirst to broadcast
Cowardly in delay
Relaying what's past
..... a Recurrent distress

I stand sudden :
Done !
I derail the trolley-lot ...

Then I fit
In a mirthquake
         I laugh like i am made of bellies
'The Bellycake', I'll call me.

With my serious anchorous state nulled
I approach fresh work with good humour
(Teen Hamlet in decay)
May 8 · 133
Oxygen Mix
neth jones May 8
sense heavy
  i plough at the day slurred
  pushing putty steps
aching and unfocused
  going about chores
  tackling things
...have i been delivered head trauma?

unbearable attention is drawn by my visible condition
pain inducing communications are fired at me
inquiry that i bat at and parry pathetic

Can I lumber onward
nauseated i
and be
in anyway productive ?
muscular suffering
this astronaut
this deep sea explorer
receiving a poor mix of gases

May 2 · 127
flight by dream
neth jones May 2
an updraft of exhaust
guided high-sky above the overburdened city
the urban breath cuffing your armpits
you're huffed upward in rising spirals
aloft the architecture
further raised by         
                   the tumid human populations
                                        expired waste gas,
                                   ****** perspirations,
                                                  ­ mechanism
                                        and friction heats

survey it all in a dream                             
                          horizon and the tarnishes of mankind              
blinded in your flight turns                      
by the dreams illuminating eye
no gloating your way into Icarus             
            floating beyond your oblivious ability
no groom for ****** and ego                     
         just steady alight and of given being

something in the future is restless to be
wake up
Apr 23 · 54
neth jones Apr 23
indecent descent
the croak of the bed
quaking release bared
Apr 23 · 44
neth jones Apr 23
no doubt
             out of focus
better off would be
                   terminally unspecific
am labelled
neth jones Apr 22
arts great salivation
       teats nightly
acts the thistle
       at this little establishment

   collude here :

* fierce nourishment
* jester
* rumpus of competition
* ...much goad
  in a fester of seemly company
neth jones Apr 12
Leaking Words                                                            ­                                    
                                                                ­         Absent Amongst Company ;
       Goming Tongues                                                          ­                        
                                                    Social Immediate
Holding & Lacing A Formation

Meeking & Shrinking
A Being Checks Out

Caught !

               Grabbed vice by the wrist
                            a swift clap to the cheek
then some laughs                    
                                      ­                          its all in sweat jest
but it is clear                                                  
         ­                                                                 ­                you should choose

not to cleave the loop
Apr 2 · 91
neth jones Apr 2
a met trick
brace of lovers
each antidote
cancelling the other
dissolve issue
and tissue

to the other
they've discovered
fair weather
a back door
from human unity
in flight
Apr 2 · 219
neth jones Apr 2
Maternal blanket blue
                a dose beyond the material weave
   lax in the saline fluid blue
                  of a gentle weeping
fluid blue
     the saline deep
          til cold black
  but even
   so far from surface
so strange to light
growth swells
and bulbous blue
an attraction
toward life
Mar 28 · 103
neth jones Mar 28
vagrancy forms the pupil
loitering firms a study
a passenger of the seasonal influence

believe in the homeless
the pigeons and the litter
lovingly observe the unhandled gaps
in our gathered mouthings

believe in big babies
believe in display
the posters
the money bleed
that we are sincere to
and the signals that thread us
to one single box

invited and isolated
on vacation
and vacated

inattentive pupils
Mar 27 · 31
stove top
neth jones Mar 27
i ring life to a cigarette
lit from off my stove
i review an organic future
and stew in idea features

the great ***** failure
a break from my personal regret
and the burnt soup
            on the back burner
on the global state
           i must dutifully reflect
i huff upon my cigarette

i feed to life a forrest fire
engorges beyond the expected
life fends suffering their airways
      and their burns
          all the rage in the cities
meets the harbour
           and sets out to sea on great swirling patterns
               buoyant garbage
charred underground
gas eruptions
it's an opening invite
      to the earths core and furnace
                                     and the devils
                                     and forks
to recreate all habitation
cleared igneous surface
tough, porous, fertile grip
neth jones Mar 22
I discharge ;
   a laugh without kindle
(not from the origin of tune
         and mastication)  
from an orifice of wound

a hack of mushroomy dry fleck :
the taste touches the back of the airways
  and takes to the brain in an ail

    ideas slurry
my actions blur
I fumble about my living space
my balance
        pained ears
fall to floor
      an ug at the back my throat
I laugh from all fours
    vision reddens
unhinged at the jaw
      my neck
shoulder muscles punting
my logged and leaden head lolling
   a laugh of hurt
a ******* of saliva
        detonates on the carpet
is there blood in that  ?
sickness on the verge
                 of being brutally provided

"So dramatic !"
my wife passes me a glass of fruit juice
                             and an aspirin
         preventing the transformation
                a gentle chiding
original version ....

[a laugh without kindle
from a wound not an orifice
a mastication of ills and soothes
a not quite mushroom smell
pained ears
an ug at the back of the throat]
Mar 18 · 133
neth jones Mar 18
life is ...

much is laid out
          to shuck 'stragglers'
               and fetter the 'off kilter'

passive weeding ?
               or bleeding with medicinal leeches ?

there is a structure facing inward
people making unkind demands of one another
a fussing
a fusing of their time made 'important'
a holding bond
   alluring and repulsing
                  maintaining a close hovering gap
in the name of a darkly compromised species dream
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