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the ones who stray
are as important
as the ones who stay
ross larson Jul 24
I look into the sky
and know I am
ready to die

I have seen
the rain
the sun
when everything
had begun
the end
all of it

I know it is ok
if I cry
when I loose
my life

I touch the ground
the dirt
let the tears
drop down my face
who are the only witnesses
of the beauty
I just felt
my heart
Paul Jun 11
A clutch of orchids, three days
in the vase, with bent-stems,
drop their pollens onto a tabletop,
across which a blade sunlight
cuts brightly into shadow.
And by the vase a craze of tiny flies
hovers, like a troubled thought,
above a wasting apple.
**** the romantic movies
**** the one true love
Nothing lasts, Not even
The memory of you (I hope)

But the truth is, Scars last
Often forever
Alas! I won't die a beautiful man
I'll be an ugly old man with scars!
We all have scars, I've showed mine, show me yours!
veevee May 31
Everything will fade,
What you hold dear,
What you thought yours,
What generates pride.

Everything will pass,
The reasons for your joy,
The cause of your sorrow,
The illusion of self.

A brief interlude of existence,
A drop in infinity,
A fleeting moment of meaning,
A defiant blip in nothingness.

Enjoy the ride,
Cherish the now,
Shed your fears,
Do not laments pour.

Everything will subside,
Then spring forth anew.
Everything will end,
Then start in new guise.
Some reflections on impermanence of existence
jordan Apr 30
the sleeping god awakens
opening the heart gate
of unrefined love as
he watches her protect
the children of the earth

she groans in slow frustration
knowing she can't do more
bound by shackles forged
in the cold fires of disbelief
by her self-absorbed offspring

blinded by an unattainable horizon
they look to the sky for guidance
not understanding that
the help they desperately need
embraces them where they stand

so the time-bound round continues
the ebb and flow of seas and love
the rise and fall of leaders and nations
the mountains that once were valleys
in this place only circles live forever
the tide of life is
ever rising and
ever falling

ride the wave
Flynn Apr 2
I watch my feet
It moves discreet
Flowing sand
I stand

It ebbs and flows
Comes and goes
movements twinned
enacted by wind

Caught by the tides
The sea has come in
The moment... fin
Inspired by a walk on Talacre beach in North Wales
Miles of sand and nobody around
Fertile flesh conceals the thousands of
Veiny miles, the icy steel constriction,
Flooded networks bathed in numbing fluorescence
And humming machinery
A heartbeat, a death rattle,
Artificial reprieve--
Be born, accept your baptism in the
Drowning neon and suffocating smog
Constructs of your fathers' fathers,
Concrete companions and
Forgotten rusted deities
That with creaking arms outstretched
Fall short of celestial skies

Will they mourn you?

March 4, 2013
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